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Friday, April 3, 2015

NEVEDA -A hearing for AB 193

A hearing for AB 193 will be held at the Grant Sawyer Building tomorrow (April 3, 2015) at 8am. As a person that loves the U.S. Constitution, I get more and more infuriated every time I read it. Among other things, AB 193:
1) Specifically allows the District Attorney to introduce illegally obtained evidence at preliminary hearings and grand juries. Plus, it specifically prohibits a defendant from even objecting to the introduction of the illegally obtained evidence;
2) Specifically allows the introduction of hearsay evidence at preliminary hearings and grand juries, while prohibiting the defense from objecting or raising the issue;
3) Specifically states preliminary hearings and grand jury decisions can be made solely on hearsay evidence; and
4) Takes away the defendants right to be notified of a grand jury being led against them.
I am so ashamed that our legislature would even consider such a bill.
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