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Saturday, April 25, 2015


Wayne Peal, Livingston Daily     

Two fatalities were reported last year in Livingston County. One involved Hamburg Township Police Department Sgt. James Sanderson. The other involved a 26-year-old Marion Township man. A suspect has been charged in Sanderson’s death.

Over the past 10 years, motorcycle fatalities peaked at 129 in 2012.
The reporting system is provided by the Michigan State Police and can be accessed at
While safety month is directed at automobile drivers as well as motorcyclists, ABATE officials say there are things riders can do on their own to boost safety.
Most important, Consiglio said, is for riders to obtain a cycle endorsement on their driver’s license.
“It’s something we strongly encourage riders to obtain,” he said.
Endorsements are added to the driver’s licenses of riders who successfully complete written and riding tests at Michigan secretary of state offices.
Under state law, endorsements are also a requirement for riders who choose not to wear helmet. Helmetless riders must also be 21 and carry at least $20,000 in medical benefits.
Though endorsements are required under Michigan law, many riders do not obtain them.
According to ABATE, nearly two in every five of last year’s fatalities involved riders without endorsements.
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For all of my Washington State Legislator Facebook friends: WE HAVE BEEN TELLING YOU THIS FOR YEARS! Michigan has seen a decrease of nearly 20% fatalities since Freedom of Choice legislation passed in 2012! I realize it might be a hard pill to swallow, but Law Enforcement, NHTSA, AAA, the Michigan university guess study, and all opponents of repealing the helmet law have been lying to you about the benefits. The last 4 states to repeal mandatory helmet laws (MI, FL, TX and PA) have all shown the same trend. It is time to listen and 'Let those who ride decide"! Where is the 37% increase that was predicted? Empirical Data shows quite the opposite!…/mototcycle-helme…/26251501/