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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

USA - Government Trying To Establish New Regulations To Determine What Is A Motorcycle Versus A Car.

Published by Cyril Huze
The line between what is legally a Motorcycle or a Car is getting blurry with the expansion of a new category of vehicles now called AutoCycles. The difference between a car and a motorcycle seemed to be clear. You sit in a car with 4 wheels and a steering wheel. You sit on a motorcycle with 2 or 3 wheels (2 wheels front or 2 wheels rear), steering with handlebars. What about 3-wheelers with steering wheel. Does a cockpit make a difference in terms of classification? Do you need or not to wear a helmet? What type of license or endorsement do you need to ride/drive? What are the standards relating to headlights, rear view mirrors, tires, braking, etc. Currently, some motorcycle standards are applied to the motorcycle part of the vehicle, with car safety standards applied to the car related parts…
Urban and road transportation vehicles are changing and a bill proposed by Senator David Vitter, the ranking member on the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works – and its Subcommittee on Transportation and Infrastructure – would create a new category for three-wheeled enclosed vehicles. The new category would affect rules imposed to the manufacturers by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as well as the Environmental Protection Agency. Currently, , 3-wheelers are exempt from many state and federal rules that dictate safety and emissions standards that apply to cars, These vehicles offer fewer hurdles for manufacturing, lower costs and easier marketing to the consumers. The way the Campagna T-Rex, Polaris Slingshot, Toyota i-Road, Elio Motors and other 3-wheel machines are going to be classified may decide success or failure for this type of vehicles -

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1. An Act Relating to Autocycles Be it enacted by the People of the State of Maine as follows: Sec. 1. 29-A MRSA §101, sub-§6-A is enacted to read: 6-A. Autocycle. “Autocycle” means an enclosed motorcycle having no more than 3 wheels in contact with the ground and that: A. Meets the general motorcycle inspection standards, except those standards that do not apply due to the design of the vehicle; and B. Is equipped with: (1) Safety belts for all passengers; (2) A roll bar; (3) A steering wheel or tiller; and (4) Brakes on at least 2 main wheels.

2.A motorcycle is a transportation device that not everyone can simply climb onto and ride away. That is to say, it is an “exclusive” device….. Because by definition it’s usage “excludes” the participation of the “unqualified.” And so a motorcycle is a device that sticks its thumb in the eye of those who believe we should all be “equal.” But anyone with half a brain knows intuitively that equality in not a natural human condition. Lets face reality, the various three wheel devices are intended to enable the general public who, are simply befuddled by the operation of two wheeled vehicles. Perhaps this trike is intended to engineer some sense of “equality, egality & fraternity”…… where none actually exists…… -nicker-