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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Australia - Motorcycle rider pulled over three times in one hour...

Written by Digits
Sometimes the motorcycle urge is simply too hard to resist with an apparent ‘biker bug’ leaving one Australian rider arrested and police baffled.

Last Friday police in New South Wales Australia caught a man allegedly riding an unlicensed and unregistered motorcycle between the cities of Wyong and Gosford. He was pulled over a total of three times within an hour for the same offense.
The forty-three year old rider was first stopped while riding a Suzuki motorcycle and issued tickets for being an unlicensed rider, using an unregistered motor vehicle and using an uninsured motor vehicle.
When he was stopped a second time, police issued a court attendance notice.
It appears police had enough, arresting him when he was stopped for the third time, within an hour and arrest the unnamed rider and charged.
As for the motorcycle that seemingly brought on all the riding passion? It was seized by police and has been forfeited.

Officials kickstart Motorcycle Awareness Month

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Written by Asia

Over the next thirty days or so, riders will find themselves the center of attention as different states around the nation launch safety campaigns aimed at drivers, raising the awareness of motorcycles on the country’s roads and highways.
May is officially the month for motorcycle awareness and while many riders will welcome the attention, others including many safety advocates, will publicly wonder why more isn’t done the other eleven months of the year by more to help the most vulnerable commuter on America’s roads.
Even with ‘National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month’ being the officially designated month for motorcycle safety, some states seemingly make the slightest of efforts. Fortunately for riders however, others use May to highlight their ongoing efforts to reduce motorcycle fatalities.
Such is the case with the California Highway Patrol who along with state officials, have a robust highway safety program including motorcycles.

Hell's Angels Named in Federal Indictment, New York

The federal indictment accuses three Hell’s Angels members of assault with a dangerous weapon in aid of racketeering activity and two others with being accessories to an assault after the fact.

The four arraigned Friday in Rochester all pleaded not guilty.
Police arrested 59-year-old Robert Moran Jr. at his home on Algonquin Terrace early Friday morning. William Hochul, the U.S. Attorney, says the Rochester Hell’s Angels clubhouse is right across the street.

The crime that Moran, James Henry McAuley, Gina Tata, Timothy Stone, and Richard Riedman are accused of taking part in dates back to May 31, 2006.

"Moran is alleged to have repeatedly struck a victim in a certain bar over the head and body with this baseball bat,” said Hochul. “All of the defendants in this count are accused of participating in this act of racketeering violence in order to increase their membership or their status within the organization itself."

"There were some phone calls made before the assault occurred and the assault occurred due to the fact that a patron at this particular bar, which is referenced as Spenders or what was then Spenders, 1600 Lyell Avenue, had threatened the Hell’s Angels, or threatened a Hell’s Angels member in general and that precipitated the attack,” said Brett Harvey, the assistant U.S. Attorney.
Moran, Tata, and Riedman are being held in the Monroe County Jail pending a detention hearing Monday. McAuley is already in prison serving time on a separate crime. Stone was released with conditions.

McAuley is a longtime member of the Hell’s Angels. In 2008, he was sentenced to eight years in prison for conspiracy to commit murder and racketeering. Authorities said he conspired to murder members of the Kingsmen motorcycle club in Fulton. The Kingsmen were allegedly trying to establish a chapter in Hell’s Angels territory.

Rock Show Fundraising Event Benefitting the Victims and Family Members Involved in the October Saddletramps Motorcycle Accident

For Immediate Release:

Rock Show Fundraising Event Benefitting the Victims and Family Members Involved in the October Saddletramps Motorcycle Accident

April 22, 2011 (San Diego, CA) – A rock show and fundraising event will be held at the Ramona Mainstage from 6:00pm until 9:30pm on Saturday the 21st of May, 2011. Local bands Given Life and Internationally famed rockers, Cage9, have committed themselves to raising $10,000 in charitable donations to help recover and rebuild the lives of the victims and families involved in the October fatal crash involving the Saddletramps Motorcycle Club. Ramona Mainstage is an all age’s venue and is located at 626 Main Street in Ramona, CA 92095. Advance purchase tickets for the benefit show available online at:

Given Life is a Southern California based, progressive hard rock group. They have written 40 original songs together with 12 recorded on their original recording titled ‘These Days’. The band brought in producer Fred Archambault (Avenged Sevenfold, Deftones, The Confession) for the recording sessions on their new self-titled CD. Regarding the new lead single “Can’t Wait to be You” —It’s a sarcastic statement directed at those who shall remain nameless who’ve achieved success via ill gotten gains, stepping on the little people. After all, you reap what you sew.” — Ryan Holmes, Vocalist for Given Life

“Given Life has a very hard hitting, high energy rock sound that reminds me of Saliva and Static X. His voice and the way they play remind me tremendously of TOOL. If old school metal (and not talking to you people who think Poison was metal) is your bag and the current scene is something you look toward then I would really have to suggest checking out Given Life. If I have to rank it I'll have to give it a very solid 9.5/10”. — Michael Johnson of HOT INDIE NEWS .com

Cage9 opens up for Ozzy Osbourne at the Figali Convention Center in Panama, this week. USA Today— “the initial impact could cause whiplash, but this Panamanian rock band makes great use of subtlety too, like the layered guitars and the falsetto that kicks in just when you expect a scream.” “Hearts & Stars” can be heard on the latest version of the video game “MX vs. ATV Untamed.” The quartet can also be heard in the soundtrack of WWE Stone Cold Steve Austin’s new move “The Condemned,” in the trailer for the “Dukes of Hazzard” movie, as well as on FX’s “The Shield,” “American Pie: Band Camp,” and Stephen J. Cannell’s thriller “Demon Hunter.” Cage9 has performed on cable & satellite G4’s “Attack of the Show,” subscribed to by over 55 million households nationwide.

The band has been mentioned in Campus Circle, Hits, Music Connection, Skinnie Magazine and Billboard, as well as in Rolling Stone (Latin America) where Cage9’s last E.P. received a cool 3.5 star review. Radio playlists spinning Cage9 include L.A.’s “World Famous” KROQ, Phoenix’s KEDJ, (where “Hollywood Car Crash” was the featured song for a week), XM & Sirius Satellite Radio and more. Cage9’s Spanish song “Solo Fue” hit 1 on Panama’s top FM station Radio Mix in February. Currently serving as the main guitarist for Powerman 5000, Cage9’s singer/guitarist Evan Rodaniche landed the band as opener for PM5K’s last big U.S. Tour in March, playing in both bands nightly. Cage9 has also gigged with Seether, Buckcherry, Amy Lee of Evanescence, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Wes Boreland’s Black Light Burns, Madina Lake, Ice T’s Body Count, Adema, Cheap Trick, ex-Pumpkin James Iha, Godhead, Smile Empty Soul and toured from Europe and Japan, to the U.S. and Central America.

For Further information, contact:

760-315-3699 cell




Las Vegas Police break man's nose for video taping them from his own property

Uploaded by Federaljacktube4 on Apr 22, 2011 on youtube

las vegas police beat Mitchell Crooks for video taping - broke his nose, injured his ribs, kicked his camera, arrest him, charge him... charges have been dropped

thanks to the video and info

Tags: police brutality cops bad state las vegas federaljack federaljacktube4

More Marines Eligible for TBI Purple Heart

More Marines Eligible for TBI Purple Heart
April 30, 2011
Stars and Stripes
by Chris Carroll

WASHINGTON -- It’s no longer necessary for Marines suffering from mild traumatic brain injuries to have been knocked unconscious to qualify for a Purple Heart, a retroactive change that could affect thousands of troops who have served in battle since Sept. 11, 2001.

Under a new fleetwide instruction, Marines who retain consciousness after a concussion may receive the medal if diagnosed by a medical officer as not fit for full duty “due to persistent signs, symptoms, or findings of functional impairment for a period greater than 48 hours from the time of the concussive incident.”

TBI, which has been called a “signature wound” of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, is often caused by blasts. In its mild form, it can result in nausea, dizziness, speech problems and loss of coordination. Recent research suggests any form of TBI may cause clinical depression in 30 percent of sufferers.

The instruction notes that the damage caused by mild TBI can be serious and lasting: “In the more severe cases of [mild TBI], the level of inflammation may result in irreversible damage to brain tissue with long-term impairments to brain function.”

About 29,000 Marines have been diagnosed with TBIs since the 9/11 attacks, of which more than 22,000 are classified as mild. Only 9,473 have received Purple Hearts over the same period, according to Marine statistics.

”Marines have always rated a Purple Heart for TBI or mild TBI if there was a loss of consciousness,” said Marine spokeswoman Maj. Shawn Haney. “This expands on that, and broadens the category ... to say you don’t necessarily have to be unconscious.”

Throughout the military, about 202,000 troops have been diagnosed with TBI since 2000.

According to a 2010 Defense Department report to Congress, the Marine Corps was the only service that had specified loss of consciousness as the threshold for requiring medical treatment for combat brain injuries. Only injuries that require medical treatment are eligible for a Purple Heart.

DE - Biker boss suspected in Bögerl murder.

Police in the Czech Republic have arrested the German boss of the feared Bandido biker gang suspected of involvement in the kidnapping and murder of banker’s wife Maria Bögerl, media reported Friday.

Austrian daily Krone reported that the biker boss, Marvin R., was arrested at the beginning of April in the Czech city of Budweis. He was wanted in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, the United States and South Africa on multiple charges of kidnapping extortion and at least one murder.

About a dozen crack special operations police raided a warehouse in the early morning on the outskirts of Budweis and grabbed Marvin R., 55, who had been hiding out there for months.
Marvin R. is believed to have been behind the kidnapping of Maria Bögerl, 54, and the subsequent botched extortion attempt, the paper reported. Bögerl’s body was discovered in woods near her home in the Heidenheim region of Baden-Württemberg last year, several weeks after she was kidnapped.

She was abducted from her home on May 12. A subsequent attempt to hand over €300,000 failed, and her body was found not far from the hand-over spot, on June 3.

Marvin R. was wanted in Austria in connection with a similar case – the botched kidnapping of the wife of a local bank branch manager in the Mühlviertel region of Upper Austria in September last year.
Two men rang the doorbell at the family home, posing as beggars and, when the 61-year-old wife answered, they tried to hustle her into the house. However, the woman screamed at the top of her lungs and the men fled.

INDIA - Bikers' gangs still active, cops promise action..

ALLAHABAD: The police have started an exercise to identify bikers gang operating in city areas. These gangs, police said, are involved in crimes like chain-snatchings and loot.

In the past one and a half months, at least 13 cases of chain- and purse-snatching and loot have been registered in the police records here. Policemen, specially those posted at Georgetown, Dhoomanganj, Kareli, Colonelganj, Kotwali, Khuldabad, Shivkuti, and Daraganj, have been asked to identify such gangs and crack down on them.
On Tuesday, two motorcycle-borne miscreants had looted the gold chain of a woman and escaped from the spot unchallenged.
While police claim to rein in these gangs soon, women, who are often the soft targets of these criminals, want action and not assurance. Police said recently five snatchers were arrested who spilled the beans about the modus operandi of the bikers' gangs.

Press Release: Confederation of Clubs of Washington State


Press Release: Confederation of Clubs of Washington State

 Controversy surrounding motorcycle profiling bill signing on April 13, 2011.

In the days following Governor Gregoire signing ESB 5242, a bill addressing motorcycle profiling, there has been controversy surrounding the fact that the Governor took a picture of the signing with a ʻcop killerʼ. The Confederation of Clubs serves as the official voice of motorcycle club members present at the bill signing and would like to address this controversy.
Describing Robert Christopher as a ʻcop killerʼ instead of a victim of the most notorious law enforcement scandal in the history of Portland is biased and unjust.
On the night of December 12, 1979, members of the Portland police department and narcotics squad illegally raided the Outsiders Motorcycle Club clubhouse in Portland and officer David Crowther was shot and killed by Robert Christopher.

Officers were knowingly attempting to serve an illegal warrant obtained through perjured statements about a nonexistent informant. Narcotics officers Scott Deppe and Neil Gearhart, both present during the raid, corroborated this indisputable fact and furthermore revealed that the narcotics squad officers had come with drugs ready to plant in and around the clubhouse. In fact, it was discovered that police had planted amphetamine tablets during the raid. Narcotics officers also admitted that drugs were removed from David Crowtherʼs pockets at the hospital after he was shot.
These are the incontrovertible facts. The entire basis for law enforcementʼs presence at the Outsiders clubhouse that night was to serve an illegal warrant and plant drugs.

Book looks at 'rogue' law enforcement motorcycle clubs

Book looks at 'rogue' law enforcement motorcycle clubs.

A unique subculture of the motorcycle world is explored in a new book titled Behind the Patch: Towards an Understanding of Public Safety and Law Enforcement Motorcycle Clubs which looks closer at law enforcement officers that may try to emulate the very outlaw biker gxxgs they are tasked to police.

Different groups of law enforcement have come together to create their own unique motorcycle club. Occasionally their members have made headlines over violent encounters, sometimes with motorcycle clubs considered among the ‘one- percenters’.
From the books press release;

‘In contrast to the outlaw bikers, police officers are law abiding and sworn to uphold the traditional cultural norms and values of mainstream society. Law enforcement officers and outlaw bikers are most often viewed as being two distinct subcultures, whose norms, values, and beliefs are in complete opposition to each other.'
'However, according to law enforcement sources, the distinction between Outlaw Motorcycle Gxxg members and law enforcement officers, which was once a clearly drawn line is now becoming blurred. In fact, some law enforcement officers are creating and joining Public Safety and Law Enforcement Motorcycle Clubs whose members allegedly emulate the outlaw biker lifestyle. Playing cop by-day and biker by-night has placed many of these public safety and police officers in a tenuous position. As a result, numerous law enforcement officials at all levels have turned against their fellow police officers due to their membership in these types of clubs. Not only have the cop-bikers alienated themselves from some of their fellow law enforcement officers, but one-percenter Outlaw Motorcycle Gxxg members are also angered by police officers who imitate the outlaw biker image.’

Reportedly, ‘Behind the Patch ’, published by Dog Ear Publishing, goes behind the scenes of the Renegade Pigs, the Warthogs and the Iron Warriors Motorcycle Clubs.

Written by Karen Katz, the author states she spent several years conducting in-depth fieldwork into the Public Safety and Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club subculture.

Katz has long been interested in understanding both the Public Safety and Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club Subculture and the Outlaw Motorcycle Gxxg subculture. Katz has received a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Criminology and a Master’s of Law, specializing in Criminal Law. Katz is known for her impeccable research skills and she has a reputation as being the “data hound” for her unique abilities to track down even the most obscure primary and secondary data.
‘Public Safety and Law Enforcement Motorcycle Clubs represent a social response to the breakdown of the police subculture, specifically, the erosion of brotherhood, internal solidarity, and camaraderie within police departments,’ the press release reads.

Katz writes in detail of this unique hybrid subculture. She delves into such topics as the law enforcement and outlaw biker controversies over the formation of the clubs; the history of the clubs; the purpose of the clubs; their political structure, and the role of women among other things.

Amazon link: Behind the Patch: Towards an Understanding of Public Safety and Law Enforcement Motorcycle Clubs

US - Searches Made In Potential Drug Probe

Only on Fox 29: state investigators swooped down on South Philadelphia on Thursday as allegations surface about drug dealing and possible ties to the local Wiseguys.

Agents from the Pennsylvania State Attorney General's office executed search warrants at the homes of a former Pagans motorcycle gxxg member and several organized crime associates with past criminal convictions.
No charges have been filed in the case.
Law enforcement sources say it's part of a long term investigation into prescription drugs, purchased legally from legitimate doctors and then re-sold illegally out of bars and taverns in South Philly.

State investigators executed search warrants at the second floor apartment of former pagans gxxg member Joseph "The Goat" Ferrari at 10th and Tasker.
When Fox 29 arrived Thursday morning he was not to happy to see us. They also went to the home of convicted drug dealer Nicky Volpe on the 1000 block of cross street.
Volpe just got out of federal prison a few years ago.
Then they raided a second floor apartment at 21st and Passyunk where Billy Andrews lives.
Law enforcement sources describe all three men as associates with ties to the local mob.
Sources say they are also looking at the activities of high ranking mobster Joseph "Mousey" Massimino.

Mob watchers say investigators are breaking new ground trying to link the local mob to the drug trade.
According to sources investigators believe they got the drugs from local doctors using prescriptions, the pills were purchased legally from local pharmacies, then allegedly re-sold on the street illegally.

No charges have been filed, but Fox 29 was told there was extensive use of electronic surveillance on this case.

Biker case informant mum in court..

Refuses to answer questions on attack..

A former Chosen Few motorcycle club member who turned informant against his associates was grilled Wednesday afternoon in U. S. District Court.

But David W. Ignasiak, 43, didn’t have much to say in front of Chosen Few members in the packed courtroom.
The former Lancaster resident, who now lives outside the region for safety reasons, repeatedly invoked the Fifth Amendment and refused to discuss any matters that could implicate him in criminal activity.
He repeatedly refused to answer questions about an August 2008 assault in which attorneys for his former associates say he took part while acting as an FBI informant.
On several occasions, Ignasiak did say that the FBI had warned him not to participate in any criminal activity with the Chosen Few without first notifying federal agents.
The former biker was the first witness as U. S. Magistrate Judge Jeremiah
J. McCarthy began a hearing on claims by defense lawyers that authorities had engaged in “outrageous government conduct” in their use of the informant.
A half-dozen FBI agents, federal marshals and court security officers observed the hearing, with an FBI
bodyguard sitting a few feet from Ignasiak, who wore a casual sport coat, a white shirt, black tie and black slacks.

Prosecutors deny any government misconduct.
During some emotional opening remarks Wednesday, First Assistant U. S. Attorney James P. Kennedy said the government fears that McCarthy has already “prejudged” the case. He noted that, since 1976, only one federal case in the United States has been dismissed because of “outrageous government conduct.”

“This is a big deal to the FBI and our office. It’s a big deal to the entire Department of Justice,” Kennedy said.
McCarthy responded that he is following the law and emphasized that he is “not prejudging any aspect of this case.”
Ignasiak provided information that helped the U. S. Attorney’s Office file criminal charges in May 2009 against 20 members and associates of the Depew-based biker club.
When the Chosen Few case goes to trial — possibly later this year or sometime next year — Ignasiak is expected to be a key prosecution witness, and defense attorneys intend to attack his credibility.
At one point during Wednesday’s hearing, Paul J. Cambria, a defense attorney, said prosecutors had given him a document stating that, on at least one occasion, Ignasiak had “lied” to the FBI.
But the document, so far, has not been made public, and prosecutors declined to comment on it when asked by The Buffalo News.
Defense attorneys claim that, while wearing a hidden recording device for the FBI in August 2008, Ignasiak took part in an attack on Eugene Siminski, a member of the rival Kingsmen motorcycle club.
Police said Siminski was beaten with an ax handle after several men pulled him off his motorcycle on a Buffalo street. Defense lawyers said government tape recordings show that Ignasiak was a leader and active participant in the attack.

Defense lawyers claim an FBI agent gave false information — saying Ignasiak only observed the beating—in a sworn affidavit that enabled prosecutors to bug the Chosen Few clubhouse in 2009. Defense lawyers are trying to have any recordings made in the clubhouse removed from the case.
The Chosen Few members and associates have been charged with racketeering crimes, including arson, beatings and death threats.

New Zealand - Rebels Motorcycle club not in Whangarei to cause trouble (+ video)

Kristin Edge

Take a look inside the Rebels Motorcycle Clubrooms on Porowini Av in Whangarei by watching this video clip.
THE Rebels Motorcycle club say they are not in Whangarei to cause trouble - but here to help troubled youth and rehabilitate other gang members who have joined them.
Yesterday the Northern Advocate was invited to visit the new clubrooms in a commercial building on Porowini Ave.
The group came under close police scrutiny over Easter weekend with the first organised club ride in New Zealand touring three hotels in Northland on Saturday.
Police manning checkpoints at both ends of Porowini Ave far outnumbered gang members before they set out on their ride.
The club's spokesman, who wanted to be known only as Guru, said the club "wanted to cement itself in the community and have a positive impact".
The building was set up primarily to be used as a kickboxing gym and a base for up to 12 businesses which would employ their members.
The businesses included selling firewood, recycling green waste, making large concrete garden ornaments and pots and developing a sophisticated system named "hot spot" to stop cars from being stolen.
He said police claims the gang had Australian links and were known for manufacturing and dealing methamphetamine was propaganda and their club had a "no drugs policy".
'Police have gone overboard talking about drugs and crime when they have nothing to substantiate it.
We are a motorcycling club. We have a common interest even though we come from a wide background," Guru said.
"We are here to make friends with the community and that won't happen by dealing drugs. It's not a gang. We are motorcycle enthusiasts and we don't have any involvement in meth.
"We know what it's done to our community ... it's a killer."
The club has about 45 members in Northland, including 12 ex-Tribesmen who had patched over to the Rebels.
He said the Tribesmen who had joined the Rebels had done so because they wanted to go drug-free, rehabilitate and get out of the going to jail cycle.
"Our club gives them a reason to keep off the drugs, keep fit, keep their bikes warranted and registered. It distracts them from the stuff they do when they are bored."
He said the police resources used over the weekend was a waste of taxpayers' money and was not justified.
The aim of the weekend was to raise money for Christchurch earthquake victims and on Sunday they had a $5500 cheque to hand over to a Red Cross representative.
However, Guru said police prevented the person coming to the clubrooms and accepting the money.
"We had families up from Christchurch it was supposed to be a shindig and to do something good for the community. We did nothing wrong there was no criminal intent all weekend."
He said the group would overcome the public perception created by the police that they were "violent thugs" and involved in drugs by helping the Whangarei community.

"We want to be known as tough but fair and not bad ... we all have hearts. We are up and running and we are going to stay up and running because we are doing good things."

Cops Grab Motorist GPS Data to Set Up Speed Camera Traps..

TomTom's latest units feature a SIM card that enables two-way communication with a central server. The idea is to have millions of users transmit real-time speed and location data to a central server creating an up-to-the-minute picture of traffic conditions.

Data from motorist GPS units handed to Dutch police for the purpose of setting up speed traps.

Users of TomTom GPS navigation systems unwittingly helped government officials identify locations where speed cameras would issue the maximum number of citations. The Dutch firm took immediate responsibility Wednesday for selling consumer data that was, in turn, used against its customers.

TomTom's latest units feature a SIM card that enables two-way communication with a central server. The idea is to have millions of users transmit real-time speed and location data to a central server creating an up-to-the-minute picture of traffic conditions. This allows other users to know where jams are occurring and allows the navigation device to route around trouble spots. The firm claimed it was unaware of a more sinister use.

"We learned today that police in The Netherlands are using that information to identify road stretches where people in general and on average are driving too fast," CEO Harold Goddijn said in a video statement. "They use that also to put up speed cameras and speed traps. And we don't like that because our customers don't like it. We will prevent that type of usage of our data in the future.... What we don't want is that we have unpleasant surprises for our customers who are helping to create that information."

Goddijn insisted that the information was shared with local authorities so that they could better understand road usage and plan engineering improvements. In a written statement, the firm promised to modify its licensing terms with government officials to ensure such uses would be prohibited. The company stressed that it only collects anonymous speed data and location information, so it would not be possible to identify particular speeders. The company's swift response to a Dutch media report exposing the police use of the system was likely motivated by a desire to avoid a significant market risk.

"Concerns about privacy may result in users choosing not to employ all of the features of our product," the firm's 2010 annual report warned. "If these or other public opinion issues arise in connection with our products or across the industry, our business, our brand, results of operations or financial condition could be materially adversely affected."

At the CTIA Wireless show in Orlando, Florida last month, TomTom announced it would provide its database of worldwide red light camera and speed camera locations to third-party developers. A news release explained the system would help drivers "avoid fines." Quarterly earnings for the company released Wednesday were down significantly compared to the previous quarter. The firm expects shareholder earnings will remain flat for the rest of the year.

New Zealand - Whangarei can't turn a blind eye to Rebels Motorcycle gang

"We can't be terrorised by these bunch of criminals. We have to stand up and tell them to get out of town and go back to Australia." Inspector Paul Dimery
"We can't be terrorised by these bunch of criminals
. We have to stand up and tell them
 to get out of town and go back to Australia."
 Inspector Paul Dimery

The city's top cop has raised concerns over why Whangarei District Council did not move sooner to stop the Rebels motorcycle gang setting up their headquarters in a commercial building.
Area commander Inspector Paul Dimery expressed his disappointment with the previous council's attitude of not wanting to get involved with the Rebels because they were "scared".
"We can't be terrorised by these bunch of criminals. We have to stand up and tell them to get out of town and go back to Australia," Mr Dimery told the council's monthly meeting yesterday.
Mr Dimery said he raised the gang issue with council staff previously but he was concerned about the council's apathy towards dealing with the gang.
Yesterday he warned: "Whangarei cannot afford to turn a blind eye when it comes to the Rebels" and urged the council and the public to unite and help push the gang out of town.
"We all need to send them the message they are not welcome."
Mr Dimery said he was to meet with senior council staff on April 9.

"This town is about youth progressing and not allowing the Rebels to get a foothold in the methamphetamine trade and bullying standover tactics."
Councillor Sharon Morgan asked Mr Dimery how long police could sustain the intense pressure on the gang and maintain the resources that had been dedicated to the issue.
Mr Dimery was emphatic: "How long can we keep it up? Until they leave town."
Deputy Mayor Phil Halse, who was chairing the meeting in the absence of Mayor Morris Cutforth, said the council backed the police in whatever they had to do to remove the Rebels from the city.
The Rebels gang used a fundraiser for the Canterbury earthquake as their launching pad over Easter Weekend at their new headquarters in Porowini Ave, a commercial area of Whangarei.

Police say it was a recruiting drive.
In Australia, police say, the gang is involved in serious violence and the manufacture and trafficking of drugs.
During the weekend patched members of the Rebels from New Zealand and Australian chapters held their first motorcycle run from the newly established Whangarei base, with stops at hotels in Kaikohe, Kerikeri and Hikurangi.
Police descended on Porowini Ave before the Rebels rode off and checked riders and bikes.
Cr Greg Martin said he had stopped in Hikurangi with his grand daughter when the Rebels rode in.
"There was no doubt about it, they were recruiting. They were in the carpark talking to locals and it was obvious," Cr Martin said.
WDC group manager environmental services Paul Dell said when the council found out about the club staff inspected the clubroom to make sure it complied with its stated aim of being a boxing club/gym to help troubled youth.
Mr Dell said the building was fully compliant with all council regulations.
"At this stage we are confident that the club is within the rules."
He said as the building was in a commercially zoned area it had to abide by the same rules as any other business and checks would be made.

Mr Dell said an application by the club for a liquor licence for over the Easter Weekend was turned down.

Friday, April 29, 2011




Quick Facts: Police brutality in the US

According to the Stanford University Criminal Justice Center, more than 14,000 police agencies are estimated to use Tasers, despite the fact that the United Nations and Amnesty International have declared them "torture devices".

In 2010, there were at least 2,541 reports of misconduct by U.S. police.
African-Americans are the most likely group to be shot by law enforcement and to have Taser guns used against them.

Recent Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch reports confirm that prison guard brutality is common in the U.S.
Soaring police brutality in America
Recent statistics published by the Stolen Lives Project estimate that the number of cases in the United States relating to police brutality has reached the thousands.
Recent Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch reports confirm that prison guard brutality is common in the U.S.

An extensive report prepared for the United Nations Human Rights Committee tabled in 2006 states that police brutality and abuse persist unabated and undeterred across the country.
An off-duty officer caught on video slapping and punching a woman was placed on administrative leave days after the incident at IHOP.
The Atlanta Police Department has launched an internal investigation after a shocking video surfaced showing a cop slugging a woman in the face during a late-night scuffle at one of the pancake chain's restaurants.

Police misconduct report
From April 2009 to June 2010 reports of police misconducts reported in the United States were 5,986.
From April 2009 to June 2010 fatalities linked to police misconduct stood at 382.

From April 2009 to June 2010, 10.6% of reported police brutality were sexual misconducts.
From April 2009 to June 2010, the five U.S. states with most instances of police misconduct were Oklahoma, Montana, Vermont, West Virginia and Tennessee.

In early 2010, Injustice Everywhere published an April - mid-December 2009 (8.5 months) Police Misconduct Report, from figures compiled in its National Police Misconduct Statistics Reporting Project (NPMSRP).
There were 3,445 police misconduct reports, 4,012 officers were charged with 258 fatalities reported.
An April, 2007 study of the Chicago Police Department found that out of more than 10,000 police abuse complaints filed between 2002 and 2003, only 19 resulted in meaningful disciplinary action.
An extensive U.S. Department of Justice report on police use of force released in 2001 indicated that in 1999, "approximately 422,000 people 16 years old and older were estimated to have had contact with police in which force or the threat of force was used."
Instances of police brutality
Reports of police misconduct tracked in National Police Misconduct News Feed for April 2011:
A Houston TX police officer is the subject of a lawsuit filed by a man who was unarmed when the officer shot him in the neck during a traffic stop for failure to signal a turn.
3 Philadelphia PA police officers have been indicted on federal charges over their alleged participation in an steroid distribution ring where the highest ranked officer is also accused of being the ringleader.

A Richmond VA deputy has been arrested on an indecent liberties charge after he allegedly threatened to rape two 14-year-old girls.
On January 1, 2009 Oscar Grant, unarmed, offering no resistance, was thrust face-down on the ground, shot in the back, and killed, the incident was videotaped on at least four cameras for irrefutable proof.
His killer was Oakland, CA transit officer, Johannes Mehserle, who was tried for the killing. The jury told to consider four possible verdicts - innocent, second-degree murder, voluntary manslaughter, or involuntary manslaughter, jurors deciding the latter.
In 2011, decades after young black men in Chicago first began claiming that a white policeman shocked, burned and suffocated them to get confessions, former officer Jon Burge is headed to federal prison for four and a half years.
In August 2009, a report titled, "The Persistence of Racial Profiling in the United States" quoted Rep. John Conyers (D. MI) saying "Since (9/11), our nation has engaged in a policy of institutionalized racial and ethnic profiling."
A 2008 study of Taser use in Houston found that African-American and Latino residents were disproportionately impacted by the use of Tasers, and that white and Latino officers were more likely than African-American officers to use their Tasers on African-American suspects.


Change in Decibels

FOR YOUR INFORMATION I was watching a video the other day of the SB-435 Hearings, and Senator Fran Pavley mentioned three or four times, trying to belittle the requests of motorcyclists, that "they are allowed to have motorcycles that reach 82 decibels now, and a jackhammer is only 90 decibels, so what the heck do they want" ?

She was insinuating that 82 decibels and 90 decibels were quite close together in sound.

I spoke to Sound Technician Chris Real today, and he advised me that the sound of something at 90 decibels would reach a person or sound-tester from more than twice the distance laymans terms, this would mean that something generating 90 decibels is more than TWICE AS LOUD as something generating 82 decibels.

He explained that if a sound was to increase by One Point, in other words from 80 to 81, the human ear would probably not notice the difference.....But if something increased in sound from 80 to 82 or 83, then a human would definitely notice a louder noise. On the Decibel range, each point increases the sound by quite a bit.

John Del Santo
( 619 ) 223-0421


Benjamin Franklin

CANADA - Defence lawyer in Mersereau murder case pressing for hearings with co-accused


TRURO - The lawyer for one of the accused in the Randy Mersereau murder investigation wants to question other co-accused before agreeing to a trial date.
“I can advise there is certainly no consent to committal (to stand trial),” Al Bégin, defence lawyer for Leslie Greenwood, said in provincial court in Truro on Tuesday, during what was supposed to be a pre-trail focus hearing.
Greenwood, 41, formerly of East Mountain, is charged with being an accessory after the fact in the death of outlaw biker Randy Mersereau, whose skeletal remains were discovered in early December in a wooded area of North River during an extensive police search.

Mersereau went missing in October 1999 after a bomb exploded the previous month in a used car dealership in Bible Hill, which was believed to have been an attempt on his life.
Police allege that Hells Angel Jeff Lynds, who is in a Montreal jail facing separate double homicide charges, murdered Mersereau and that Greenwood is an accessory because he knew of the murder and helped Lynds escape custody.
Greenwood is further charged with the attempted murder of Mersereau because of the bombing incident and with first-degree murder in the deaths of Barry Kirk Mersereau (Randy’s brother) and his common-law wife Nancy Christensen.
Other co-accused in the case include Jeff Lynds’s nephew Curtis Lynds of North River, Gerald MacCabe of Salmon River, Dean Whynott of Truro and Michael John Lawrence of Hants County.
Despite the fact police have named Jeff Lynds as Mersereau’s killer he has not been charged with that crime.
Bégin said that before agreeing to have Greenwood committed to stand trial, he wants to be able to question everyone involved.
“My wish is to bring in the individuals that I want to be here,” he said in court. “There is difficulty because they are all accused or co-accused.”
Instead of continuing with the focus hearing Judge Richard MacKinnon suggested the court be closed to the public so the Crown and defence could discuss their positions without publicly disclosing information that might hamper a trial.
“I don’t particularly see the need to be in camera,” Bégin responded. “I can give a list of the five individuals I want to hear. I suspect that will be problematic because as I indicated I think all but one for sure have charges against them, so I am not so sure how it is going to transpire. So I’ll leave it with the court to decide, do you want my list of five names now or do you want them in-camera?”
During the discussion, Crown Attorney Shauna MacDonald opposed Bégin’s position that not enough disclosure information had been provided for him to proceed.
“I respectfully disagree with that position,” she said. “We do have wiretap recordings outstanding. Other than that, substantial disclosure has been made on the matter.”

Following the private court session, however, Bégin maintained his initial position.

“(We’re) not consenting to committal so they are going to have to prove everything, that there is enough evidence to go forward, to go to trial,” he told the Truro Daily News. “We’re not agreeing to that (the Crown’s position). They have got to meet a certain threshold and we’re going to put them to it….

“I also said in open court, that there is a list of witnesses I want that appear to be co-accused, that I am not sure how they are going to get them on the stand. You want to know who is going to say what, when. Let’s get people to come forward and say what they do or don’t know, in court,” Bégin said.

“There’s a body but we don’t know – was he killed? How was he was killed? Was it suicide? We don’t know. And who was involved with it and what happened? He’s not charged with the murder he’s charged with accessory after the fact.”
Greenwood is scheduled to return to court June 16 for the focus hearing in the Randy Merserseau case. The case involving Barry Mersereau and Nancy Christensen is being tried in Windsor.
Two other co-accused in the case also made brief appearances Tuesday.
MacCabe, 44, is to return May 19 for election and plea and to set a preliminary hearing date.
Whynott, 45, is to appear June 16 to set a preliminary hearing date.

Texas - Next ride for former Bandidos Motorcycle Club VP is to prison


San Antonio-- Wolfgang Kuhn turns 49 next month. His attorney says his health isn't good.
Kuhn was the vice president of the Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Club.
Federal agents said he moved 27 shipments for a total of 11 kilograms. They said he had 500 grams on him when he was arrested during the DEA's Operation Screaming Eagle.
Kuhn owned a tattoo shop and several other businesses in the area, but authorities say it was all a front to move millions of dollars worth of crystal meth.
Kuhn pleaded guilty to charges of distributing methamphetamine
Tuesday he stood before a federal judge and apologized for his actions. Kuhn said he regretted being involved in crime.
Kuhn was sentenced to 12 years in prison.
Upon release he will have to stay away from the Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Club for five years while he is on supervised release.

ILLINOIS: Rider Education to Trump Mandatory Helmet Laws?

received this from Stacey Rigsby and a "Thank You" to him for keeping us informed

Bob Myers

State Legislative Coordinator

ABATE of Illinois, inc

Rider Education to Trump Mandatory Helmet Laws?

Hold on to your seat, congress is doing something logical. US lawmakers say that they want to concentrate on rider education, instead of forcing states to enact mandatory helmet laws.

U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.), as well as a few colleagues, will be introducing a new resolution on May 2nd that will encourage the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to stop pushing for mandatory helmet laws. The resolution will encourage the NHTSA to focus on motorcycle education and crash prevention instead.

The resolution reads:
The House "recognizes the importance of motorcycle crash prevention as the primary source of motorcycle safety (and) encourages NHTSA to focus on motorcycle crash prevention and rider education as the most significant priorities in motorcycle safety."
As a rider, I always wear a helmet and encourage everyone to do the same, but I’m also firmly against mandatory helmet laws. Wearing a helmet is a choice that should be made by the rider and not a governing body.

Since 1996, the NHTSA has been banned from lobbying for mandatory helmet laws. The resolution reinforces congress’s intent to keep this ban in place.

Tomorrow at 2 pm our ABATE License Plate bill will be heard in house committee, State Government Administration Committee, room C-1, Stratton Building. It was picked up on the House side by our good friend and member Representative Kay Hatcher (50th) and Rich Brauer (100), another good friend.

There is a very good chance that this bill will be sent to a sub-committee along with other special license plate bills which will kill our chances of proudly having our own plates. The reason being is not aimed at ABATE but there are many special plates out there and the law enforcement have a hard time keeping up with all of them so this will most likely be our last shot at getting it.

If your state representative is on this committee urge them to ask Rep. Jack Franks who chairs this committee and is also a very good friend of ours to let this one through.

TALKING POINTS are : This bill would cover passenger vehicles of the 1st division, motor vehicles of the 2nd division not weighing more than 8,000 lbs., and motorcycles.

With the tens of thousands of license plate applications that could come out of this, it could generate hundreds of thousands of dollars that would go to bolster up the Secretary of State Special License Plate Fund.

Have them keep in mind that no one lobbies harder for their causes than we do and we are one of the last true Freedom Fighter Organizations left and we never ask the state for anything that costs the state money.

Be respectful to all!!

Click on the link below to see if your State Representative is on that committee

Now click on the link below to get your State Representatives phone number and call BOTH capitol and district phone numbers

I believe it is "Now or Never"
Hope to see you Sunday

Bob Myers
State Legislative Coordinator
ABATE of Illinois, inc & Bikini Beach Biker Bar & Bikini Beach Biker Bar

Are Very Excited to Announce!
The 2nd annual Biker benefit for
Second Harvest of Middle TN.& Feeding America

To be held Saturday, May 7th 2011
At Bikini Beach Biker Bar
1297 Antioch Pike
Nashville, TN 37211

Beginning at 12:00 Noon & goes till it’s over!
The event will feature a 200 mile round trip motorcycle ride from Bikini Beach Bar to Dale Hollow Lake & back to Bikini Beach where the main festivities will be happening all day. Start time for ride TBA.
This years music headliner! PHOENIX RISING Taking the Stage around 6 PM Check out the Band at
For the folks who’ve never been, Bikini Beach Bar is without a doubt the best Biker Bar in all of Nashville - Mid. TN. the entire Southeast region! There’s plenty of motorcycle parking, great indoor/outdoor atmosphere & the owners/staff are all awesome! Bikini Beach has provided Bikers with a great venue and riding destination for over 14 years!
Other events of the day will include:
A food drive for 2nd Harvest of Mid. TN. (please bring only non perishable items)
A grand prize drawing & second prize drawing for the Bikers who sign up & take the “Ride” Grand prize eligibility for Bikers who ride the round trip with additional prize eligible for Bikers who ride in oneway from Dale Hollow Lake. Oneway or round trip, the fee is $20.00 per bike with all proceeds going to 2nd Harvest/Feeding America. Bikers will leave out from Bikini Beach led by the bar owner Barry & stop at a predetermined destination at Dale Hollow Lake where Bikers who wish to ride oneway will join the group. Start time TBA asap.
Raffle tickets will be sold all day for a variety of great prizes with all proceeds going to charity.
A celebrity cooking challenge during the afternoon!
A variety of great food will be available for purchase
There will be a lot of vendors on hand selling swag
Live Music from “Baker” Additional music guest TBA.

Last year the flood in Nashville did not stop us! The event will go on “Rain or Shine”

Website Link:
Contact Info:

Sonia Batey (event co-ordinator V.P.

Chicago Area Motorcyclists to Launch National Ride for CHANGE-Ride for HOPE Campaign with Motorcycle Motorcade Escort Supporting Inner-City Youth


CHICAGO, March 22, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- All lanes at I-90/94 & 47th Street will come to a halt Saturday morning, April 16th as Chicago area motorcyclist escort tour buses filled with area youth en route to historically black colleges and universities. The 13th annual PUSH Excel HBCU tour marks the 3rd year Ride for CHANGE-Ride for HOPE has supported the program with a motorcycle motorcade escort.

Ride for CHANGE-Ride for HOPE™ is an awareness campaign that culminates with a motorcycle event in local communities across the nation. Originating in Chicago, Illinois, October 2008, Ride for CHANGE-Ride for HOPE™ is the official programmatic thrust of the World of Soul Motorcycle Community™ as sanctioned by Ride for CHANGE-Ride for HOPE, Inc.

Members of the World of Soul Motorcycle Community™ organization spearhead Ride for CHANGE-Ride for HOPE™ under the name Riders United to Serve Humanity™ and have sponsored the opportunity for youth to take this trip with their financial support in the past. World of Soul Motorcycle Community's founder Terry Hardy states, "It's a unique approach to encourage collaboration. The project establishes teamwork among motorcycle groups that would not ordinarily work together, taking the motorcycle community to places it would not ordinarily go accomplishing community goals as a group in a manner they would not ordinarily embark upon."

The motorcycle motorcade winds through historically minority, underserved and underprivileged communities to draw attention to urban conditions.
The awareness component has focused on the issue of violence which as its founder notes, "is not always physical."
In 2009 the campaign expanded for the first time outside of Chicago into Atlanta, Georgia where its motorcade ended at the King Center for Non Violent Social Change for a wreath laying ceremony and presentation at Dr. King's place of rest alongside King's nephew Isaac Ferris, then president and CEO.

The following year, The Greenwood District, site of Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma was highlighted with an appearance reflecting upon the race riot of 1921. The National Civil Rights Museum at the Loraine Motel in Memphis was another stop with a tour and brief presentation under the balcony where Dr. King was assassinated. Then there was the Underground Railroad in Wilmington, Delaware.

Terry Hardy who is also the national director of Ride for CHANGE-Ride for HOPE™ went on to say, "Each city allows for the opportunity to connect with a local not-for-profit organization to raise awareness about issues plaguing our communities and those solution providers who require community support to continue their important work."

In Wilmington, the Ride for CHANGE-Ride for HOPE™ motorcycle motorcade run was hosted by Mike's Famous Harley-Davidson and Delaware Futures was the benefit charity for the event. Twenty-five Delaware Futures rising sophomore high school students, four parent volunteers, and staff members were on hand to help with registration and greet motorcyclists. "While delighted to be the recipient charity and only to dream about one day joining the "movement", for the students an added bonus at Mike's Famous was to explore a beautiful showroom filled with Harleys of every kind and cyclist gear. Participants in the event left a profound impression on the Delaware Futures students. The determination of cyclists from Delaware and as far away as North Carolina, must be mentioned, as they braved an incredible rain storm to make Delaware's inaugural run a success," said Delaware Futures' executive director M. Denise Tolliver.

Push Excel's HBCU tour provides opportunity through exposure. "With the many challenges facing young people we felt a need to step forward with an encouraging statement that says we care and support the pursuit of higher education, as education is key to solving many of the issues plaguing our communities. By providing this symbolic 'safe passage' to school we can begin to reconcile some issues out there by reconciling the images we are projecting by making a connection between youth and adults in a positive manner. We invite civic-minded riders to join us to help make an indelible impression by showing our youth support on this day," said Terry Hardy.
Their goal is to encourage communication on issues that matter and combine resources to make a difference in local communities. Ride for CHANGE-Ride for HOPE™ is seeking to expand into as many cities as possible where it can establish local leadership using the broad-based coalition model. Events in New York, Las Vegas, Portsmouth, Miami, Baltimore, Houston, Louisville, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Detroit, Indianapolis and others have been added with the final 2011 event planned for October 15th back in Chicago where it started at the Rainbow PUSH Coalition.

Kickstands will rise at one o'clock sharp.
About Ride for CHANGE-Ride for HOPE™

Ride for CHANGE-Ride for HOPE™ is an awareness campaign that culminates with a motorcycle event in local communities across America. Originating in Chicago, Illinois, October 2008, Ride for CHANGE-Ride for HOPE™ is the official programmatic thrust of the World of Soul Motorcycle Community™ as sanctioned by Ride for CHANGE-Ride for HOPE, Inc. Ride for CHANGE-Ride for HOPE partners with local nonprofits addressing the needs of at-risk-youth.

About World of Soul Motorcycle Community™

World of Soul Motorcycle Community is a national/international membership-based association of motorcyclist whose mission is to examine and promote the recreation of motorcycling; the environment and spirit of the motorcycle community. To add redeemable value to the bikers' experience by addressing issues significant to the community while uniting bikers with community organizations and commercial industries.
Sponsored by Law Tigers with the assistance of the Illinois Department of Transportation, state and local police agencies.

SOURCE World of Soul Motorcycle Community

Wild Ride Into the World of Law Enforcement Motorcycle Clubs

New Release Offers Wild Ride Into the World of Law Enforcement Motorcycle Clubs; Book by Karen Katz, Released by Dog Ear Publishing

Author Karen Katz spent several years conducting in-depth fieldwork into the Public Safety and Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club subculture. This book goes behind the scenes of the Renegade Pigs, the Warthogs and the Iron Warriors Motorcycle Clubs. Public Safety and Law Enforcement Motorcycle Clubs represent a social response to the breakdown of the police subculture, specifically, the erosion of brotherhood, internal solidarity and camaraderie.

North Vancouver, Canada, April 27, 2011 --( Thundering down the highway on their trademark Harley Davidson motorcycles, Outlaw Motorcycle Gang members, such as the Hells Angels, are not hard to miss. Black leather vests with the 3-piece back patch, motorcycle boots, skull jewellery, side knives, long unkempt hair, scraggly whiskers, and elaborate tattoos set them apart from other motorcycle riders on the road. Outlaw bikers embody the spirit of rebellion and reject the cultural norms and values of conventional society. “FTW” is their motto and arrogant attitude by which this subculture attains in goals and objectives.

n contrast to the outlaw bikers, police officers are law abiding and sworn to uphold the traditional cultural norms and values of mainstream society. Law enforcement officers and outlaw bikers are most often viewed as being two distinct subcultures, whose norms, values, and beliefs are in complete opposition to each other. However, according to law enforcement sources, the distinction between Outlaw Motorcycle Gang members and law enforcement officers, which was once a clearly drawn line is now becoming blurred. In fact, some law enforcement officers are creating and joining Public Safety and Law Enforcement Motorcycle Clubs whose members allegedly emulate the outlaw biker lifestyle. Playing cop by-day and biker by-night has placed many of these public safety and police officers in a tenuous position. As a result, numerous law enforcement officials at all levels have turned against their fellow police officers due to their membership in these types of clubs. Not only have the cop-bikers alienated themselves from some of their fellow law enforcement officers, but one-percenter Outlaw Motorcycle Gang members are also angered by police officers who imitate the outlaw biker image.

Behind the Patch, published by Dog Ear Publishing, goes behind the scenes of the Renegade Pigs, the Warthogs and the Iron Warriors Motorcycle Clubs. Author Karen Katz spent several years conducting in-depth fieldwork into the Public Safety and Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club subculture. Public Safety and Law Enforcement Motorcycle Clubs represent a social response to the breakdown of the police subculture, specifically, the erosion of brotherhood, internal solidarity, and camaraderie within police departments. Police officers who shared a passion for riding motorcycles created their own unique hybrid subculture in order to restore a sense of brotherhood and belonging amongst themselves. Through motorcycling, Public Safety and Law Enforcement Motorcycle Clubs, provide their members with meaningful social participation and interpersonal relations, which re-establishes meaning and a sense of purpose in their lives. The salient features of the subculture are brotherhood, the wearing of colours with the 3-piece back patch and riding Harley Davidson motorcycles in group formation.

Katz writes in detail of this unique hybrid subculture. She delves into such topics as the law enforcement and outlaw biker controversies over the formation of the clubs; the history of the clubs; the purpose of the clubs; their political structure, and the role of women among other things. Photographs throughout the book add an element of realism to Katz’s project.

Katz has long been interested in understanding both the Public Safety and Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club Subculture and the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang subculture. Katz has received a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Criminology and a Master’s of Law, specializing in Criminal Law. Katz is known for her impeccable research skills and she has a reputation as being the “data hound” for her unique abilities to track down even the most obscure primary and secondary data.

For more information, visit

Behind the Patch: Towards An Understanding of Public Safety and Law Enforcement Motorcycle Clubs
Karen Katz

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-160844-705-3 328 pages $29.99 US
Available at Ingram,,, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere
About Dog Ear Publishing, LLC

Dog Ear Publishing offers completely customized self-publishing services for independent authors. We provide cost-effective, fast, and highly profitable services to publish and distribute independently published books. Our book publishing and distribution services reach worldwide. Dog Ear authors retain all rights and complete creative control throughout the entire self-publishing process. Self-publishing services are available globally at
 and from our offices in Indianapolis.

Dog Ear Publishing – self-publishing that actually makes sense.

Friday Night Fight Nite, SFV Clubhouse

Time Saturday, April 30 · 6:00pm - 9:00pm
9323 Franklin St.
Chatsworth, Ca

Created By Andy Anderson

More Info UFC 129

Georges St. Pierre vs Jake Shields

6:00pm - Midnite
Come and enjoy the fight and have a good time..

Pot Luck, It is a pot luck kind of thing don't be shy bring something.

AUSTRALIA - Video: 3 arrests after raids in Guildford, Merrylands, Auburn

A BIKIE gang member and two associates have been arrested after warrants were executed on houses in Merrylands, Auburn and two homes in Guildford today.

Gangs Squad detectives attached to the State Crime Command today arrested the outlaw motorcycle gang member and two associates, and executed numerous search warrants as part of investigations into the alleged kidnapping and assault of a man last month.

Strike Force Elli comprises detectives from the Gangs Squad and was established in April to investigate the alleged kidnapping and serious assault of a 27-year-old man on April 15.
Today, detectives executed simultaneous search warrants at four houses on Talbot St at Guildford, Dudley St at Guildford, Major Rd at Merrylands, and Chiswick Rd at Auburn. Click here to view photos of police at Talbot St, Guildford today.

Detectives from the Gangs Squad, along with officers from the Tactical Operations Unit, Strike Force Raptor, and officers from Rosehill and Holroyd LAC executed the warrants.

During the search warrants detectives located and seized clothing, mobile phones and a laptop computer.

Three men were subsequently arrested including a 25-year-old man at Dudley St, Guildford, and a 20-year-old man at Major Rd, Merrylands, while a 27-year-old man attended Parramatta Police Station this afternoon.

The 27-year-old Guildford man, an alleged member of the Bandidos gang, is assisting police with inquiries at Parramatta police station.

The 25-year-old Guildford man, an alleged associate of the Bandidos gang, was charged with take and detain person in company with intent to obtain advantage, recklessly cause grievous bodily harm in company, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, and assault. He’s been bail refused to appear at Parramatta Local Court today.

The 20-year-old Merrylands man, an alleged associate of the Bandidos gang, was charged with take/detain person in company with intent to obtain advantage. He’s been bail refused to appear at Fairfield Local Court today.

Today’s operation relates to an alleged kidnapping and assault in which detectives will allege a 27-year-old man was stabbed in a vehicle before being assaulted and detained for a period of time. He sustained a broken eye socket, head injuries, a stab wound to his torso, and severe bruising and lacerations.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

CA -Soldiers charged with stabbing Barstow man..

BARSTOW • Two soldiers from Fort Irwin suspected to be members of the Vagos motorcycle gang were arrested Monday night after allegedly stabbing a Barstow resident during a bar fight.
According to a Barstow Police department report, officers received a call Monday around 10:54 p.m. about a fight at Mollie’s Pub on the 1300 block of East Main Street. When officers arrived on scene, they discovered that a 49-year-old Barstow man had been stabbed twice during the fight.
The victim was transported to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, where he underwent emergency surgery and was listed in serious but stable condition, according to police.
Officers discovered during their interviews with witnesses that the two suspects left the scene on motorcycles and were thought to be members of the Vagos motorcycle gang.
Witnesses also said they thought the two men were military personnel who may have been headed to Fort Irwin, according to police.
An officer discovered two men matching the suspect’s descriptions stopped on the side of Irwin Road near Old Highway 58, according to police. The two men continued traveling north and were then stopped near Irwin Road and Fort Irwin Road.

Barstow Police officers then arrested the two men — Army Capt. David Moore, 35, and Army 1st Sgt. Richard Rivero, 39 — on suspicion of attempted homicide. Officers also discovered evidence on Moore that confirmed his involvement with the Vagos motorcycle gang, according to police.

Moore and Rivero remain at the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s jail in Barstow in lieu of $1 million bail.



by John Del Santo

What a day ! In the wind ! the sun is shining and you’re rolling down the highway without a care in the world…..and then an evil force grabs hold of your front wheel and starts shaking it like a dog with a bone !! You’re in a treacherous “High Speed Wobble” !

There are a number of things that can contribute to the creation of this attack, including an uneven lane drop; worn steering head bearings, worn front wheel bearings, or worn swingarm bearings or bushings; front or rear shocks that are uneven, under-inflated, or which have leaked; narrow front tires on ruts in the road or on freeway rain grooves; improperly balanced tires; Riding a tire which has been under-inflated and which has caused the tire to ‘cup’; handlebars which are not balanced because of a previous fall; or a sudden loss of air in the tire.

Rear wheel wobbles can happen, too, when a tire goes flat, but they’re usually easier to handle, as long as we don’t hit the rear brake.
When the front wheel is affected, it can at first feel like the wind is starting to push you around, and then it becomes apparent that something bad is happening….and the front wheel starts to be yanked hard right and left and right, trying to rip the grips out of your hands. At this point there is still a chance that you might salvage the day. Get a good hold, and roll off the throttle gently… Don’t ‘chop’ it off suddenly or weight will transfer to the front wheel where you’d rather not have it. Lean back, Don’t touch the front brakes ! Start applying the rear brakes gently but firmly, but don’t lock them. This can be a real touchy situation if your bike has an integrated or linked brake system. If so, you may need to decelerate and let your engine slow you down. If you downshift, you’ll need to let the clutch out smoothly, which is easier to say than do with the handlebars whacking back and forth. That’s an awful lot of decisions to make in a very short period of time, and the evil spirits may decide now to push you through the final gate…..

If the front end starts slamming back and forth all the way to the stops, you are in the dread “Tankslapper”. At this point it would be a good thing if you are wearing clothing that allows you to slide on the roadway rather than clothing which will cause you to tumble, because there is an excellent chance that you and your bike will now part company. Being relaxed and ready to slide instead of tensing up will allegedly lessen your injuries when you land….that sounds good in print, but I don’t think most riders remember that last couple of seconds anyway. I guess we could lessen the chances of being hurt if we stayed home on the couch, but most Riders feel that it’s better to wear out than it is to rust. So…be prepared, and do your best to handle whatever comes along. Enjoy yourself, Ride Sober, and Ride Safe !

"Be Aware of Motorcycles"

On your way to the local 6 meeting on Sunday morning, glance up at the electric signs hanging over the highways.......A pleasant surprise !

John Del Santo
( 619 ) 223-0421


Benjamin Franklin

Insane Downhill Bike Race In Chile..

Insane Downhill Bike Race In Chile

I have seen insanity and it happens on the streets of Valparaiso, Chile. The Valparaiso Cerro Abajo Race is a legendary urban bike race and is more extreme than skydiving. The rider must brave jumps, stray dogs, and flights of stairs along the steep downhill path. The first person perspective provided by the excellent helmet cam lets us take in every glorious and frightening detail.


Prayer Request

We were in slow-moving traffic the other day and the car in front of us had an Obama bumper sticker on it. It read: "Pray for Obama. Psalm 109:8".

My husband's Bible was lying on the dashboard & he got it & opened it up to the scripture & read it. He started laughing & laughing. Then he read it to me. I couldn't believe what it said. I had a good laugh, too.

Psalm 109:8

"Let his days be few; and let another take his office. "

At last - I can voice a Biblical prayer for our president! Look it up - it is word for word! Let us all bow our heads and pray.

Nevada..& take the helmet poll... vote riders should be able to ride w/o helmet

Bill to repeal state’s helmet law makes it out of committee
By Anjeanette Damon 
Nevada’s libertarian streak influences legislation Reader poll Should adults be able to ride a motorcycle in Nevada without a helmet? Yes No.

Sen. Don Gustavson Sun Archives Motorcycle fatalities projected to rise in Nevada (4-20-11) Senate committee says no to helmets, tougher seat belt law (4-14-11) State lawmakers considering tougher seat belt law (3-23-11) Sun Coverage Sun politics coverage Carson City — They said it could never happen.

Lobbyists would joke about it in the hallways.

Legislators would privately roll their eyes each time the bill was introduced.

Yet, session after legislative session — five to be exact — state Sen. Don Gustavson, R-Sparks, would push a bill to repeal Nevada’s motorcycle helmet law.

And, session after session, Gustavson would watch the bill die in committee, never to see it make it to the floor.

But in a sign of the topsy-turvy dynamic of the 2011 Legislature — or perhaps the temperature in Hades is starting to drop — Gustavson’s helmet bill made it out of committee this session.

“I guess it’s good to be persistent,” Gustavson said Monday.

More than Gustavson’s persistence, however, is the changed complexion of the Legislature that seems responsible for Senate Bill 177’s surprising early success this session.

For one, Gustavson is no longer a member of the Assembly, but is in the Senate, where Democrats hold a much slimmer majority.

Term limits have also filled the Legislature with freshman lawmakers and newbie committee chairs, one of whom, Sen. Shirley Breeden, D-Henderson, made the unusual move of bringing Gustavson’s bill up for a vote even though she opposed it.

“Oh, things are definitely different this session,” said Assemblyman Kelvin Atkinson, D-North Las Vegas, who killed the bill last session as chairman of the Assembly Transportation Committee. “How does a bill pass out of committee by one vote when the chair is opposed to it? I was a little alarmed by that.”

The committee hearings on Gustavson’s bill have always provided prime legislative theater.

The actors:

• Aging Baby Boomers desperate to persuade lawmakers to give them the freedom to feel the wind through their (thinning) hair as they chase their youth on Nevada’s open roads.

• Emergency room doctors recounting grim tales of motorcyclists who died after leaving most of their brain on the highway, or, perhaps worse, lived through a crash only to face life with a traumatic brain injury.

• Insurance company lobbyists arguing all motorists would have to subsidize higher rates or burden hospitals with higher costs of treating crash victims.

• Motorcycle club members countering that helmets in the 110-degree summers in Southern Nevada lead to heat-related illnesses that affect safety.

• Traffic safety officials plying lawmakers with statistics on the loss of life and economic costs associated with eschewing helmets. In Nevada, the federal government estimates 26 lives were saved by helmets in 2008 and that Nevada avoided $49 million in related costs because motorcycle helmets prevented a death or more serious injury.

• Motorcycle enthusiasts citing statistics from Arizona, where only motorcyclists younger than 17 are required to wear a helmet and where motorcycle registrations have gone up while fatalities have gone down.

In the past, the Assembly Transportation Committee would listen to hours of contentious and emotional testimony and the chairman would quietly slip the bill into the proverbial desk drawer, to never again see the light of day.

This session, Breeden said she felt it was proper to bring the bill up for a vote even though she knew it would pass over her own opposition.

Freshman Sen. Elizabeth Halseth, R-Las Vegas — she replaced a veteran senator on the transportation committee who was a vocal opponent of repealing the helmet law — voted in favor of the bill. She and two other Republicans were joined by conservative Democrat Sen. John Lee of North Las Vegas, who frequently breaks from his caucus, in support of the bill.

But for all of Gustavson’s persistence and all of the topsy-turvy dynamics this session, some things never change in Carson City. SB177 likely won’t make it much further this session.

The bill has one more day to exit the Senate floor or perish under today’s deadline for all legislation to pass out of its house of origin.

In this case, a calculation of the costs will probably relegate it to the legislative purgatory of the Senate Finance Committee.

But Gustavson remains both persistent and optimistic.

“I think I have the votes to get it off the floor,” he said, once more testing the temperature in Hades.

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Criminals have been given the green light to run from police in a decision that has stunned the force.

A magistrate found that a drunk who sparked a police chase through city streets did not resist police.

The lawyer who helped beat the charges said the landmark ruling - which makes it clear suspected criminals cannot be punished for running from police - could now make the police's job of arresting suspects even harder.

The Victorian police association fears the decision will encourage more criminals to try to escape arrest, putting the safety of the public at risk.

Sydney man Andrew Hamilton ran from a Taco Bill restaurant in March last year after an argument about an unpaid $136 bill.

When approached by police, Mr Hamilton, 24, ran from the Collins St store and was chased on foot and in a squad car.
Ignoring police sirens and calls for him to stop, Mr Hamilton - who was later cleared of responsibility for the restaurant bill - was eventually arrested near Flinders St station more than 500m away.

He was charged with resisting police, but could not be immediately interviewed because he was too drunk.

In a ruling in Melbourne Magistrates' Court that is believed to be an Australian first, magistrate Simon Garnett found that Mr Hamilton had a "moral or social duty to stop when requested to do so and assist the police", but was not legally obliged to do so.

The charge of resisting police was dismissed and Mr Hamilton was awarded costs.

"After having committed no crime and merely being asked by police to talk to them, I was within my rights to run away," he said.
"Whilst I can appreciate the challenge that police face in investigating matters when the people they wish to speak to decide to run, there is no legal obligation for someone to remain there if the police have not told them they are under arrest."

Police Association secretary Greg Davies called for a review of the decision.

"We would hope that a review of this decision will be sought by the DPP, as this potentially gives the green light to all offenders to flee from police," he said.
Mr Hamilton's lawyer, Thomas Bevan, relied on cases from Britain and New Zealand. He said the outcome was "surprising" but made sense.

"The ruling is clear in that if you haven't been arrested then you don't have to stop," he said.

Taco Bill manager, Fonsie Julius, said he received an anonymous cheque for the outstanding $136 bill a week after the incident.


In reference to the amendment about people seeking a motorcycle license needing to complete a rider safety course, have one of your people add an addendum to it saying that the state will pay for the course out of the money in licenses and registrations For Education.

You can bet they will reconsider asking for that.

If a stipulation that motorcyclist would have to take a class and it it not required for other types of operator's license it is Prejudicial and should not be allowed.

Add all vehicle licenses or delete motorcycles.

Florida has Mandatory Schooling and the average cost of the course is $300.00

Though not a requirement to get a license PA, the state offers courses that the state pays for and or a Very small amount from the student.

I suspect that some of these legislators are being coached.

The trick is to beat them at their own game.
Bill to repeal motorcycle helmet law sidetracked in Senate

By Cy Ryan
Tuesday, April 26, 2011
6:49 p.m.

Sen. Don Gustavson Sun archives Bill to repeal state's helmet law makes it out of committee (4-26-2011) Motorcycle fatalities projected to rise in Nevada (4-20-2011) Senate committee says no to helmets, tougher seat belt law (4-14-2011) State lawmakers considering tougher seat belt law (3-23-2011) Sun coverage More Sun politics stories CARSON CITY — A bill to repeal the law requiring motorcyclists to wear helmets has been sidetracked in the Senate.

Instead of being up for final passage Tuesday, the bill, SB 177, was sent to the Senate Finance Committee on a 10-9 vote.

Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford, D-Las Vegas, said the bill impacts the state budget and must be weighed in the finance committee.

Sen. Don Gustavson, the sponsor the bill, cried foul. He said there were two unsolicited fiscal notes put on the bill and noted a "lot of bills go there (to the Finance Committee) to die."

The helmet law has been on the books since the early 1970s. Gustafson, R-Sparks, has been trying for three sessions to get it repealed. He said Clark County officials were responsible for adding the fiscal note to the bill. The budget questions were not raised by the supporters.

Gustavson said the referral of the bill to the Finance Committee keeps it alive, because it will now be exempt from the requirement it must be passed by Tuesday's Senate deadline. But, he said, he doesn't know if Horsford, the committee chairman, will bring it up for discussion. And he doesn't know if he has the votes to get the bill out of committee.

Before dispatching the bill to the Finance Committee, the Senate approved an amendment that individuals seeking a motorcycle license complete a rider safety course.

As the bill reads now, motorcyclists who are at least 21 years old and have held their license for one year could shed their helmets. The helmet requirement would also be removed for three-wheeled vehicles and mopeds.

Please pass along to fellow Marines

Marines, FMF Corpsmen, MCL Auxiliary, Devil Dogs and Friends of Marines –

As you no doubt are aware, a terrible tornado ripped through Jacksonville, NC this past weekend wreaking havoc on the town and on Camp Lejeune.
We have been informed that the Tarawa Terrace II housing area at Camp Lejeune has been heavily damaged and over 40 Marine families have been displaced or otherwise lost many personal items including food. 100-200 families have been affected by losing power which may be off for some time. The Camp Lejeune ASYMCA and USO Jacksonville has requested donations of baby items (IE - Baby wipes, diapers, food items) ASAP. They really request monetary or gift card donations to area business locations such as Wal-Mart, Food Lion, etc as these can be distributed quickly. Our Marines need us and I know we will help. Please contact Amanda Crompton, at Pioneer Services of Jacksonville, at 910-577-3036 for information on how to make your donations. Marine Corps Commandant General James Amos toured the housing area and held a Town Hall meeting with area volunteer organizations.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those so profoundly affected by this disaster. Let's do all we can to help our fellow Marines and their families. Thank you in advance for your support.

USO of Jacksonville – (910) 455-3411

Camp Lejeune ASYMCA – (910) 451-9569

Amanda Crompton @ Pioneer Services – (910) 577-3036. Amanda has contacts with both organizations and can also assist you.

Semper Fidelis –
Vic Voltaggio Michael Blum
National Commandant National Executive Director
Marine Corps League Marine Corps League


I know all of you are busy...but please read this and pass it on....

No one has been able to explain to me why young men and women serve in the U.S. Military for 20 years, risking their lives protecting freedom, and only get 50% of their pay. While Politicians hold their political positions in the safe confines of the capital, protected by these same men and women, and receive full pay retirement after servingone term.

It just does not make any sense.
Monday on Fox news they learned that the staffers of Congress family members are exempt from having to pay back student loans. This will get national attention if other news networks will broadcast it. When you add this to the below, just where will all of it stop?

35 States File Lawsuit Against the Federal Government
Governors of 35 states have filed suits against the Federal Government for imposing unlawful burdens upon them. It only takes 38 (of the 50) States to convene a Constitutional Convention.

This will take less than thirty seconds to read. If you agree, please pass it on.

This is an idea that we should address.
For too long we have been too complacent about the workings of Congress. Many citizens had no idea that members of Congress could retire with the same pay after only one term, that they specifically exempted themselves from many of the laws they have passed (such as being exempt from any fear of prosecution for sexual harassment) while ordinary citizens must live under those laws. The latest is to exempt themselves from the Healthcare Reform... in all of its forms. Somehow, that doesn't seem logical. We do not have an elite that is above the law. I truly don't care if they are Democrat, Republican, Independent or whatever. The self-serving must stop.

If each person that receives this will forward it on to 20 people, in three days, most people in The United States of America will have the message.. This is one proposal that really should be passed around.

Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution: "Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States …"

Please pass this on!

Santa Rosa, Ca police focus on motorcycle safety..

Santa Rosa police focus on motorcycle safety


 Santa Rosa police officers Tuesday will be looking for motorcycle riders who violate traffic laws, officials reported.

More Information: Driving blog: Road Warrior They'll also focus on drivers who make moves that could endanger motorcycle riders.

Extra officers will be on patrol Tuesday throughout the city, including areas where motorcycle crashes have occurred, said traffic Sgt. Rich Celli.

The program is part of Santa Rosa Police Department's ongoing efforts to curtail crashes in the city.

California is one of three states in the country with the highest number of motorcyclist deaths, said Celli.

The number of crashes have been dropping statewide. Statistics show the number peaked in 2008 with 560 riders killed. In 2009 it dropped to 294 deaths, according to state statistics.

In Santa Rosa, department numbers from 2009 show motorcyclists had 48 crashes in Santa Rosa, causing 43 injuries and one death.

Training is offered through the California Motorcyclist Safety Program. Information and training locations are available at or 1-877 RIDE 411 or 1-877-743-3411.

The extra enforcement effort by Santa Rosa police is funded by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

What was he under arrest for, getting blood on the pigs' boots repeatedly?

What was he under arrest for, getting blood on the pigs' boots repeatedly?


Stossel on Recording the Police. Interesting info on QIK a place to store live streaming video securely. Check it out.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2011 Laughlin River Run Preview

It's the Wild, Wild West revisited as the 29th Annual Laughlin River Run gets ready to commence. Thousands of bikers will converge on Casino Drive this weekend to party on the banks of the Colorado River. It's hot in the Mojave, which makes a perfect setting for bikini contests.

Thanks to Don Laughlin’s vision to build a small casino back in 1964 in the middle of the Mojave Desert at a small bend of the Colorado River on the Nevada/Arizona border, motorcyclists have a place to go party this weekend almost 50 years later. What began with a few slot machines, a couple of gaming tables, and the big attraction, 98-cent all-you-can-eat chicken dinners, has blossomed into a major tourist center where millions come annually to spin the wheels at one of the ten casinos along the banks of the Colorado River. This weekend though, the desert will fill with the thunder of thousands of V-Twin-powered motorcycles as bikers converge from LA, Phoenix, Las Vegas and beyond to take part in the 29th Annual Laughlin River Run.

We caught a rockin' set by Molly Hatchet at the Laughlin River Run a few years back and plenty of old school rock & roll is scheduled for this year's event, too. Beer and biker rallies go hand-in-hand.

The majority of the action will be funneled in to the strip known as Casino Drive. Vendors’ E-Z ups will fill the casino’s parking lots as the marauding nomads of biker rallies will have everything from bells for Harleys to event t-shirts for sale. The beauty of the Laughlin River Run is its accessibility. Whereas most motorcycle rallies are spread out over several locations, the thrust of the action at Laughlin is accessible by foot. There are still plenty of places to ride, though, because the desert is a beautiful place in spring when the dry, brown landscape is filled with the colors of wildflowers and cactus in bloom. A ride out to historic Oatman, Arizona, and its friendly, carrot-munching burros that roam freely throughout the town is highly recommended and riding on the pavement known as Route 66 always wrings out childhood memories for me from cross-country family trips taken on the hallowed strip. Just be sure to have your suspension dialed in because it can be a bumpy ride.
A new addition to this year’s River Run rally is the Aquarius Resort’s first-ever Battle of the Bands. Twelve musical acts will be competing for a share of the $30,000 up for grabs in the “Official Laughlin River Run Battle of the Bands.” The competition will run Thursday through Saturday as bands take the stage at the Aquarius Outdoor Amphitheatre. Tickets to check out the show are $10 per night.

And while you just might catch the next rock superstars at the Battle of the Bands, some of their rockin’ forefathers will be showing them how it’s done in the River Run Concert Series. Headliners include two of the members of Bachman-Turner Overdrive. Randy Bachman and Fred Turner reunited in 2010 to prove that “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” as they “Roll on Down the Highway.” Alright, I’ll quit with the campy BTO song title puns, but the band’s been cranking out hits for 40 years and has an extensive repertoire to draw from. More vintage rock will take center stage Friday night in the form of Eric Burdon and the Animals. Both concerts are scheduled for the new Edgewater Events Center. Seems like the musical theme for this year’s River Run is “getting back to rock’s roots” because the trio of tribute bands includes Fortunate Son, a Creedence Clear Water Revival cover band, Led Zepagain and Rad Co. I’ll let you guess whose music the last two play. Even the comedic entertainment the River Run has on tap is straight out of yesteryear. None other than Cheech Marin & Tommy Chong will be playing at Harrah’s Rio Vista Amphitheater Friday night. Who still has a Big Bambu record with the giant rolling paper inside? You’re showing your age because that album’s a collectible now.

On the more contemporary side, Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort is holding a Biker Burlesque Topless Revue nightly. Las Vegas showgirls in skimpy biker outfits will strut their stuff in motorcycle-themed performances hosted by Emmy Award-winning comedian John Pardon. If it’s hot outside and you’re feet are tired from pounding pavement, then sitting in an air-conditioned theater watching a Vegas-style show doesn’t sound like a bad idea. And even though it’s only the end of April, it can get hot at the River Run. A few years back I was there and it was 104-degrees. So bring your sunscreen!
Standard River Run fare includes the annual Custom Bike Show on Saturday. The event will take place on the main deck of the Colorado Belle. Participants have a chance to show off their custom motorcycles with a chance at winning some of the $1500 up for grabs, including $750 for first place, $500 for second and $250 for third.
Ladies will have a chance to strut their stuff in the Ms. Laughlin River Run Contest for a chance to win the $1000 grand prize, dinner for two at the Vineyard Ristorante plus two tickets to the Bachman & Turner concert Saturday night. Hell, that’s a better prize than the bike show! The contest is divided into three parts starting with a “Question & Answer” session, followed by a dance competition and ending with a bathing suit/hot jeans contest. The contest is hosted by the Aquarius Casino Resort and will take place Saturday at 3 p.m. on the Party Platform. That time coincides with the announcing of the bike show winners. Decisions, decisions…
If you’re looking to get out and ride but don’t know where to go, we suggest participating in one of the poker runs. There’s no better way to have some fun, meet friendly people and see the area than by going on a poker run. Friday morning is the American Veterans Charity Poker Run to Old Route 66 and a party at Mother Road Harley-Davidson. Funds raised will benefit the Tri-State Veterans. Saturday morning is the Early Bird Poker Run to historic Kingman, AZ, and a run down Old Route 66. Hosted by the Colorado Belle, this event has $1500 in cash and merchandise up for grabs. In past years this poker run has included a trip to Oatman, the Wild West mining town we highly suggest visiting. Which means the tiny town will be packed Saturday, so if you’re looking for a more leisurely visit, do it before then.

If you don’t feel like riding and are looking for some free entertainment, the Ses Carney Freak Show will be grossing out crowds in front of the Pioneer Hotel, there’s a slew of free music scheduled on the stages in front of the Edgewater and Colorado Belle Casinos (Judge Jackson, John Earl & The Boogie Man Band, Chris Hiatt & Cold Shot, The Wildcelts and more) and sometimes it’s fun to just stroll around and see what the vendors are hawking. Or you can catch The American Hell Riders Stunt Show in front of the Pioneer Hotel. There are also demo rides going on in front of the Riverside Resort and reps from Victory, Kawasaki and Star Motorcycles will be on hand with their latest and greatest motorcycles ready to ride.

Other attractions at this year’s River Run include the Hair Club’s Cross-Country Motorcycle Tour which will have two custom motorcycles on display. Fans can enter to win one of the bikes, built by Orange County Choppers and valued at $36,000, in their “Custom Chopper Giveaway.” And if you get a chance, stop by a Hot Leathers booth. Besides having officially licensed merchandise and biker garb for sale, this year Hot Leathers is holding a fundraiser for Soldier's Angels. River Run attendees can help out with a little donation or just by sending a little message to the troops. So far Hot Leathers has raised over $1000 for Soldier's Angels.
Motorcycle USA is heading down to Laughlin Thursday and will be reporting from the scene Friday and Saturday. We’ll be the one riding around on a blue 2011 Star Raider. Say hello if you see us there and we’ll give a koozie. For those of you who can’t make it this year, check in this weekend for reports and photos from the 29th Annual Laughlin River Run.
Historic Route 66 will lead you to Oatman. Be sure to visit the Oatman Hotel for its dollar-bill decor.

Rustlers on steel horses overrun the tiny town of Oatman