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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Texas Bill Would Bar Physicians From Talking Guns With Patients


House Bill 2823 was introduced March 16th and not only prohibits doctors from asking if there are guns in the household, but also recommends doctors who continue to talk to patients about firearms be punished.
If one Texas lawmaker’s bill is passed, patients may have a few less questions to answer at the doctor’s office.
Stewart Spitzer (R-TX) has authored a bill which would essentially bar doctors from talking about guns with their patients. House Bill 2823 was introduced March 16th and not only prohibits doctors from asking if there are guns in the household, but also recommends doctors who continue to talk to patients about firearms be punished.
“Pediatricians are asking children away from their parents, ‘Do you have guns in your house?’ and then reporting this on the electronic health records, and then the federal government, frankly, has access to who has guns and who doesn’t,” Spitzer said in a recent interview about the proposed legislation. He said he experienced the phenomenon firsthand when he took his daughter to the doctor, who asked her whether there were any guns in the house.
While HB2823 has some parents breathing a sigh or relief, the medical community has had a far less enthusiastic reaction.
“We, as physicians, ask all sorts of questions—about bike helmets and seat belts and swimming pool hazards, dangerous chemicals in the home, sexual behaviors, domestic violence. I could go on and on,” Gary Floyd, a Fort Worth pediatrician and board member of the Texas Medical Association, in an interview with the Texas Tribune.
While the bill would allow doctors to discuss guns with patients deemed suicidal, Spitzer says that in most cases discussions about firearms are “not appropriate.” Spitzer, a surgeon, said he wanted to make sure that doctors “have the right not to ask that.”

Doctors are currently reporting who has access to guns and who doesn’t based on patient answers to medical questionnaires. I teach my children to never answer any questions pertaining to our household when I am not present, but with the feds wanting to weigh children at daycare facilities and public schools already dictating what foods children should eat, we need to take every opportunity we can to eliminate the government’s reach into our homes. HB2823 is a step in the right direction, but we should all speak to our children about keeping our families’ business private and out of the government’s intrusive reach into our parental rights.

Colorado Bill Would Impose Penalty On Police Interfering With Citizen Recording

New Colorado bill to protect our rights to record cops!
Link and video
In contrast to Texas legislation introduced by state representative Jason Villalba (R-Dallas) that would penalize a citizen for filming police activity within a proposed 15-foot area, lawmakers in Colorado have introduced a bill that would penalize police officers for obstructing, seizing or destroying citizen recording.
House Bill 15-1290 is one of several measures that have been introduced this month in Colorado in an effort to increase police oversight. HB 15-1290 “creates a private right of action against a peace officer’s employing law enforcement agency if a person records an incident involving a peace officer and a peace officer destroys the recording or seizes the recording without receiving consent or obtaining a warrant or if the peace officer intentionally interferes with the recording or retaliates against the person making the recording. The person who recorded the peace officer incident is entitled to actual damages, a civil penalty of $15,000, and attorney fees and costs.”
Colorado state representative and HB 15-1290 co-sponsor Joe Salazar (D-Thornton) said that “Primarily, it came up as a result of the number of news reports we’ve been seeing about police officers telling people, ‘Give me your camera,’ or taking the data away, and that is unacceptable conduct.”

Last November, man named Levi Frasier witnessed and filmed an altercation between Denver police and a drug suspect. Video captured by Frasier showed an officer delivering multiple punches to the suspect and tripping the suspect’s pregnant girlfriend. Frasier told Fox31 Denver that police seized the tablet Frasier was using to record the incident, and when the tablet was returned the video was missing. Frasier was able to retrieve the video because it had been also stored on a cloud.
In January, a woman named Bobbie Ann Diaz accused Denver police of prohibiting her daughter Brianna from filming at the scene of the death of Jessica Hernandez, a 17-year-old accused of driving a stolen car who was fatally shot by police while she was inside the vehicle. “At that time, (the officers) put Jessie down and they were on their knees yelling at Brianna that she better not record. She better not,” Diaz said.
A spokesperson for the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police said that it doesn’t support a $15,000 penalty because of an existing process in the courts to determine if a police officer acted appropriately.
Legislation to protect the rights of citizens recording police is among several other measures that seek to provide police reform. Other measures to be considered include:
  • Creating a grant program for departments to promote purchase and use of police body cameras.
  • Data collection of officer-involved shootings (OIS), including the demographics and details of the incidents.
  • Providing law enforcement agencies the ability to analyze a prospective officer’s job history before hiring. According to CBS Denver, officers currently can utilize non-disclosure agreements upon leaving a job to prevent access to records.
  • De-escalation training and profiling prevention training for officers.
  • Appointing a special prosecutor to review situations when an officer is not charged for using deadly force or excessive force.
The bills regarding reviewing records of prospective police hires and data collection of OIS cases were advanced on Wednesday by The Senate Judiciary Committee. Another proposal to allow other agencies to investigate a shooting instead of leaving the investigation exclusively to the jurisdiction where the incident occurred was also advanced by the committee.

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 7.11.55 PM

CA - Welcome Home & Thank You Vietnam Veterans

Welcome Home & Thank You Vietnam Veterans…/…
Here is a great way to thank them. Come out and ride with them and for them!

Monday, March 30, 2015

CALIFORNIA - Urgent Request From Our Legislative Director 03 28 2015 ACTION NEEDED

I know you’ve been inundated with legislative requests recently, but please don’t delete this but rather take ACTION.  We are a motorcycle rights organization after all!  Please read the Legislative Director’s message below.  You will probably just have to leave a message, so you can just read the very short message under SAMPLE LETTER.  Simple enough.  This should take under an hour to complete … time well spent!

After calling all the representatives on the Assembly Transportation Committee (see list at bottom), it would also be good to put a call into your representative.  If you don’t know your Assembly Representatives, here’s a link that will find you the information based on where you live: .  We are fortunate that we have the Speaker of the Assembly in San Diego … Speaker Toni G. Atkins, District 78.  Would be a good idea to call her, too, if she’s not your rep.

Here’s a California State Assembly District Map  Now you have all the information you should need to make a dozen calls and help the cause.

Urgent Request From Our Legislative Director 03 28 2015

local 23

March 28, 2015
Dear ABATE of California Members
AB 51 is coming to vote April 6 in the Assembly Transportation Committee. 
As the bill is written, there will be a 30 MPH lane sharing limit, with a 10 MPH speed differential.  Your ABATE PAC has voted to not support this bill in its current state.  There have been attempts to negotiate different speed limits.  Assembly Member Quirk has been waiting for the results of a traffic study to help determine and support modifications to the speed limits.  However, the report has been delayed.
With the above in mind, I am requesting that all members contact the assembly transportation committee and the assembly members in your district requesting that they do not support AB51. Due to the time frame available please use the phone contacts provided below. Sporty said it took 30 minutes.  Even on the weekend you can call these numbers and leave your message on their answering machines.
Below is a quick note that you can utilize.  The Assembly Transportation committee member contact information is also below.  Please do this by April 1.
I have contacted Jim Lombardo to also communicate the same position.
Thank you,
Chuck Pedersen
Legislative Director
Dear Assemblymember,
I request that you do not support AB51, the motorcycle lane splitting bill. The bill as currently written does not fully address rider safety within the stated speed limits.  Further studies should be conducted to determine the effect lane splitting speed limits. 
Thanks you for your attention to this matter
Full Name
City, state, zip

 Committee Members
Office & Contact Information
Dem - 11
Capitol Office
P.O. Box 942849, Room 3091, Sacramento, CA 94249-0011; (916) 319-2011
Rep - 35
Capitol Office
P.O. Box 942849, Room 4098, Sacramento, CA 94249-0035; (916) 319-2035
Rep - 16
Capitol Office
P.O. Box 942849, Room 4153, Sacramento, CA 94249-0016; (916) 319-2016
Dem - 50
Capitol Office
P.O. Box 942849, Room 2003, Sacramento, CA 94249-0050; (916) 319-2050
Dem - 27
Capitol Office
P.O. Box 942849, Room 4016, Sacramento, CA 94249-0027; (916) 319-2027
Dem - 25
Capitol Office
P.O. Box 942849, Room 5175, Sacramento, CA 94249-0025; (916) 319-2025
Dem - 69
Capitol Office
P.O. Box 942849, Room 3126, Sacramento, CA 94249-0069; (916) 319-2069
Dem - 04
Capitol Office
P.O. Box 942849, Room 2137, Sacramento, CA 94249-0004; (916) 319-2004
Dem - 56
Capitol Office
P.O. Box 942849, Room 4162, Sacramento, CA 94249-0056; (916) 319-2056
Dem - 51
Capitol Office
P.O. Box 942849, Room 2114, Sacramento, CA 94249-0051; (916) 319-2051
Rep - 65
Capitol Office
P.O. Box 942849, Room 4177, Sacramento, CA 94249-0065; (916) 319-2065
Rep - 60
Capitol Office
P.O. Box 942849, Room 2016, Sacramento, CA 94249-0060; (916) 319-2060
Dem - 61
Capitol Office
P.O. Box 942849, Room 5135, Sacramento, CA 94249-0061; (916) 319-2061
 Rep - 67
Capitol Office
P.O. Box 942849, Room 6031, Sacramento, CA 94249-0067; (916) 319-2067
Dem - 46
Capitol Office
P.O. Box 942849, Room 4146, Sacramento, CA 94249-0046; (916) 319-2046
Dem - 70
Capitol Office
P.O. Box 942849, Room 4166, Sacramento, CA 94249-0070; (916) 319-2070
 Please do NOT respond directly to this email, it is NOT monitored for incoming messages.  Please DO contact us at or for questions or information.
Thank you for being an ABATE member!
Nick Benson Sr
Board Member & Secretary

ABATE of California, INC
10240 7th AVENUE
HESPERIA, CA  92345-2631
Phone: 760.956.1669 / Fax 760.956.6519

American Legion Riders, says I can no longer play with some of least not while I wear my ALR vest.

One of the groups I belong to, American Legion Riders, says I can no longer play with some of least not while I wear my ALR vest. I don't wear it much anyway; I don't like the patch. It is a one piece but looks like a 3 piece with rockers...they call the rockers, flares...a rose is still a rose...etc. Plus it appears I can't wear my BOLT, ABATE or MMA patch or any patch that they have not deemed acceptable. Also, when you join this RIDING GROUP they want you to buy the patch/logo, like HOG does, but when I leave I have to give it is their property (or so they claim). And as far as my military emblems...can't wear any unapproved patch, nor can I wear anything that suggests my rank while serving in the military, All of this is CA only. Remember my posts are "friends only" so if you want to share you may have to copy and paste.




Saturday, March 28, 2015

USA - The Epidemic of Police Misconduct that No One is Talking About

Violent police are increasingly criticized for everything from killing dogs to shooting the homeless and beating the mentally ill. These abuses of power are disturbing and desperately need attention. But one problem with police accountability has gone completely unnoticed.

Carey Wedler
March 25, 2015

Violent police are increasingly criticized for everything from killing dogs to shooting the homeless and beating the mentally ill. These abuses of power are disturbing and desperately need attention. One under-discussed problem with police accountability (or lack thereof), however, is police irresponsibility while driving.

Stories about drunk officers driving the wrong direction on freeways and hitting civilians or soberly ramming into pedestrians are not uncommon. This week alone, three cops caused mayhem and fatalities on the road.

In New Jersey, a car of off-duty officers (who had posted a picture of whiskey shots to Instagram earlier that evening) drove the wrong direction on a freeway, killing a civilian and one of the officers in the vehicle. Two other officers were critically injured. The driving officer had a previous DUI and 8 prior accidents on record. The Police Chief of Linden, James Schulhafer, was vague in his comments, saying “We were all young once and I’m sure we’ve all done stupid things in our life.”

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, a man leaving a bar was struck and killed by an officer who carelessly hit him in a crosswalk. The officer has not been placed on administrative leave because the “investigation has not shown any improper action by the officer prior to the collision.” Police admitted the officer did not see the pedestrian, which would be considered “improper action” had a civilian been driving.

In Florida, an officer attempted to ram a motorcyclist into a center divider, then to tried to  flee. This illegal action was caught on video. Police are trying to locate the motorcyclist because “…he faces several traffic charges and fleeing from an officer.”

The stories this week highlight a much bigger problem.

In Washington D.C., cops caused over 2,300 car accidents from 2010-2013 alone. They are rarely reprimanded, but the taxpayer is forced to foot the bill for settlements–just like they must do in police brutality cases.

While two of the incidents this past week are clearly (preventable) accidents, they represent not only the lack of accountability that cops enjoy–escaping punishment for things ordinary civilians cannot–but that the very justification for having police is wearing thin.

Police are often given a free pass for misdeeds because society believes that they keep people “safe.” One of the ways they do this is by policing the roads and ticketing drivers who violate traffic laws. When they give out tickets for hundreds of dollars, authorities say it is to keep people safe–whether from texting while driving, speeding, or crossing a double yellow line to enter or exit the carpool lane.

At the same time, police show a constant disregard for these exact same rules. In fact, police officers can be such abysmal drivers that in recent years, more have died from car accidents than they have actual attacks on their lives. Obviously, some of these accidents were not their fault, but a significant portion of officers were not wearing their seat belts when they died, a requirement officers routinely ticket drivers for violating.

While stories of police violence against innocent civilians are harrowing, these “run of the mill” traffic accidents represent the same problem with law enforcement on a more mundane level: that officers who shirk accountability will inevitably abuse authority–whether with their guns or their “exempt” cop cars. Just as police believe laws against murder and violence do not apply to them, they believe it is their right to drive recklessly because they possess a badge. In both instances, civilians suffer while cops live above morality and the law.

Cop profiles citizen for being a frisbee golfer. Citizen shuts him down.

This is how cops profile. How do you stop profiling? KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! You don't have to answer questions. "Thank you officer but I prefer not to answer any questions" "Am I being detained?" " I prefer not to answer any questions without an attorney present." I guess too many people are weak minded and the cops use the power of the Jedi on them. Or could it be the Vulcan Mind Melt!

Cop profiles citizen for being a frisbee golfer. Citizen shuts him down.
Full story here:

KANSAS - Police Implement New Policy to Treat Everyone as Criminals: When a Cop Stops You, Hands Must Go Up

Topeka, KS — Drivers as well as their passengers in Topeka Kansas will soon be subject to a new policy requiring everyone to put their hands up during police stops.
Police say they are implementing this policy because “we all want to go home to our families, and this makes it safer for us to approach vehicles to gain that compliance. It gives us a chance to survive these encounters.”
However, the implications regarding this practice are horrid, and many residents are up in arms about being forced to be up in arms.
“Every day somebody’s getting shot by a police officer, and it’s like ‘oh my goodness, will I be next?’, or will I be okay?” said one resident.
Local officers are citing the three tragic shooting deaths of officers in a two year period as the reasoning behind this policy.
“As we all know, we’ve lost three officers in less than 2 years and as a result of that we’ve had to take a hard look at the way we’re conducting business, particularly as it relates to car stops.” said TPD School Resource Officer Matt McClimans.
While this policy may seem like it has good intentions, nearly every aspect associated with it is tyrannical.
First of all, this “policy” was not approved by the taxpayers. No citizens got to vote on its implementation, and it is going to be enforced with potentially deadly force.
Secondly, it treats ALL parties stopped by police as criminals.
One resident summed it up perfectly by saying, “Make us feel safe, not automatically make us feel like criminals.”
“To put my hands up, I mean, I just can’t see how people are not offended by that,” said one resident.

“I think that is too aggressive, and unnecessary, and I don’t agree with it,” said another.
“Police and community interactions are tough enough as it is and the more demands, the tougher it’s going to be, and the more problems you’re going to have,” explained a resident.
Besides treating everyone they come in contact with as a criminal, forcing people to put their hands up creates a slew of other problems as well.
How would someone hold the police accountable by filming their own interactions if they are forced to raise their hands? All too often innocent people are vindicated after being beaten and assaulted by police, only because a cell phone was recording. This would end that.
Imagine a situation in which someone tries to point their phone out of the windows while they attempt to raise their hands, the end result would not be pretty if officers mistook the phone for a gun.
What if a passenger in the vehicle is paralyzed, or temporarily disabled and they cannot raise their hands? Is this an immediate death sentence?
Finally, what about all the people who have been shot by police despite having their hands up? Looking through our archives here at the Free Thought Project, we can see that holding one’s hands up, most assuredly does not protect you from being shot by cops.
The bottom line is, while the deaths of these three officers are certainly tragic, treating every person stopped by police as a criminal is also tragic.
How about looking at WHY police are stopping people and look to reduce those interactions. Do the police really need to pull people over, en masse, for victimless crimes, such as seat belt violations?
Instead of treating everyone like criminals, why don’t police stop acting as strong arms for the state’s revenue collection racket?



Friday, March 27, 2015

Jonesboro, Ark. – Mad Yet? Proposed Bill Will Tax Drivers for Every Mile Driven

WTF did I just read?! This is the ultimate revenue generating plan! Remember all those "crazy" conspiracy theorists who said this was going to be a reality sooner or later? I think you owe them an apology.
Full report:

Jonesboro, Ark. – In a radical new piece of legislation, House Bill 1716, would tax Arkansas drivers for each mile they drive. The bill has passed committee and now moves to the House for a vote.
In an extreme constraint on personal liberty, the state may begin keeping track of citizen’s mileage in an effort to institute a mileage tax on Arkansas residents.
The passage of H.B. 1716 would signal the Arkansas Highway Commission to enact a pilot program. It would be similar to a test program conducted in Oregon, which would charge drivers 1.5 cents per mile driven.
In an effort to grow consistently falling gas tax revenue, some see this tax as a good way for the government to fund highway repair and upkeep. But many see this imposition as simply another example of overreach by big government.
When asked about support for the bill, one driver said, “No. I don’t agree. Not at all. They have taxed us to death.”
In an interview with ABC 8, Arkansas driver Norbert Johnson said, “You have to make a living. You can’t tax somebody for driving to work or driving to do fun events. It’s not the government’s right to do that.”
Sadly, a revenue collector utilizing the threat of force to coerce payment is exactly the position the U.S. government occupies.
While driving is consistently labeled as a “privilege” in the U.S., the right to travel is internationally recognized as a human right under Article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which asserts that:
(1) Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state.
To attempt to tax citizens for something that is considered a human right seems patently unjust.
While some will inevitably claim that the freedom of movement isn’t restricted by taxation, try and tell that to someone that wishes to travel but that has no money to pay the mileage tax.
If these types of laws are allowed to come to fruition, the freedom to travel by vehicle will subsequently be limited to only those that can afford to pay the tax to do so. This will only serve to marginalize a large segment of the population; even more.
This currently manifesting dystopian reality seems starkly at odds with the vision of America as a free and prosperous country.
The symbiosis of corporate interests and politicians will inevitably win out if the people choose to remain silent and passive. Please share this article with a friend and help wake them up to the game that’s being played by big business and government at the expense of freedom and liberty.


VIDEO: “I Don’t Answer Questions!” Witness the Power of Remaining Silent


      Under Salinas v. Texas, it may be necessary to verbally invoke your right to remain silent and other rights afforded during police stops by the United States Constitution.

Many INNOCENT individuals have been imprisoned, or otherwise harmed, merely because they chose to answer questions asked by some Law Enforcement Officer or government official, agent, representative, tribunal, or employee.
It is very important to understand that the 5th Amendment protects the innocent more than the guilty.
Knowing how to assert your rights is not only a good idea to prevent from being unlawfully kidnapped or caged, but it is also a successful catalyst for change when applied on a large enough scale.
In the video below, activist Kenny Suitter, shows how to properly remain silent during police interactions. It is as simple as stating, “I do not answer questions.”
Because of the SCOTUS ruling in Salinas v. Texas, you are now expected to know that you have a right against self-incrimination, and unless you specifically and clearly invoke this right, anything you say or do not say, including your mannerisms at the time you stop talking, can be used against you. You actually have to say, “I do not answer questions.”
Don’t concern yourself with what kind of interrogation you’re in. Don’t worry about whether Salinas applies in your particular situation. Just invoke your 5th Amendment right immediately, verbally, and clearly.
Just like the video above.
Being stopped by police can be a particularly stressful experience. An innocent individual can easily get tricked into self-incriminating themselves as the police officer badgers and pries for information.
Memorizing laws and and statutes can go a long way, however, having a business card handy, that states your rights for you, is much more convenient, especially when under the stress of a police stop.
Here is a good example of what that business card should look like:
Side 1:
I hereby invoke and refuse to waive all of the following rights and privileges afforded to me by the United States Constitution. I invoke and refuse to waive my 5th Amendment right to Remain Silent. I invoke and refuse to waive my 6th Amendment right to an attorney of my choice. I invoke and refuse to waive my 4th Amendment right to  be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. If I am not presently under arrest, or under investigatory detention, please allow me to leave.
Side 2:
Officer, I Assert My Fifth Amendment Rights As Stated On This Card”Pursuant to the law, as established by the United States Supreme Court, my lawyer has advised me not to talk to anyone and not to answer questions about any pending criminal case or any other civil, administrative, judicial, investigatory or adjudicatory matter.  Following his advice, I do not wish to talk to anyone about any criminal, civil, administrative, judicial, investigatory or adjudicatory matter, without my lawyer present.  I waive no legal rights, nor give any consents, nor submit to any tests or other procedures, without my lawyer present.  I ask that no one question or talk to me, without my lawyer here to advise me.
If you’d like a downloadable version of this card you can get it at this link.
Below is a video which shows the effectiveness of these business cards.


Thursday, March 26, 2015

3 Killed, Several Injured in Helmet Protest in Chad

Helmet Retailers Prosper

HELMET LAW PROTESTS: Schools and universities in
the Chadian capital of N’Djamena were closed on Tuesday,
March 10, 2015 and remained shut “until further notice”
after student rallies against motorcycle helmet laws left at
least one person dead.
The closure announced by the government of Chad in
central Africa comes a day after students took to the streets
to protest against a rise in helmet prices ever since their use
became obligatory in N’Djamena effective March 1 and
motorcyclists are now required by law to wear a helmet.
The protesters set fire to several vehicles and blocked access
to schools and universities, an Agence France-Presse
(AFP) journalist reported. Clashes broke out after security
forces used tear gas to disperse the protesters. Hospital officials
contacted by AFP said “three people were killed,
and several others were injured.”

CA - Charity Ride - LOST HIGHWAY “Southern California’s Largest Motorcycle Show & Concert“

 Sat May 30 details below, The American Heroes Ride motorcycle charity ride benefiting my American Soldier Network with a focus on the invisible wounds of war and those treating PTS/TBI as well as starting the right conversations, will take place along with the Lost Highway Toby Keith concert. I would love to invite Jay to be up front riding with our Navy Seals and other military as we ride and raise funds and awareness! 

“Southern California’s Largest Motorcycle Show & Concert“ 
Saturday, May 30 and Sunday May 31 

Motorcycle Show * Weekend Camping * Concert 

LOST HIGHWAY is “Southern California’s Largest Motorcycle Show & Concert“ on Friday, May 29 2015 the weekend will start with camping check-in and the official LOST HIGHWAY kick-off party. Throughout the entire day Saturday, May 30 the festivities will feature new and old school motorcycle shows with various classes, premiere motorcycle builders and motorcycle brands for attendees to check out. Throughout the day everyone will be entertained with live music on multiple stages ranging from chart topping country artists to classic rock bands and rock bands mixed with punk rock and rockabilly. Additional entertainment will include new motorcycle demos, charity motorcycle rides, motorcycle art exhibits, motorcycle stunt shows, kids corner and more. 

As the sun goes down, every attendee will have the option to head in to the seated amphitheater to watch Toby Keith others live in concert. 

Venue Address: 
2575 Glen Helen Parkway 
San Bernardino, CA 92407 

Saturday, May 30 LOST HIGHWAY will host the "American Hero Ride" giving motorcyclist the opportunity to ride with Navy Seals and celebrity guests on a scenic ride escorted ride through the beautiful San Bernardino National Forest with proceeds from the ride benefiting our troops. 
The ride will depart from the LOST HIGHWAY Festival Grounds at 12 noon for a 50 mile ride, to a a stop for lunch, then route riders back to the LOST HIGHWAY Festival Grounds. 

Ann "Annie" Nelson
CEO / Founder
Twitter: @theAnnieNelson
American Soldier Network Twitter @forRtroops