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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Monday, September 29, 2014


VA to Pay Medical Care for Lejeune Families

     WASHINGTON (CN) - The Veterans Administration will provide for medical care for military families and service members exposed to contaminated water at Camp Lejeune in the 1950s through 80s, according to a regulation issued Wednesday.
     The water supply at the Marine Corps base in North Carolina was contaminated with more than 70 toxic chemicals beginning by at least 1953.
     Members of the military and their families drank and bathed in the water, which was later found to contain unsafe levels of toxic dry cleaning solvents and degreasers, among other chemicals.
     The VA regulation providing medical care attributes 15 illnesses, including several types of cancer, infertility, miscarriage, and neurobehavioral effects to the toxic water.
     There have been a number of lawsuits and government investigations involving the contamination in recent years.
     In August 2012, President Barack Obama signed into law the Janey Ensminger Act, named after a 9-year-old girl who died of leukemia in 1985 after living on base at Camp Lejeune.
     The act makes medical care available for veterans and their families who were stationed at Camp Lejeune at times when the water was contaminated with carcinogens.
     The Department of Veterans Affairs issued two regulations related to compensation and medical care for those affected by the contaminated water at the military base.
     In an interim regulation, the VA implemented rules that would provide payment or reimbursement for medical care for veterans' family members who lived at Camp Lejeune for at least 30 days between 1957 and 1987.
     Before receiving help from the VA, however, the family members must exhaust all claims and remedies reasonably available to them against a third party, including health-plan contracts.
     The VA is covering 15 illnesses, including several types of cancer, infertility, miscarriage, and neurobehavioral effects.
     The VA said it would give the benefit of the doubt to veterans and their families regarding treatment, under the rule.
     "When the best scientific evidence available at the time limits VA's ability to attribute the family member's condition to a specific cause, VA will assume the condition or illness was caused by exposures while at Camp Lejeune, and thus will provide payment to providers or reimbursement to Camp Lejeune family members provided they meet all other requirements under this rule."
     In a related regulation, the VA implemented a statutory mandate to provide medical care to veterans who meet the same criteria as the family members' residing at Camp Lejeune.
     Comments on the interim regulation for family members are due by Nov. 24, and the rule is effective on Oct. 24. The rule for veterans becomes effective Sept. 24. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014


California Lane Splitting

California Lane Splitting

About 18 months ago the California Highway Patrol formally acknowledged that it is legal to split lanes in California by publishing a document online titled “Lane Splitting General Guidelines.” The document explained to California bikers when they would and wouldn’t get a ticket for splitting lanes. Earlier this month the CHP took that document down.
Two weeks ago the Los Angeles Times reported that the Highway Patrol “retreated from the subject and” took “down its guidelines” “under pressure from a citizen who is opposed to lane-splitting.” The Times declined to name the citizen.
The citizen who forced the CHP to remove its guidelines on lane splitting is, according to the American Motorcyclist Association, “Kenneth Mandler (photo above), a longtime state employee who now conducts training sessions on how to get a state job.” Mandler, “petitioned the California Office of Administrative Law in 2013, claiming the CHP created an ‘underground regulation’ by formulating and distributing guidelines for safe lane splitting.”
Mandler’s objection and the CHP’s acquiescence to it once more puts lane splitting in legal limbo.

What Was Legal

The CHP issued the guidelines after the California Office of Traffic Safety released results of a survey of motorists and  riders on the subject of lane splitting. The report said, “Lane splitting has been a subject for controversy and confusion for years. The OTS survey showed that only 53 percent of vehicle drivers knew that lane splitting is legal in California. Eighty-seven percent of motorcycle riders say they lane split, while seven percent of vehicle drivers admit to having attempted to prevent it.”
Until a year and a half ago California bikers had no clear idea of what would get them a ticket and what wouldn’t. Lane sharing, which allows two motorcycles or a motorcycle and a car to ride or drive side by side in the same lane, has always been legal in California. The tricky legal issue for bikers has always been whether it is legal to ride on the white line. Depending on the traffic cop and the jurisdiction, you could get ticketed for occupying two lanes at once. Some police were adamant about it. Riders could be ticketed if they came to a stop at a red light with all of their motorcycle in one lane but with their left foot in another.
It is an important issue in places like Los Angeles which gets hot in the summer and has impossible traffic. The state always allowed lane sharing because air cooled engines tend to overheat in summertime traffic unless motorcycles are allowed to pass between cars.

The Guidelines

The Highway Patrol guidelines told bikers to forget about the white line and just ride cautiously. The guidelines advised riders that they wouldn’t get ticketed if they did not split lanes going more than ten miles an hour faster than other traffic; or if they didn’t split lanes going faster than 40 miles per hour; and if they only split between the far left lanes and if they used reasonable care. The new guidelines also reminded drivers that  “Intentionally blocking or impeding a motorcyclist in a way that could cause harm to the rider is illegal” and that “opening a vehicle door to impede a motorcycle is illegal.”
Throughout the first half of July the Highway Patrol ran public service commercials reminding drivers that lane splitting is legal in California.
Now all that legal clarity and good will has come to a complete stop because of a guy named Kenneth Mandler. And some people still claim that one man can’t make a difference.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Senate Amendment filed to end federal funding of motorcycle-only checkpoints


Take Action Today!

Today, the U.S. Senate is beginning consideration of an appropriations bill, which would provide funding for fiscal 2015 for several federal agencies, including the U.S. Department of Transportation.
U.S. Sens. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.), Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.), Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) have submitted and proposed an amendment to the bill that would end federal funding for motorcycle-only checkpoints.
Senate Amendment 3265 states: “No funds made available under this act may be used to create or operate a checkpoint that exclusively targets motorcycle operators and motorcycle passengers.”
It is unclear if Senate leadership will reach a deal that will allow the amendment to receive a vote before the full chamber.
Stop MOCs
Please ask your senators to support S. 2078, the Stop Motorcycle Checkpoint Funding Act, by clicking on the “Stop MOCs” link and entering your information and clicking the red “Submit” button.
Stop MOCs
For more information on motorcycle-only checkpoints please visit the AMA’s MOC webpage here.

How to record police encounters without losing your video

(Source: Breitbart)

Technologies that can help preserve evidence beyond hostile police encounters.
Technology is a double-edged sword.  It has enabled the government to become more intrusive than ever with its online spying capabilities.  However, cheap and discreet recording devices make it much more feasible to hold cops on the street accountable.
Police State USA encourages holding government officials accountable but advises everyone to research the laws in their own states regarding secretly recording audio conversations (Read more: The Reporter’s Recording Guide).  Encounters with police officers in public generally do not fall under such restrictions, particularly after the recent court decision in Illinois.
Here, we intend to look at the technologies that facilitate that recording.

Streaming App for Cellphone

Ustream is a cell phone application that allows a user to begin recording video and audio — and simultaneously stream the data to an online account — at the click of a button.
If you are in a tense situation with the police, click the app button and the rest is done automatically.  While running, it doesn’t look like a streaming app.
The video files will then be available online when viewing the user’s Ustream account.
  • Easy to use.
  • Preserves video even if cell phone is confiscated.
  • Does not give obvious clues that the app is streaming.
  • Reputable app with product support.
  • Video/audio quality correspond to user’s phone capabilities.
  • Internet uploads depend on having a sufficient phone signal.
  • May not be compatible with certain phone operating systems.
  • Presence of a cell phone will always draw suspicion of recording.
(Read more about Ustream)

Clippable Surveillance Camera

Veho MUVI Micro (Source:
Veho MUVI Micro (Source:
The Veho MUVI Micro camera is popular among sports enthusiasts and those with the need for versatile recording options.  With a convenient clip, it is wearable on clothing or attachable to conspicuous objects — such as a vehicle sun-visor.
Its size and cost make it easy to acquire and keep nearby.  With the largest micro-SD card, the device can record 3 hours of video.  It even has a surveillance option which allows it to sit idle for 36 hours and then begin recording upon noise activation.
The major drawback is that if the camera is confiscated, the files do not have the benefit of being stored to an internet account.  The device is obviously a camera, but it is harder to detect at only 2-inches long.
  • Affordable price.
  • Tiny size. (2.17″)
  • Inconspicuous.
  • Clippable.
  • Surveillance capable.
  • Easy to keep with you.
  • Useful even if there is insufficient cell phone tower signal.
  • Medium quality video.
  • Reputable product/company.
  • Has the appearance of a camera unless hidden or masked.
  • If device is lost, evidence is lost.
  • Lower quality audio.
Purchase Keychain Camera:  Veho MUVI Micro Camera
Purchase External Memory:  Sandisk 16 GB MicroSD

Discreet Keychain Camera

YKS 808 Keychain Camera (Source:
YKS 808 Keychain Camera (Source:
This tiny recording device looks just like a vehicle remote-starter that might be found on your key chain. It’s an inconspicuous option for video and audio recording that is unlikely to be seized by police. To recover the video, the device must interface with a computer at a later point.  The video is stored on a removable memory card.  The price is unbeatable, and with a large micro-SD card it can record for 2.5 hours.
Even if an officer confiscates a a keychain from someone, it is unlikely to be determined to be a recording device and will more than likely have its evidence intact after the keychain is returned.
  • Low price!
  • Tiny size.
  • Discreet.
  • Easy to use.
  • Always with you.
  • Unlikely to be confiscated.
  • Useful even if there is insufficient cell phone tower signal.
  • Not easy to aim when the keys are in the vehicle ignition.
  • Lower quality video/audio.
  • If device is lost, evidence is lost.
  • Cheap import item;  Little/no product support.
  • Mixed product reviews.  “You get what you pay for.”
Purchase Keychain Camera:  YKS 808 Keychain Camera (Under $10)
Purchase External Memory:  Sandisk 16 GB MicroSD (sold separately)

Discreet Pen Camera

Hidden Pen Camera (Source:
Hidden Pen Camera (Source:
Stick this “pen” in your pocket for discreet video/audio recording.  It’s another inconspicuous option for documenting interactions with public servants that is unlikely to be confiscated.  To recover the video, the device must interface with a computer at a later point.  The video is stored on a removable micro-SD memory card.
Similar to the keychain camera or other discreet recording devices, this item is unlikely to be confiscated.
  • Low price!
  • Tiny size.
  • Discreet.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to keep with you.
  • Unlikely to be confiscated.
  • Useful even if there is insufficient cell phone tower signal.
  • Lower quality video/audio.
  • If device is lost, evidence is lost.
  • Cheap import item;  Little/no product support.
  • Mixed product reviews.  “You get what you pay for.”
Purchase Pen Camera:  Hidden Pen Camera (Under $10)
Purchase External Memory:  Sandisk 16 GB MicroSD (sold separately)

USA - How To Refuse An Un-Constitutional Checkpoint


Pro-Constitution activists use logic to defeat an unconstitutional police checkpoint at one of the many Labor Day weekend checkpoints in Tennessee.

Friday, September 26, 2014

NUFF SAID............

Motorcycle Etiquette: How Not To Wave Like A Dork!

Doing The Biker Wave.
If you drive a motorcycle, you know about “The Wave”. “The Wave” is your rolling connection to the biker brother & sisterhood, but is there a special secret to this wave? When you started riding did you seek out a wave master and perhaps copy theirs, or did you develop one of your own? Have you ever wondered if you’re wave appropriate? Do you wonder if the wave you’re flashing is politically correct, not brand specific enough or old and outdated? Unfortunately, wave training is not covered in the basic or advanced motorcycle safety classes.
Many riders believe there was a secret wave society similar to the Priere de Sion formed around 1903 when that first HD rolled out of that shed, but there wasn’t. It all started, one day in 1904 when Arthur Davidson passed by William Harley and since they knew each other, they waved. Well, another biker saw the two "Kings of Motorcycles" doing this and thought this was a biker necessity and the tradition was born. The waving tradition continued on through the years and became haphazard. There were bikers doing the “Bye Grandma Wave”, others doing the "Howdy Wave" and still others doing the extremely feminine “Princess Wave". In 1946, after several years of these, image destroying gestures, a group of crusty old bikers decided to put some proper waving rules in place and formed the Wave Hard And True - Biker Society. Abbreviated: WHAT-BS
To wave or not to wave, that is the question. We’ve all faced that critical mass state when we felt obligated to wave but then became unsure. The worrying starts and then there’s that overwhelming feeling of guilt. Well, worry no more; here are some general waving rules to help guide you : 1)interstate; unnecessary, 2) in a curve; unnecessary 3) in the rain or at night; unnecessary 4) on a mellow two lane; proper. 5) a highway with little traffic; proper 6) A rally, unnecessary and 7) in traffic, unnecessary. There are, however, times when not waving is just down right rude. So if you’re not a jackass, when you are presented with “The Wave” you should, if at all possible, reciprocate. If it’s the proper place and time and you receive no reciprocal wave, don’t get your panties in a bunch and think you’ve just passed a jackass, because there are some acceptable reasons. These reasons are as follows: 1) you weren’t seen, 2) clutch manipulation or 3) a head nod was substituted.
There are 5 basic waves 1) the left-handed low wave, 2) the left-handed straight out wave, 3) the left-handed high wave 4) the right-handed (ha, ha, I have cruise control) wave and 5) the left-handed forward wave. The variations of these waves are as varied as the bikers & the bikes they drive, but there are some basic rules.
1) Left-handed low wave, sometimes called the Harley or cruiser wave. Typically seen used on cruiser style or custom chopped motorcycles. The arm is fully extended and aimed down towards the street in a 45 or lesser degree angle with the extension of either one, two, three or five fingers. The direction of the palm is also critical to the look and feel of this wave. The palm must either face the other rider or face the road. A classic variation of the finger positioning is throwing a peace sign (Duce) or thumbs up. To low wave with an angle greater than 45 degrees and/or with the palm facing up or back and/or with the use of 4 fingers is telling the biker community at large that you are either new or inept. If you have a cruiser and can’t get this wave to work for you, then consider the Left-Handed straight out wave or trading out your bike.
2) Left-handed straight out wave is an all around general wave. Typically seen used on crotch rockets, cruisers, customs and baggers alike. The arm can be either fully or partially extended with no more than a 10 degree angle higher or lower than the shoulder. The palm must be facing the oncoming rider in either a horizontal or vertical position and a full palm must be shown. It is suggested you present the hand in a relaxed state, as flattening it will make you look like a dork. The classic variations of the peace sign (duce) or thumbs up are also acceptable. If practiced, this is one of the easiest waves to master and will work with all bikes. If for some reason you can’t get this wave to work, you will probably have serious problems with the kickstand dynamic and should immediately sell your motorcycle before you cause yourself anymore embarrassment!
3) Left-handed high wave is a variation of the typical wave seen made by kings and kids alike. Mostly used by upright riders of crotch rockets and baggers. The elbow is kept even or slightly lower than shoulder height. The elbow should be bent at about a 75 – 85 degree angle with a slight forward angling of the forearm. The palm must be facing the oncoming rider and the hand can either remain still or the use of a side to side motion is acceptable. This wave has been proven very useful when you have a loose watchband. It is suggested you present the hand in a relaxed state, as once again, flattening it will make you appear to be a dork. The classic variations of the peace sign (duce) or thumbs up are frowned upon when using this type of wave. it’s a bit too over the top. Important: Should you be riding a crotch rocket, it is extremely important to maintain the image by using this wave only if the left hand is coming from the left hip or thigh. This should never, ever be used when coming from the handlebars. Warning of possible injury: Do not use this type of wave on a cruiser. You will appear aloof, snobbish and everyone will hate you! If you have a medical condition or feel you must use this type of wave, get a bagger or ride a crotch rocket only in the upright position and don’t be a dick about it. There are rules!
4) Right-handed (ha, ha, I have cruise control) wave. This is an occasional use wave by bagger riders. Typically seen being employed by Ultra Classic and Goldwing riders. They’re riding on rolling living room sofas. These big, comfy and not really coooool bikes are great for touring. This lack of coolness can cause a temporary condition known as “Dickishness” which can be instantly healed by passing a cruiser giving the right hand wave. The general message being sent is “You might be on a cool bike but damn it, I’m comfy”. If the rider of the touring bike is a smoker he will typically light up a cigarette or a cigar, just to drive that point home.
5) Left-handed forward wave. This wave is solely used by crotch rocket riders because, let’s face it, what the hell else can they do in that position? A flashed wave, is almost imperceptible due to the speed of the wave and the bike. To execute this wave one must slightly raise the left hand from the grip, no more than 3 or 4 inches, show the palm and return to the grip. This entire motion must be fluid and executed in under three seconds. You must learn all the intricacies of this wave before you take your first ride. If you don’t, they will know you’re a newbie and you’ll instantly become pink slip bait. The only way to avoid this lame wave stigma is by doing something crazy like riding a wheelie while naked. If you don’t fall off, that’s a big plus!
The last and probably most important part of the wave is the hand you’re using to wave. You’ll want to care for that hand because without it; How do you expect to wave? Get some of the Time Rider's Shtuff For Bikers; Crack & Crevice Cleaner (body & bike cleaner) to clean that hand up and some Totally Awesome Crap (liquid glove) to protect it
When approaching another biker always remember to maintain the rule of "The Wave", you never know who's watching! The Time Rider

Thursday, September 25, 2014

USA - Freedom To Travel Controlled By Nefarious Means

by Hank McGrathPicture-2-300x204-Lawless-America-Can-police-use-your-silence-against-you-Supreme-Court-to-decide.
In January, 2013, I went on a mission to Washington, DC representing the American Biker Culture Center in NY , B.A.D.{Bikers Against Discrimination} along with Bill Windsor and LawLess America to present congressional testimony on the Tyler & Peeps Case {heard here} and the rights issues suffered by the entire biker culture: discrimination, bias, stigmas, stereotypes,profiling, unjust convictions and denial of equal human/civil and constitutional rights of members of the biker culture (especially those of 1%ER affiliation) by government and law enforcement agencies.
american-biker-culture-law-library1 (1)
I presented the case to congressional aides of Hillary Clinton and US Representative Hanna, as well as, to the US Department of Justice, with sheer evidence of judicial and legal corruption in cases involving motorcyclists, clubs and individuals inter-related thereto. I also presented a number of issues regarding those in the European biker culture being banned from entering the United States and others who are citizens of US being banned from re-entering the US –
NOT EVEN ON TEMPORARY VISAS!?!us-immigration-and-customs-enforcement-seal-plaque-l
Several months before, an important suit was filed by the Hells Angels Motorcycle Corporation of Westlake Village, California against  Janet Napolitano, The Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Alejandro Mayorkas who is the Deputy Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services  
According to reports in an article by ,  HAMC v Napolitano et al. disputes the official United States foreign policy that declares “the Hells Angels, the Outlaws, Bandidos, and the Mongols” to be organized crime groups. This policy also asserts “that these groups operated as permanent organized criminal societies. Active membership in these groups could reasonably be considered to involve a permanent association with criminal activities….”
As a result of this policy, more and more motorcycle club members and family/associates/supporters of club members were being denied entry or re-entry into the United States. In other words, they could not come home, could not visit family members, could not travel freely merely because of an unjust classification in a policy used to dictate the freedom of Americans and friends of Americans.
View the Department of State’s Foreign Affairs Manual here which is now used to make European Bikers, friends and families of bikers ineligible to obtain visas to travel to the United States. The pertinent sections of 212 can be viewed here: Two grounds of inadmissibility
Interestingly enough (and activated BEFORE the recent NSA scandal came to light) this is how the government developed the policy in practice which is NOW USED AGAINST ALL CITIZENS, best told in his report : “Hells Angels Sue Clinton And Napolitano”, in part – “Since at least April, agents working for the Department of Homeland Security, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have been collecting the names and photographs of bikers who have attended Hells Angels events in Europe. This list building has been accomplished by stopping, photographing and copying the identity documents of attendees at road blocks outside these events. ATF, FBI and Homeland Security agents have also participated in multiple raids on the clubhouses of multiple motorcycle clubs in order seize and clandestinely distribute club membership lists. The intent of this data gathering is to deny otherwise, law abiding Europeans entry into the United States. Similarly, membership lists, photographs and other documents seized from raids on clubhouses in the United States have been used to deny entry of law abiding Americans into Canada and other countries.The American led, international war on motorcycle clubs is inseparable from the U.S. led Global War on Terror. That war simultaneously supports, protects and defends the heroin business in Afghanistan, the militarization of American police and the persecution of social discontents in putative democracies…” Now, keep in mind, this is illegal data mining against citizens who are NOT committing crimes and are just an independent culture in America and abroad. They ARE NOT of any danger to you, Joe Citizen! Nor are they active terrorists and so on…
If it is unconstitutional for one, it is unconstitutional for all!1545220_10202901871565300_1001821461_n
According to these are the legal grounds for inadmissibility into the United States. There is no ground for association with any biker club, or family member of any biker club or member of a biker club BECAUSE BIKER CLUBS ARE NOT AN ILLEGAL ENTITY! They are not an illegal or criminal enterprise or they would be illegal to even have or establish a club! Both here and abroad, all motorcycle club members, their families, their friends and supporters should be granted a waiver from this unjust profiling policy based upon the severe personal hardships it has caused and each be given  a visa to enter the United States and commence with their interests for freedom. It is their human right to do so!
Major Grounds of Inadmissibility
Classes of InadmissibilityWaivers Available?
People with communicable diseases like tuberculosisYes
People with physical or mental disorders that
may cause harm to themselves or others
Drug abusers or addictsNo
Drug traffickersNo
People without proper vaccinationsYes
People with convictions for crimes involving moral turpitudeYes
People who have violated immigration lawsYes
People with multiple criminal convictionsYes
People likely to become dependent on
need-based government assistance
Yet, there are dozens of cases where American citizens who are members of legitimate clubs in the United States are left stranded abroad unable to be with their loved ones, their families, or honorably attend the funerals of loved ones and friends – simply because of the US Dept. of Foreign Affairs and INS policies which unjustly bar their return. There are dozens of cases where those not born of US citizenship who are not convicted criminals and have family and friends in the United States cannot obtain their visa to visit their loved ones or attend a funeral of a loved one simply because of the discriminatory practice of the INS and US Government to punish them for their association, friendship, relationship and/or marriage to anyone in any particular motorcycle clubs. As terrorists cannot participate in motorcycle clubs – the only thing these inhumane policies against bikers and their families may achieve is the US Government advising terrorists NOT to join a motorcycle club and they are welcome to enter the United States as they have been by the thousands – before, since and AFTER 9-11!
AS OF FEBRUARY 9th, 2014 – Yes, just several days ago – The Obama Administration and the Department of Homeland Security relaxed the visa rules so that those who were otherwise terrorists and PROVIDED “limited material support” to terrorists may now enter the country and join you – JOE CITIZEN! But, a biker cannot? Someone related to a biker cannot? A friend of a biker cannot? Hell, some bikers cannot even get back home AND THEY HAVE COMMITTED NO ACT OF TERRORISM, NO CRIME AND HAVE NEVER AIDED AND ABETTED A TERRORIST!
The government should be protecting US citizens rather than aiding and abetting terrorist activity and putting Americans at a higher risk. Would you rather have a biker come to town or someone who assisted in the killings of your sons and daughters, who aided the terrorists who killed you friends and family in 9-11 and wars abroad?
Can you imagine being trapped in another country, sick and dying, unable to reach out to your family or be with your loved ones, suffering slowly until you pass away? All because you are in the biker culture the government has chosen to target and NOT because you have actually done anything wrong?
Really, answer that question to yourself!
As far back as 2009, the issues surrounding government intrusions and plans to restrict freedoms of those in the biker culture here and abroad  AS WELL AS FOR ALL CITIZENS were revealed on theBikerLowDown radio with founder L.J.James, Preacher Chuck D. and Hammerin Hank (archives here), as well as in AphaBiker.comFreeOnePercenterNY Rider Magazine, BikerNews.Net and other media sources through the campaign work of Hammerin Hank, Preacher Chuck D. and dozens of others – attempting to educate the biker culture and the citizen so they may come together IN FORCE and stop the government corruption in its tracks.
We saw no support on these issues from established biker rights groups, nor did we obtain interest or assistance from ANY civil rights group or constitutional organization in the United States. Both citizens and special interest groups were more interested in making believe they fought for everyone’s rights and supported bikers and clubs – but, were frauds when it came to defending the constitution and the human/civil rights that belong to ALL citizens.
Matter of fact, the only fighters for rights that, if they won would protect all clubs, all bikers and all citizens in America, turned out to be the 1%ER clubs themselves!
Furthermore, the US Justice Department, Civil Rights Division replied in a letter to my visit saying their review of the documents, HOURS OF CREDIBLE TESTIMONY and absolute evidence of discrimination against bikers, including disabled bikers – as is in the case of Tyler & Peeps – had no merit!
It was shocking to realize and witness the government was freely labeling biker clubs as “gangs”  even though they are legitimately chartered and licensed as a club the same as any other club in America! And just as shocking to witness the apathy of society believing the government WOULD NOT do the same to them…
Yet, surviving veterans have been added to the “government list”, reporters and journalists have been added to the “government list”, Tea Party members, activists and rights protesters have been added to the “government list” …
ALL IN A MATTER OF 4 YEARS (since 2009) !
The American Biker Culture has been warning citizens in America and folks worldwide loud and clear – that the bikers were primarily being targeted as a means of establishing a general policy which would be later used ON ALL CITIZENS!
ANSWER: Society, in general, believe in the dictations of their government. They are made to be this way through school and social benefits and many actually believe they are being good people to believe in the dictates of the government.
ANSWER: Because the government benefits from various kinds of illegal activity and participates in that activity with those groups and organizations which support their nefarious agenda. There are certain motorcycle clubs which assist the government in maintaining a negative perspective about other clubs in the culture who DO NOT participate in the nefarious activities of the government. As 1%ER clubs do not participate and cooperate in the dirty deeds of the government and are independent of government dictations – representing the same principles for freedom and liberty as any patriot in America and worldwide – They are chosen by the government (not by the citizens) as the enemy of the government…even though they pay taxes, have businesses, live legitimate lives as citizens with a different culture in America.
This is proven by the work of the NSA, the passage of laws to diminish the first, second and fourth amendments, the Presidential negating of the constitution with internment laws and so on…ALL FORCED UPON THE COMMON CITIZEN TODAY – But, was only primarily happening to those in the biker culture a number of years ago.
For every alleged dangerous biker or friend/supporter of any particular motorcycle club accused of being criminal by its mere existence – I could find 50 extremely dangerous and ACTIVE agents of the US government (this includes politicians ordering the death of others or the destruction of others lives or the activation and assistance of drug and arms cartel in and throughout the United States). Most recently, American citizen’s have been made aware of rogue IRS agents, rogue congressional members, rogue NSA activities and so on seeking to attack citizens and demolish their civil and constitutional rights. Yet, they have Card Blanche in leaving and re-entering the United States. Why the double standard?
Recently, I posted an article on President Obama’s ties with terrorism which shared inside information on the direct dealings of the White house in  financing terrorism and this is important herein because it shows the interests of this present administration  AT THE TIME I WAS IN WASHINGTON ,DC, DURING THE PERIOD OF TIME BIKERS AND FAMILIES ARE BEING DENIED VISAS AND DURING THE PERIOD OF TIME THE SUIT WAS FILED IN CALIFORNIA FOR INJUNCTIVE RELIEF and as to “why” Homeland Security recently relaxed the immigration rules for those with terrorist ties…Watch Video Below:
Keep in mind, those you have witnessed in the video have been back and forth to the United States WITHOUT DIFFICULTY and ARE considered criminals by countries like Israel and Egypt who have evidence they are using the funds generated through the US for serious terrorist activity – permitted, granted and acknowledged by the United States. Incredible, I know…But, check them out yourself on google…
You see, the US has been manipulating the terrorist deeds of the Muslim Brotherhood, etc., as a way to control the outcome in the middle east.  While doing so , the government has been restricting constitutional rights of Americans and friends abroad as a way to control and diminish patriotic duty…to destroy any potential for fight by citizens and those organized against tyranny.8907_416984598415613_2032451742_n
And that is what I mean by “Freedom To Travel Controlled by Nefarious Means” –  If the bikers all became Muslim they would have visas IMMEDIATELY!  End of story!

FLORIDA - Iron Order State Of Mind

Iron Order State Of Mind

A basic, if increasingly tortured, concept in American law is mens rea which is usually translated from Latin as “guilty mind.” It refers to the state of mind that accompanies a criminal act.
Mens rea doesn’t matter in crimes which are called malum prohibitum, which are crimes that are arbitrarily illegal like possessing prohibited drugs. But state of mind is an important component in crimes that are called malum in se, which are crimes like murder that are wrong in and of themselves. Mens rea is most important is legal defenses like self-defense so the state of mind of a man who kills another man is as important as the act of homicide.
Mens rea is the key element in deciding whether the death of Black Pistons member Zach Tipton in Jacksonville Beach, Florida last June was a criminal or an innocent act.

Self Defense

A week after Tipton died of a gunshot wound to the head John Whitfield, a small town lawyer and high ranking member of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club, proclaimed the homicide to be a clear case of self defense so it might be constructive to look at exactly what “self defense” means.
The essential elements of self defense are:
First that the defendant must be free from fault, must not say or do anything for the purpose of provoking a difficulty, nor be unmindful of the consequences in this respect to any wrongful word or act.
Second, in general, there must be no convenient mode of escape by retreat or by declining combat. This second precept doesn’t apply in Florida which passed a specific law, called the “Stand Your Ground” law, that does not compel a person claiming self defense to try to escape.
The Florida statute reads in part: “A person who is not engaged in an unlawful activity and who is attacked in any other place where he or she has a right to be, has no duty to retreat and has the right to stand his or her ground and meet force with force, including deadly force if he or she reasonably believes it is necessary to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm.”
The language of the statute above shouldn’t be misconstrued. Stand your ground is not a license to kill. In general deadly force may only be used when it is necessary to meet an imminent danger of death or serious bodily injury. It is not, for example, usually reasonable to use deadly force after somebody has punched you in the nose. In the most highly publicized stand your ground case so far, George Zimmerman argued that he shot Trayvon Martin because the teenager was beating his head against a sidewalk and Zimmerman thought his life was in danger.


Most of the details about Tipton’s death have been hidden from public view, including the injuries the anonymous shooter suffered or the circumstances that led him to believe his life was in danger. Police believed the Iron Order shooter was innocent of murder because he had an innocent mind. And, at this point, three months after the murder, it is impossible to accurately determine what the shooter’s state of mind was when he pulled the trigger because he has had months to polish his alibi. But it his possible to examine the context within which he pulled the trigger by looking at some of what his Iron Order club brothers were saying immediately before and after the shooting.
One place to begin is with an unsigned Iron Order Motorcycle Club directive titled “One Percenter Club Patches and IOMC Relationship” which describes the Iron Order’s relationship with the Black Piston and the club the Black Pistons most famously support. In regards to the Black Pistons, the directive specifically instructs club members to not “take any BS from them or we will lose respect in the biker community.” The entries read:
“Outlaws MC – this club has been an adversary since day one with the IOMC. They have constantly been a challenge about territory and what they have said is ‘disrespect’ because we do not comply to protocol and do not ask them permission to do anything. Caution should always be taken whenever there is an Outlaw around. Do not ignore them and do not say anything negative to anyone outside of the IOMC about them. If they outnumber you it is best to leave in a nonaggressive way showing no fear. If they come up to you, offer to shake their hand and use a proper introduction for an MC. That means you say your name, your office and Iron Order MC. He will do the same. They spin all encounters or statements and lie to meet whatever goals they want. Never trust them to be truthful. If the OL starts intimidation tactics by asking, ‘Who the fuck are you guys?’ or ‘Who gave you permission to wear those colors’ etc. you need to refer them to your President or Regional Director. They only fight if they outnumber you or have no chance of losing a fight.”
“Black Pistons – a sub club to the Outlaws MC. They were formed in 2002 in Germany. They are owned by the OLs and now wear state bottom rockers. They do whatever the OL’s tell them. They are not a credible club and have no respect in the MC world. We cannot ever show fear or listen to any bullshit from these morons. The OL’s will not back them up. However most Pistons believe the OL’s will. They generally do not fight but will if they have to. They must check with the OL’s before they do anything. Do not confront them but do not show any fear. Whenever there is a bust of the OL’s or other Pistons they generally throw in their colors. These are guys that want to hang around with the OL’s but do not want to be 1%ers so they tend to be wannabes. Don’t take any BS from them or we will lose respect in the biker community.”

Mongols Fight

It also seems likely that the shooter was aware of a fight between members of the Iron Order and members of the Mongols Motorcycle Club in Spokane less than two weeks before Tipton was killed. The incident took place on June 14. On June 17, a club officer named Alex “40Cal” Libori wrote the email transcribed below. Libori’s recitation of his version of events and his tone also point to the state of mind of the Jacksonville Beach shooter the next week.
“Brothers, pay careful attention to this email. Make sure it is discussed with each other ASAP. On Saturday night/Sunday morning the Eastside Crew (in Spokane) had an altercation with the Mongols. For some time now there have been rumors of the Eastside 1%er clubs forming a truce to rid the area of any IO presence. On this night the Mongols went directly to the ESC (East Side Crew) clubhouse to talk shit. Not only did they blatantly disrespect the chapter but they disrespected the entire nation. They posted up across the way to continue to talk shit. A few good brothers proudly walked over to address the situation. There are other details here that I will not go into because it can best be told by the brothers that were actually there, but brother Hallmark showing true understanding for his position as Sergeant at Arms stood tall. Regardless of who was around (including police presence) he took on the chapter president. Hallmark took his hits like a man and then laid this fucker out and put him on the ground sending a clear message that we will not eat shit. When all was said and done that mother fucker will know that this chapter will not back down.
“Few things you need to be aware of.
“This is far from over. This is just the beginning. Mongols are really good about recruiting people that do not even know how to ride motorcycles. It can be anyone, anywhere, at any time. Shit just got real.
“So if you have an ounce of doubt, do us all a favor and walk away right now. If you care for your brothers then avoid anyone getting hurt because you second guessed what action you should have taken.
“When dealing with opposition you have no one but you and your manhood. This night, the police stood around and watched everything happen. There was no time to make calls and wait for the masses to show up. If you are in a similar situation are you going to be like Hallmark and stand tall, or will you back down and tell stories later? Enough with the ‘if I was there I would have…’ bullshit.
“Either you are there or you are not.
“All SAAs need to do their homework on what is going on in their area and communicate it to their chapters. Know your roles. If you are an SAA your #1 priority is the safety of your President then the chapter. But it is the responsibility of every member to do the same.
“Start showing more respect for your brothers. This is the time that everyone should be dropping all the bullshit drama and organizing trips to Spokane to show numbers. If there is a chapter even, then get off your asses and show each area that there are a lot more of us than there are of them. And this is not a weekend thing. If you have to throw punches then fucking prove it. I cannot say enough about Hallmark. I have never heard him ‘talk the talk’ because that is not the type of man he is, but Goddamnit he walked the walk that night. He stared the opposition in the eyes and when it was apparent there was no civil way of dealing with the problem he charged and handled business with a man who’s reputation is bigger the man himself. To quote Yard ‘Hallmark,
when you care to send the very best.’”

Crisis Management

Finally, it is worth noting what Iron Order International President Ray “Izod” Lubesky was saying after the murder. Lubesky spent most of his adult life as a fast food executive and he reacted to the Tipton myrder as if someone in Florida had just found a dead mouse in his French fries. He sees Tipton’s death as a “public relations crisis” rather than as a criminal act.
This is what Lubesky told his club members on July 6. At the time, Lubesky and members of his club were very offended by The Aging Rebel’s coverage of Tipton’s murder, particularly by this page’s categorization of the homicide as a “murder.” What is most interesting is not that Lubesky disapproves of this site’s coverage but that he encourages members of his “law abiding motorcycle club” to keep quiet about what they know about Tipton’s death. And, as is also always the case with the Iron Order Motorcycle Club, one may be awed by how much club officers and members are willing to commit to writing.
Lubesky wrote:
“The link below is to a podcast from LAB (Law Abiding Biker). LAB is a couple guys from Yakima Washington who have a lot of maintenance videos on You Tube for Harley. They do a weekly podcast to the law abiding community. They are IOMC friendly and are covering the Jax incident in a fair and balanced way. You can hear their report at around the 26 minute mark. This is one avenue we will use to get the story out to the world when the time is right.
“It is critical that all brothers follow our directions on what is said to everyone outside our club. It is critical that we do not debate or make negative comments about what we are doing on our home page, the forum, press statements, public communications or anything else the Senior Leadership determines we need to do. This is not about censorship or dictatorship. This is about crisis management at a time we are protecting our club, our prospect, and our brothers. This is our area of expertise. This is our responsibility. Your responsibility is to follow the sheet music, march to the drum and keep your mouths shut, both internally and externally. Only say what you are told to say. If you post something stupid on the forum, Facebook, Topix or any other social media we will take it down or tell you to take it down. This is not a time in our history we will be asking. Asking sinks ships and gets people hurt in times like this. Let us do our job. Keep your negative opinions to yourselves. Keep the banter off the forum. If you have questions or comments, ask but don’t get pissed off if you don’t like the answers and start running amok because you think you know a better way.
If you have first hand experience in Public Relations specific to crisis management contact me directly. I will put you to work. I have first hand experience in crisis management of public relations and will use it to the best of my ability. Shark will handle the legal side. We will keep you informed. Let us do our job and you do your job; follow your leadership’s directives. Listen to the podcast. It shows the silent majority of law abiding motorcyclists are watching and waiting for the facts. They already have a good idea what this is about. The morons on the hater’s pages and Aging Rebel are a very small minority of vocal idiots. There are many interesting comments about Aging Rebel in this podcast I am sure you will find very amusing. Thanks go to Bonzo for sending this in. Continue to come back to the forum for future updates. Enjoy
You can listen to the Law Abiding Biker’s “interesting comments about Aging Rebel” here and here.