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Monday, May 31, 2010

The Truth about SB1070 and the New Arizona Law

Subject: Fwd: The Truth about SB1070 and the New Arizona Law
Channel 2 in Atlanta knows why Arizona passed SB 1070

According to the Border Patrol the public is being mislead as to WHO is coming into the US from Mexico. This IS THE TRUTH. as reported by WSBTV in Atlanta.
Video 1
Video 2

If we don't get this message out to the people, we are dead ducks...and soon!

PLEASE send to people before the video expires.

Minipulated News

This won't be on the media Minipulated News at 5pm
But shows you need not be a member of a minority race
to be profiled and discriminated against
this is just a one piece family club
wanting to celebrate its 1 year anniversary

The weekend of April 17, 2010 should have been a time of celebration for
Downaz Ridaz M.C. Instead, it was filled with chaos and confusion for members
and guests of the club’s scheduled activities commemorating the first
anniversary of the Las Vegas Chapter.

With a "Meet and Greet" at the clubhouse on North Pecos Rd. scheduled for
Friday night to kick off the weekend, the club members took extra steps to
ensure that none of the activity could be misconstrued as illegal or negligent
in any way. After repeated visits by a representative of the North Las Vegas
Business License Division and several officers from the North Las Vegas Police
Department in the weeks leading up to the event, the club (which functions as a
community support group and lends help to several charity organizations) was
well aware that no food or beverages could be sold without proper licensing. It
was stated that alcohol was allowed to be kept on the premises for consumption
by club members, as long as it was not sold.

The "Meet and Greet" was promoted as a free event, open to all in the
motorcycling community. Complimentary sodas, water, and food prepared by members
and friends was offered to guests at no charge. The party carried a "casino"
theme, and decorations included gaming tables and plastic chips. It was made
clear to all that no illegal gambling was to take place. The games were for
decoration and entertainment only. Having witnessed first-hand the recent events
involving the treatment of local riders, the club members took all necessary
steps to keep the event organized and orderly.

At approximately 9:30pm on Friday, with a small number of guests having
arrived at the party and members of other clubs beginning to show up,
approximately 25 uniformed and undercover officers from the North Las Vegas
Police Department’s gang unit, S.W.A.T., and representatives from the Business
License Division and Nevada Gaming Control Board swarmed the gathering,
immediately ordering guests to leave and announcing that "the party is over".
Two members who were directing traffic at the entrance to the parking lot, in an
effort to promote the safety of riders entering the property, were placed in
handcuffs and accused of illegally working as security officers without proper
work cards. Several other members were also placed into custody and held on the
premises while the representatives from the Business License Division and the
Gaming Control Board, with the assistance of the North Las Vegas Police
Department, began to confiscate and dispose of all alcohol, soda, water, and
food inside the clubhouse. While members were cuffed and detained for three
hours inside, the ticket books came out and several fines were issued. Gaming
Control found no evidence of gambling taking place, and witnesses stated that it
had been verbally expressed that the games were for decoration only. One
gentleman, who had stepped out of his business a few doors down to see what was
going on, was also placed into custody for having an "open container". He was
drinking Coca Cola and had it in a plastic cup with ice.

After hours of writing and questioning several members of the club, including
the President and Secretary, all of those in handcuffs were systematically
loaded into the back seats of the patrol cars outside. No Miranda rights were
issued, and at no time was anyone formally placed under arrest.

As officers were beginning to leave the property, one rider entered the
parking lot and proceeded to drive around to the front of the clubhouse. As he
approached, a hooded undercover officer, without identifying himself as a police
officer, stepped into the rider’s path and yelled an order to stop. The rider
swerved to the right to avoid the unidentified officer, and as he passed, the
officer withdrew his handgun. With the rider to his left and still in motion,
the officer reached out and grabbed the rider by the shirt, jerking him off of
his bike and onto the ground. Several other officers rushed over to assist in
subduing a stunned and potentially injured rider while repeating, "Stop

All 7 in custody were transported to the North Las Vegas Detention Center, on
N. Las Vegas Blvd., arriving at approximately 1:00am. Joe Patterson, owner of
"Free At Last Bail Bonds", was contacted immediately and made aware of the
situation. By 7:00am on Saturday morning, bail had been arranged for most of the
members in custody. However, bond could not be posted, as the files on the
members were routinely "shuffled to the bottom the stack" each time they were to
be processed by the jail’s administrators. Several friends and family members of
the detained riders tried vigorously throughout the night to gain information,
only to be given conflicting updates and stories each time they called. None of
the members in custody were given information about what charges they were being
held on or the status of their cases. By 4:30pm, the riders were finally
officially booked and bond was posted.

Saturday night’s Annual Dance was held at the Eagle’s Lodge (1601 E.
Washington Ave.), and despite several members still being held in the Detention
Center, the party was a huge success. Many in attendance stated that it was the
biggest and best annual celebration they had ever attended. An estimated 250 or
more bikes were in the parking lot, with a constant police presence in the area.
There were no security issues whatsoever, and everyone had a great time.
Trophies were handed out for categories such as "Most Rep MC", "Longest Distance
Traveled", and "Most Rep Social Club", as well as several plaques showing
appreciation of support by other clubs. Sunday’s "International Buffet" themed
brunch was cancelled.

Most of the riders in custody were released at approximately 6:30am on Sunday
morning. Upon release, they were issued citations for charges ranging from
"Working without valid work cards" to "Operating a business without a license".
Members were told that printed flyers are not considered a legal form of
communicating information about a public gathering, as a charge of "Advertising
without a license" was also added.

Fines total into the tens of thousands. The effects of being detained for an
extended amount of time have even caused some members to have their careers put
in jeopardy, as well as the loss of time with friends and family. To add insult
to injury, policies at the North Las Vegas Detention Center dictate that monies
confiscated upon entry are returned in the form of pre-paid credit cards which
carry extremely high fees and make recovery of the cash difficult. The club is
currently being advised by legal council.

The bottom line – North Las Vegas PD has made it clear to the motorcycling
community that bikers are not welcome. They may be harassed, followed, put under
surveillance, or jailed without reasonable cause and held for the maximum amount
of time before being charged. They do not distinguish between "Family clubs",
"Riding clubs", or other types of organizations. If you have a patch, you’re a


> Date: Sun, 30 May 2010 20:20:03 -0700
> All San Diego area PGR,
> Lt. JOHN FLYNN, US NAVY (ret), 100, oldest Medal of Honor recipient, El Cajon, CA, Thursday, 3 June 2010
> The PGR has been invited to participate in the services for Lt. John Flynn, US Navy (ret), Thursday 3 June 2010.
> Lt Flynn was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions during the attack on Pearl Harbor 7 Dec 1941.
> The PGR will find out Tuesday what the PGR will be doing. At our briefing Thursday the PGR will announce our participation. The services are expected to be extremely crowded as the public as well as several dignitaries have been invited to attend.
> El Cajon Mortuary
> 684 South Mollison Ave.
> El Cajon, CA 92020
> 10:00 AM
> Carl's Jr. parking lot
> 520 2nd Ave.
> El Cajon, CA 92021
> Gather: 0830
> Brief: 0845
> KSU: depends upon our participation
> Weather:
> El Cajon: 77/58 partly cloudy
> Laid to rest:
> Campo Cemetery on the Kumeyaay Nation Reservation.
> Campo, CA
> The US Navy will be lining the highway from the freeway off ramp to the cemetery. Approx 5 miles.
> There is gas and food available at the meeting location.
> If you have any questions please contact the R/C.
> R/C Tom S. / TKool
> Tom S.
> 858.405.2871

Outlaws club member pleads in drug investigation

Off the Wire
MCs in the News

SHEENA DELAZIO This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

WILKES-BARRE – Two men charged with involvement in a $3.6 million cocaine distribution ring appeared in Luzerne County Court this week, with one pleading guilty to a charge and the other asking for a jury trial.

Larry Gwynn, 55, of Hanover Township, pleaded guilty Wednesday to a charge of criminal conspiracy while Kevin Nowakowski, 34, of Forty Fort, requested a trial on related charges, including corrupt organizations and criminal conspiracy.

According to court records, an investigation began in July 2008 when agents with the state Bureau of Narcotics investigation unit received information that someone was selling large quantities of cocaine in the Wilkes-Barre area. The investigation led to the arrest of several members of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, based in Ashley.

For the rest of the story, please see tomorrow's Times Leader.

original article

Sons of Anarchy: Season Two Arrives on DVD and Blu-ray August 31st

Off the Wire
You can bring home the latest season of one of the FX Network's biggest hits on DVD and Blu-ray at the end of August. Sons of Anarchy: Season Two will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on August 31. The four-disc standard DVD set will be priced at $59.98 SRP and the three-disc Blu-ray set will be priced at $69.99 SRP. You can take a look at the cover art and special features below. The series stars Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal and Ron Perlman.

From the creative mind of Kurt Sutter (The Shield), the adrenalized drama centers on a notorious outlaw motorcycle club intent on protecting their sheltered small town against encroaching drug dealers, corporate developers, and overzealous law officers. The club is equally determined to protect their ruthless and illegally thriving arms business. Charlie Hunnam stars as Jackson 'Jax' Teller, a man whose love for the brotherhood is tested by his growing apprehension for its lawlessness. Katey Sagal stars as Gemma Teller Morrow, Jax's force-of-nature mother, who along with Ron Perlman as Clarence 'Clay' Morrow, Jax's stepfather and MC president, have their own darker vision for the club.

Drawing an average of 4.5 million viewers per week, Sons of Anarchy saw a 72% increase in viewership from season one to season two. In the volatile second season, internal alliances are formed, relationships within SAMCRO are strained and the leader of a white separatist League of American Nations (LOAN) moves in to gain a foothold in the Northern California heroin trade. Undermining SAMCRO within the community, LOAN attempts to drive the club to self-destruction.

original article

ABATE LOCAL 6 Dates and info for the coming month

Dates and info for the coming month

SUNDAY JUNE 6 Local 6 monthly meeting at Kate Sessions Park in PB at noon !

TUESDAY JUNE..8 .........VOTE ! ........................Check ABATE.ORG for a voters guide showing "motorcycle friendly" candidates.

SUNDAY JUNE 13 ABATE Local 11 monthly meeting at 11 AM, Connies Oakvale Lodge (at the restaurant or at the store....look for the bikes.)
Valley Center overlooking Lake Wohlford.

JUNE 18 - 20 The BOOZEFIGHTERS MC ANNUAL OVERNIGHTER. Rancho Corrido Campground in Pala.

An estimated one million riders become two-wheeled commuters on that day.

SATURDAY JUNE 26 ABATE LOCAL 44 ANNUAL POKER RUN in Hesperia. $10. Sign in 9 – 11 AM at Victorville HD. I have a few flyers on this run.

SUNDAY JULY 4th There is a Helmet Law Protest Ride planned by a group of riders from the San Diego area. If you don’t want to wear a helmet on the ride, C’mon down…….If you want to wear a helmet, but want to protest the mandatory helmet law….C’mon down. Gather on Fiesta Island at 10 AM. The Run will be followed by a party…


United we Ride! Divided... well... we Walk!
Here is the Show guide and the Blog can be reached at
Screwdriver and Bill are hosting “THE BIKERS OF AMERICA,
Know your Rights show every Thursday at 9 pm Est/ 6 pm Pac.
We invite you to participate by clicking the web address or by calling
#347-826-7753 and follow the prompts.
Or for direct access, just google
from there you will get 2 links the radio show and the blog.
You will not want to miss this show!

The next “THE BIKERS OF AMERICA (THE PHIL and BILL SHOW)” will be on

JUNE/3/ 2010 at 6pm Pacific and 9pm Eastern. We will be

- Hide quoted text -
featuring different topics Guests from around the World. Bikers
Rights, News off the wire and B.O.L.T updates from across the country.

Other potential topics –
• How Bill and I have been involved with over the years;
• The unconstitutional roadside checkpoints;
• The motorcycle only checkpoints;
• The Helmet Law’s Unconstitutional Enforcement;
• Legislation and Politics;
• The Veterans Groups,
• The V.A. Hospitals, and
• Helping Our Brothers and Sisters when asked.

Participation Options: Our show is flexible so we can either control
the topic or we will be happy to turn the podium to you. Should you
wish to hold the podium, please email me, Screwdriver at
Countermeasures Division ( Please not that
this e-mail address is being protected from spambots so you will need
JavaScript enabled to view it.

Let’s Not Forget:
The Bolt Liberty Call In Hour hosted by Jan on Tuesdays at 9pm Est
or 6pm Pac through Call in at 724-444-7444,
show #66775, and
The BikerLowDown Radio Show hosted by Chuck and The Crew. Call in
at 347-237-4874 on Wednesdays at 8pm Est or 5pm Pac at and our new sister show
on Sunday Feb/21/2010 at 5pm pac, 8pm est.

For broader communication, since these shows are open to the public,
please pass this email along to your family and/or friends, who you
know are interested in Motorcyclist Rights. Remember the bottom-line;
we all have a sincere involvement with knowing, sharing, and/or
enhancing our understanding about our rights as members of the biker
community so I am asking for you, family, and friends to support the
above three (3) shows.

Thank you, in advance, for your anticipated support and participation
in these important discussions.

Philip (aka Screwdriver)
BOLT of California
(760) 207-2965 or
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need
JavaScript enabled to view it.
For more information about Bikers Of A Lesser Tolerance, please visit or for California Rights information see


Let's go do some donut holes on this guy's lawn! LOL~ Check this guy out! From Maine... trouble maker for bikers!

Gerry Alden Maine Citizens Against Loud Motorcycles (MECALM): Wow Police websites that allow citizens to report loud bikes works. A similar webiste has worked nicely in my town.
Simply give them the information. They act. What is nice about Maine not having a meter law, is the visual inspection the Police make of the straight pipe non EPA l...egal exhaust being enough for the Police visit to make a difference is getting owners to PIPE down.

New York Motorcycle Club Shut Down

Hammerin' Hank
B.A.D. News


Do you support the shut down of a military veterans & supporters MOTORCYCLE CLUB?!
It happened last night right here in western New York when the Geddes Zoning Board (outside of Syracuse) denied the Sons of SAM MC application because they would cause an "ADVERSE AFFECT ON THE ENVIRONMENT" (a zoned area which has a bar with motorcycle-riding patrons operating several doors down???!!!). See the hyped news story
at CNY Central "Geddes says no to Sons of Sam motorcycle club"

B.A.D.'s comment on the matter submitted to CNY :
B.A.D. is researching the matter to determine the way in which the Zoning Board cloned its decision. Our understanding is that when the Zoning Board makes,in part, a determination which notes "adverse affect on their environment" regarding an industrial/business zone (with a bar and motorcycle riding patrons several buildings away!) they should, in all fairness, present a study showing the level and contents of the environment of that particular zone (PRIOR TO the Sons of SAM MC application) and the restrictions instituted to maintain that environment of which the proposed bldg. plan (club) would exist. Then a public hearing on the resolution/proposal of RESTRICTIONS for that zone must be set - prior to application of Sons of SAM MC be approved by the public and then, with proper time given, the applicant receives a fair opportunity to comply and even receives extension(s) to comply. If procedures and set policies approved by the public/residents and town board are not followed fairly by the Zoning Board - as is questioned in this case - then one must reasonably conclude that there is a "hidden agenda" by members of the Zoning Board and Town Board,itself, which smacks of both discrimination and bias against the American Biker. We believe that the community needs to hold a public hearing on the topic of Motorcyclists and motorcycle clubs in their jurisdiction in which various members of the motorcycle community may attend(NY Rider Mag,B.A.D.,ABATE,etc.) to share with the public the interests and culture of the American Biker - In order to eliminate the negative propaganda they may believe. B.A.D. also believes the public deserves that quality of education to cleanse their minds of bias against the biker (just as they received "tolerance training to accept african americans) and that town officials should support this suggestion as a proposal to eliminate the EVIDENTdiscrimination factor.

YOU CAN BE OF HELP simply by contacting the Sons of SAM MC to offer brotherhood, support, suggestions and creative ideas which may empower their appeal! Remember, what affects fellow bikers today WILL affect you in some way later! Dont let pockets of "attitudes" against bikers persist and grow, especially in government! Call Goon at (760) 828-7547

To learn more on the Sons of SAM MC visit:

More can also be read about the Sons of SAM MC in an Examiner article written by columnist & NY Rider Magazine editor, Lisa Petrocelli :

Email your inquiries and support to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

*B.A.D. {Bikers Against Discrimination} thank all of you for your support. To join in support and empower our fight for the protection of the American Biker Culture and the civil rights of bikers visit:

Hank McGrath, Exec. Director
Chuck DeCost, Admin. Director

1,000 bikers rally, seek reforms in Ottawa Hills

Off the Wire
News - Biker Rights Issues

As more than 1,000 motorcycles circled the front driveway of Ottawa Hills Village Hall on Sunday, Darlene Thorn could hardly contain her emotions.

A rally had formed in recognition of her son, Michael McCloskey, who was shot by a village police officer one year ago that day.

"I've cried a thousand tears today - all the love, all the prayers, all the support for Michael is just such a blessing," Ms. Thorn said. "My message is God bless each and every one of these people who came out today."

Mr. McCloskey, 25, survived the shooting but was paralyzed by it. He was not at yesterday's event.

He and fellow motorcyclist Aaron Snyder were riding on Indian Road about 2:30 a.m. last May 23 when Ottawa Hills Police Officer Thomas White began following the pair. The officer eventually activated his lights and siren to pull them over for an alleged traffic violation.

White pulled his gun as he got out of his car and shot Mr. McCloskey once in the back as Mr.

McCloskey turned around to look behind him.

The officer testified at his jury trial that he thought Mr. McCloskey was reaching for a weapon and that his life was in danger.

Ottawa Hills resident Casey Talbott says the shooting was a tragedy for all involved but that discussion of it overlooks the difficulty and danger of police work.

White was convicted in Lucas County Common Pleas Court May 14 of felonious assault with a firearms specification. He faces up to 11 years in prison.

Yesterday, bikers from across Ohio and Michigan converged in Ottawa Hills to retrace the route Mr. McCloskey rode that night.

As supporters held signs that read, "We're taking a stand," "Because Mike can't," and "No more excessive force," Kayti Johnson, one of the organizers of the event, told the crowd of bikers - young and old - that Ottawa Hills village officials have "agreed to change" because of community reaction to what happened to Mr. McCloskey.

"They are going to be active about putting these issues of profiling and excessive force to rest," she said. "This is a result of all of you here. You guys have made this happen."

While there were no arrests or incidents during the ride or the 10-minute rally, some of those in attendance made derogatory comments about police. Cheers rang out when one man yelled, "Put him in general population" referring to possible special treatment for White in prison.

Ms. Johnson said the support ride and rally were sparked by the dashboard-camera video shown during White's trial that revealed what happened the night Mr. McCloskey was shot.

Motorcyclist and friend Scott Feeback started a Facebook page in support of Mr. McCloskey, and that led to yesterday's rally. Mr. Feeback said he believes Ottawa Hills officers need better training.

That is one of the recommendations coming from a group led by William "Wolf" Harrer of the Wheelers MC club. He said he would like to see Ottawa Hills police officers ride with Toledo police officers to gain more experience in handling certain situations.

Village Administrator Marc Thompson attended the event. Although he declined to specify what changes may be forthcoming for the department, he said village officials are "always looking for ways to improve our professionalism."

"Training is a big piece of that," Mr. Thompson said.

Linda Baker of Toledo said she did not know Mr. McCloskey but came out to support him at the rally because no one should have to worry about driving through Ottawa Hills.

"If you live in Toledo and you have to ride through here, as long as you're obeying the rules, there should be no problem," she said.

Robert Stewart of Oregon said supporting Mr. McCloskey was a "no-brainer."

"We're not against the police. We know it's a split-second decision, but you should always err on the side of caution," he said. "If he felt threatened, stay in the car."

Casey Talbott of Ottawa Hills stood at the corner of Richards Road and Bancroft Street as motorcyclists drove by, holding a sign that read, "We support our police."

Some jeered him.

Mr. Talbott said the shooting of Mr. McCloskey was a tragedy for all involved, including Officer White.

"I think it was a tragic circumstance, but one thing I didn't hear mentioned is how difficult it is for police officers to do their jobs," he said. "They don't get to look at it on video. They don't get to see it in slow motion, frame by frame."

Contact Jennifer Feehan at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
or 419-724-6129.

original article

The Feds’ Illegal/Unauthorized/Murderous War on Bikers

Written by Hermis

Russell Doza

Tulsa County Sheriff’s murdered Russell Doza at the “Rogues MC” Clubhouse on April 9, 2010.

Tulsa County Sheriff deputies raided the Rogues MC Clubhouse at 1826 N. Kingston Place after they “allegedly” received tips that drugs were being sold there.

Deputies “allege” that while they were on the premises serving a search warrant, Mr. Doza picked up a handgun and turned toward them. So they murdered Mr. Doza on the spot, no questions asked, without any attempt to subdue or disarm him( if you actually believe Mr. Doza pulled a gun on a room full of heavily armed swat team type tactical gang, you may qualify for disability benefits under “Mental retardation” status).

Now, after murdering Mr. Doza the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office was unable to find any drugs on the premises or on the person of any one present. That’s because there were no drugs or sales of drugs at the Rogues’ clubhouse to begin with!

I believe the sole intent of this “alleged” drug sales warrant was to gain entry to the Rogues’ Clubhouse and provoke a physical altercation, and quite possibly intend on murdering specific club members.

Now, the same lying agency that murdered Mr. Doza is “alleging” they have received threats of revenge.

The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office and their deputies murdered an innocent human being and came up empty handed on the big drug sales bullshit “allegations”-so now what? They have to try and cover their tracks and press the “spin” machine into action ASAP and avoid appearing like the murderous fucks they really are!

They’re claiming they are being threatened. I say they are a bunch of lying shit bags and deserve to be tried, and when convicted-sent to a REAL prison for the rest of their natural lives and placed in “General Population” so they can show us all just how fuckin’ tough they really are!

These dirt bags need to be held accountable and not slip away under the full “media spin” and lies that have been pressed into action.

When will this country stop accepting the wholesale slaughter of Americans in America at the hands of totally out of control law enforcement agencies acting more like NAZIS GESTAPO than law abiding American peace keepers?

History teaches that abusers don’t subside/end their abuse without being forced to or, until they suffer heavy losses themselves.

Then, and only then, will an issue of this type receive the attention it needs from the entire world in order to bring the abusers’ actions to an end, and to seek redress thereafter.

An illegal, unprovoked, truly troubling war on bikers has been silently and conspiratorially declared from within the shadows of night; without the proper government authorization established for the purpose of assuring tyranny is not allowed to flourish in America. ALL wars MUST be approved/declared by Congress.

Perhaps the law enforcement spies monitoring this page can point me to the official document authorizing this war?

Taxpayer funded murder squads have unleashed their attacks in Gestapo military fashion, dressed in military clothing, using military weaponry.

From where I sit, I see a genocide of bikers in progress.

I’m left to wonder if the Americans under attack will ever defend themselves from these illegal & abusive murderers.

Or if these military squads will be allowed to murder every single biker in America, before turning their blood thirsty appetites onto the next group slated for extermination?

Just an observation from someone not living the culture/lifestyle of a biker.

However, my observation concerns me that if the systematic extermination of an entire class of men who generally don’t take no shit from anyone is tolerated & allowed to take place without any visible forms of resistance– then what fuckin’ chance does the rest of this nation have?

The American Biker is Americas last great frontier!

And last hope, I believe.

In Hollywood movies the great frontier warriors don’t go down without a fight.

I wonder how Hollywood would write the end of the American Biker in a modern day film?

I wonder how because, the end of the American Biker is near.
Written by Hermis

comment below by, Izzywildheart

I wasn’t aware that murder had been legalised….it just goes to show who the Criminal Organisations are, and it sure as hell isnt the Biker Clubs, This is a fucken outrage.My condolences to Russell Doza’s family and brothers.
Izzy Wildheart
Police Brutality .

Biker Lowdown Radio Show Bike Night

Tuesday June 1st
(Rain Date Following Tuesday)

Starts at 7pm at

139 Nassau Boulevard West Hempstead, NY 11552

Come on down for a Great Time, Food, DJed Music By LJ James, Awards for Peoples Choice Favorite Motorcycle, Best Represented Motorcycle Club and a Third Surprise Award to be announced at Event!

Ottawa Hills officer found guilty in biker shooting

Off the Wire
News - Biker Rights Issues

TOLEDO, OHIO -- A Lucas County jury has found an Ottawa Hills police officer guilty of felonious assault in the May 2009 shooting of a motorcyclist.

After over five hours of deliberations, a jury found that part-time Ottawa Hills officer Thomas Caine White, 27, used excessive force in shooting motorcyclist Michael McCloskey, 25, during a traffic stop on May 23, 2009. White was found guilty of count of felonious assault with a gun specification, charges that could lead to 11 years in prison when he is sentenced.

McCloskey suffered serious injuries as a result of the shooting. He is now paralyzed from the waist down.

Attorneys for each side made closing arguments Friday afternoon.

The prosecution emphasized that this trial was not about all police officers or a specific police department but about the actions of Officer White that night.

Assistant Lucas County Prosecutor Jeff Lingo told the court that slides of the police dash cam video show McCloskey made no movement as if he had a weapon and the he gave no indication of being a threat to White. "He says, 'Will you please lift the bike off me?' This is after he's been shot. He's still being police to the officer who just shot him in the back. That's the Mike McCloskey that he faced that night," said Lingo.

The defense argued that Officer Thomas White was acting appropriately and that he perceived McCloskey was a threat and had a weapon. Attorney Jerry Phillips told the jury that they needed to put themselves in White's shoes. "You must judge it under the quickly evolving circumstances that Officer White understood when he exited the vehicle after the entire event took place, after he had a service revolver out, after he gave an instruction to Mr. McCloskey and Mr. McCloskey turned a second time," said Phillips.

White took the stand in his own defense on Thursday, trying to convince the jury that he was justified in shooting McCloskey. He told the courtroom that he believed the biker was carrying a weapon at the time he was stopped. He said he fired one shot out of fear for his life.

On the stand Tuesday, McCloskey answered questions about what happened at the traffic stop near the intersection of Central Ave. and Indian Rd. He told the court he was trying to comply with the officer's orders. "I assumed he was saying, 'Put your hands in the air,' because that's the only thing that I didn't do to comply. I was in the process of putting the bike in neutral when he shot," said McCloskey.

The trial, which began Monday, featured numerous showings of a previously unseen police dash cam video, taken on the night of the incident.

View police dashcam video courtesy of the Toledo Blade. Please note that the video may contain material not suitable for all viewers.

original article

Ohio Bike Week ready to roar

Off the Wire
Press Releases
Ohio Bike Week will once again roar into town June 4.

But it's been the quiet, persistent support by the business community that's helped make this year's event viable. And Ohio Bike Week's chief organizer, Steve Ernst, says he's confident it will return in 2011.

Last year, when Bike Week's main supporter suddenly went out of business about two weeks before the event was scheduled to begin, local business and tourism leaders rallied to save it.

That support continued this year. A group of prominent business leaders guaranteed payment to provide security for events at the county fairgrounds, while the local visitor bureau, Lake Erie Shores and Islands East, provided cash and staff support.

This year's Ohio Bike Week, billed as "10 days of ridin', rockin' and racin'," takes place June 4-13.

Ohio Bike Week takes place early in the tourist season, so it's a big shot in the arm for the area, said Joan Van Offeren, executive director of Lake Erie Shores and Islands East.

"This week I've talked to several hoteliers who are just raving about what it does for business," Van Offeren said.

The week has raised occupancy at some local hotels from about 50 percent to 100 percent and also allowed them to raise their rates, she said.

The 10 days of events for this year's festival match the 10 days of activities Bike Week offered in 2009, Ernst said.

Using ticket sales and crowd estimates at events, Ernst calculated that Bike Week attracted a little more than 150,000 people.

This year, Bike Week has attracted a solid lineup of entertainment and there is no cloud of uncertainty over whether it will take place. For months, Ohio Bike Week has maintained an office in downtown Sandusky. Still, Ernst is not forecasting bigger crowds this year.

Given the realities of a continuing recession, "I'd be happy to have the same," he said.

Entertainers who have agreed to perform for this year's Ohio Bike Week include Great White, Vince Neil, Pink Floyd tribute band Wish You Were Here and Charlie Daniels. (The planned supporting act for Charlie Daniels, country singer Gretchen Wilson, won't be able to make it and has been replaced at the last minute by a rock band, Asia featuring John Payne.)

There will also be martial arts cage fights, racing events, free entertainment to lure bikers to downtown Sandusky and excursions to local attractions. All-access passes and tickets have been on sale for weeks at the Lake Erie Shores and Islands Welcome Center on Milan Road and also will be offered from a booth at the new Mad River Harley-Davidson dealership, which opens Wednesday at 5316 Milan Road, the location of the former Roeder Harley-Davidson outlet.

It was the Roeder family and its dealerships in Monroeville and Perkins Township that created Ohio Bike Week several years ago. They hired Ernst to organize it and provided the main backing for the event.

With the demise of the Roeder dealership, Ernst has been freed to forge partnerships with other dealerships. Tickets and passes for Bike Week are being sold at dealerships ranging from Cleveland to Toledo. The Great White concert is taking place at Toledo Harley Davidson, with a ride scheduled to take place from the Sandusky area to the show.

Ernst remains close to the Roeders. They have been "incredibly gracious people to us," he said.

When Roeder Harley-Davidson shut down last year, an apparent casualty of the recession, support from the tourism bureau and local businessmen helped save the event.

Many of those same players are helping this year.

Auto dealer Bryan Kasper has organized a group of five businessmen who are paying the cost of a $25,000 bond to guarantee payment for the officers hired to provide off-duty security at the Erie County Fairgrounds.

Kasper organized a similar effort last year. The other four are hotelier Ralph Ruta, hotelier Jim Sortino, developer Pat Shenigo (who is also an Erie County commissioner) and Chuck Stark, president of Firelands Regional Medical Center.

Kasper said his businesses don't benefit from Bike Week but he contributes because the event is a much-needed boost for the community.

Aside from providing a booth at the visitor center, the tourism bureau mailed out 14,000 promotional items to people on the Ohio Bike Week mailing list, said Van Offeren, the tourism bureau director.

The visitor bureau is also providing $25,000 to help cover the cost of marketing Bike Week, Ernst said.

Ernst said he's already planning to bring Ohio Bike Week back in 2011.

"We're confident it's going to happen next year," he said.

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Highwaymen racketeering trial heads to jury

Off the Wire
MCs in the News
Paul Egan / The Detroit News

Detroit -- Jurors are to begin their first full day of deliberations today in the Highwaymen Motorcycle Club racketeering case after a trial that spanned nearly two months.

On Wednesday, Assistant U.S. Attorney Christopher Graveline sought to rebut closing arguments from defense attorneys who said the worst criminals in the club were the ones who testified on behalf of the government.

"These are their brothers," Graveline said about former national president Gerald "Byrd" Peters, admitted cocaine dealer and former club member Robert "Bobby" Burton, and other government witnesses who acknowledged their own crimes while testifying about those of others. "They're Highwaymen who the government has by the scruff of their necks."

The trial that started April 1 in front of U.S. District Judge Nancy G. Edmunds has heard evidence of beatings, drug dealing and ongoing efforts to identify and locate suspected club "snitches" who were passing information to the FBI.

Charges include conspiracy to murder, assault and interstate transport of stolen goods.

James C. Thomas, the Detroit attorney representing lead defendant Aref "Steve" Nagi, told jurors the government is asking them to rely on criminals to provide proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the six alleged Highwaymen leaders are guilty.

Thomas asked how jurors would react if Burton and three other of the government witnesses knocked on their door, said there had been an accident down the street, and asked the juror to go investigate while Burton and the others watched their home and children.

"You'd hesitate," Thomas predicted.

But Graveline said that's not the test the eight men and four women on the jury should apply.

"Would you trust them where they're talking about the inside workings of the motorcycle club?" he asked. "Who else knows more?

"It's not going to be the Cub Scouts." This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (313) 222-2069

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Manville officials mull stricter regulations after Hell's Angels party

Off the Wire
MCs in the News
I have a fuckin' idea... want to save taxpayers money... don't authorize the bullshit overtime for the cops to sit there with their thumbs up their asses watching an event that has not caused trouble in the past. Instead... these assholes are "contemplating an ordinance that would give the borough jurisdection over large events"... un-fuckin'-believable.

MANVILLE - After officials reported that overtime for an increased police presense during a recent event hosted by the Hells Angels cost local taxpayers $8,500, the council is contemplating an ordinance that would give the borough jurisdiction over large events.

The Newark chapter of the Hells Angels motorcycle club traveled into town Sunday for what was described on its website as an annual spring party at Rhythms of the Night on South Main Street. Hundreds of members of the Hells Angels attended the event, which was within capacity limitations for Rhythms of the Night, said Councilman Ed Komoroski.

As a precautionary measure, Komoroski said all 22 borough officers and neighboring police in Hillsborough, Bridgewater, the Somerset section of Franklin and the Somerset County Sherriff's Office. The breakdown in overtime for the other towns was not immediately available.

Some borough merchants also closed early in anticipation of crowded streets.

Komoroski made it clear that the motorcycle group and some of its members, who have patronized borough establishments in the past, have never caused a problem in the borough. The increase in police presense was due to magnitude of the event, he said.

Police Chief Mark Peltack told the council that no issues of violence occurred during the event.

At the next night's Borough Council meeting, Komoroski proposed enacting an ordinance that would give municipal officials a say in what types of organizations and how many people can gather at local establishments.

"It's not to single out any specific person, organization or business," Komoroski said Thursday. "My feeling is if the police department thinks there is a safety concern, it (event) should come to the mayor and council or some board to make a decision to say if this should go on. Sunday was a considerable amount of of money — not just for Manville, but for Somerset County, the state and neighboring towns."

Under Komoroski's proposal, a business could fill out a permit for an event expected to draw a high turnout or would need additional police for safety concerns. The business or event organizer would then be responsible for some of the extra costs associated with the event, such as police overtime, Komoroski said.

Komoroski said the Borough Council would have discussions about such events on a case-by-case basis with local police.

Borough Attorney Francis P. Linnus said at the meeting that Komoroski's ordinance proposal would be worth looking into, but noted a business such as Rhythms of the Night is a private entity. He said consideration for the type of ordinance proposed by Komoroski must be weighed between public safety versus property rights.

Linnus said borough officials can't tramp on the property rights of a legally permitted business if the business is operating within the law.

Komoroski said Thursday that Linnus will review if any other Somerset County municipality has an ordinance similar to his proposal. He said it would be easier to "piggy back" on something already written rather than develop a new ordinance.

"The borough has to look into this and say we can't go through this expense every year," Komoroski said, noting the tough economic climate.

The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club started in 1948 in Fontana, Calif. It has national and international charters.

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

“Bikers Against Discrimination” Executive Director on Hunger Strike!


B.A.D.{Bikers Against Discrimination}, a NYS-based national biker rights advocacy group specializing in civil rights issues,has taken an unusual course in raising public awareness about the “2nd class citizen” treatment of bikers world wide – especially the 1%ER biker and club patch wearers. Executive Director, Hank McGrath, has embarked on a lengthy hunger strike which will be monitored by B.A.D. Admin. Director, Chuck DeCost with results posted at and ,as well as, on radio (LIVE on the web Wednesdays at 8pm), HermisLive show at (LIVE on the web on Sundays at 8pm), in New York Rider Magazine and other media sources.

“There are times when a personal sacrifice is necessary to both unify and amplify a pending unjust issue suffered within our society. In this case, there are individuals all over the world who live and act within the bounds of law, contrary to government propaganda, and these citizens are merely different in their free choice of culture and lifestyle which actually benefits the advancement of diverse communities; yet, are denied the basic freedom of expression, association and the natural right as human beings to create and generate a social culture”, McGrath stated. “All over the world members of motorcycle clubs – whether it’s recreational riding clubs, veteran motorcycle clubs, all women motorcycle clubs or 1%ER motorcycle clubs – are being turned away at taverns, pubs, restaurants, lodging and many public events simply because of the clothes they wear or as a direct result of remnants of the “boogeyman” propaganda various agencies have spoon fed the public via media sources throughout the last 40 years.”

With the help of B.A.D. Honorary Members, Tish Alvarez (volunteer dietitian) and Dave Hine (martial artist & expert on use of kombucha tea/spirulina),who will both review his health weekly, Hank will continue the national campaign while B.A.D. encourages all bikers, civil & biker rights advocates to takes absolute leadership roles in ending discrimination against bikers world wide in 2010!
“Bikers need to bridge our resources throughout the world to put an end to this unjust (biker) cultural genocide. Our members are from all over the world and growing to support the spirit for freedom & liberty – from the heart of the biker culture! We also hope to raise over $1,000 through new memberships to support B.A.D. projects geared to end unjust government propaganda while securing equal rights for bikers and the preservation of the biker culture. I am willing to sacrifice to end this injustice because it gets us, as human beings, closer to where we need to be as a society,” McGrath said.

B.A.D. calls upon ALL bikers and civil rights advocates to join in this campaign by spreading the word, get a righteous B.A.D. membership card or support the cause by donating via PayPal at:
Join B.A.D. today to lead the voice against biker discrimination!


Why Are Barney Phife Cops Being Outfitted With Gestapo Type Military Uniforms & Weaponry To Illegally Kick In Doors & Terrorize Innocent People














May 29th, 2010 By Hermis Write




Run for the Wall: Veteran rides to D.C. to honor the fallen

Off the Wire

Vernon Smith, above, holds a photo of Col. Thomas William Whitten, right, who was killed in action in Vietnam in 1969. Smith is riding with the Rolling Thunder Run for the Wall motorcycle tour to place Whitten’s photo at the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial in Washington.

BRISTOL, Va. – An aging Vietnam veteran with graying hair and a failing back, Vernon Smith clutches a photo of a brother-in-arms.

In the picture the year is 1969 and the youth, just a few months from graduation at Abingdon High School, has volunteered to go to Vietnam.

Wearing his class ring and a serious expression, Tommy Whitten has enlisted as an infantryman in the U.S. Army.

“There were not a lot of jobs around here,” Smith said, “so a lot of guys would go ahead and enlist so they would have an opportunity to make their life better.”

Smith, a 1969 John Battle High School graduate, enlisted in the Air Force for the promise of an $80 a month paycheck. After surviving a tour in Vietnam, he spent 20 years in the service.

For Whitten, the opportunity ended when he was killed by hostile fire in Vietnam on March 21, 1969.

“He liked to hunt, he liked to fish, and just what every teenager likes to do,” said Nancy Whitten, the aunt who Tommy Whitten lived with when he enlisted.

She said she tries not to think about it, but her nephew has been forgotten.

“They were so young, so young, and it wasn’t all that long before they were killed, and then nobody ever mentioned them anymore,” she said of the young people from the area who went to fight in a bloody, unpopular war.

“I think it’s a good thing that someone is taking an interest in it and wants to recognize them, not just Tommy but all of them.”

Even at the school he attended, Whitten isn’t recognized for his service; his name is absent from a plaque memorializing the Abingdon High School graduates who served and died in Vietnam.

Killed just a month after his arrival in Vietnam, he died before his high school class graduation was held.

Smith said he didn’t know Whitten personally, but feels a connection to all of those who served. A desire to honor them spurred his research into the names of Washington County men who died in Vietnam, he said. During that research, he found connections he didn’t know he had.

Smith went to school with a sister of Giles Gilmer, who died in the war in 1969. His wife’s sister was, at one time, married to George Cox, who died in 1968.

He sought out the relatives of several Washington County men who’d died in the war to ask if they’d like him to place anything near their names at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Arlington, just outside Washington, D.C. This week, he’s bringing items to the Wall memorializing the nation’s Vietnam dead in honor of Whitten, Gilmer and James Perry Singleton, who died in 1968.

Smith left Wednesday with Rolling Thunder on this year’s Run for the the Wall, which every Memorial Day weekend brings thousands of motorcyclists to the memorial.

Along with a few others from Southwest Virginia, he joined a pack of about 600 bikers when they stopped for lunch at Black Wolf Harley-Davidson.

They went on to spend the night in Wytheville, which for 10 years has greeted the bikers with speeches, American flags and a celebration of support with schoolchildren in the town square, followed by a steak dinner.

“We’re a very patriotic town,” said Jack Hunley, a Wytheville town councilman who came to Bristol so he could ride with the pack into town. “We respect those who serve to give us the freedom that we have.”

The ride begins in California and crosses the country in 10 days along two different routes.

Then, on the weekend, riders from both routes converge with thousands of others in the nation’s capital to honor and support America’s veterans. On Memorial Day, they parade to the Wall, where the names of 58,178 service members who died in the Vietnam War are inscribed in stone.

“That’s what I do every year, I go and visit my boys,” said David Hampton, a Vietnam veteran from Muskogee, Okla., who rode from California and stopped in Bristol on Wednesday. “Most of these guys all have friends that are on the Wall, and it’s just a remembrance ride because we ride for those that can’t.”

The bikers rolled off the interstate Wednesday with a constant, steady roar, and with American flags waving.

Smith said he’s wanted to participate in the ride for a long time – and decided to do it before his age and health would no longer permit him. He said he’s honored to play a part this Memorial Day in helping to revive the memory of those who’ve served.

“I just figure time’s getting short,” he said.

original article

From the MASS AG's office regarding auto insurance

I wrote the AG's office yesterday to inquire as to the meaning of some of the bullet items.... we've seen carriers dropping customers for no apparent reason, with an explanation that their system calculates they'll be a bad risk in the future, even though they had no losses; and we've seen some carriers giving over 65 discounts to drivers younger than that, in an attempt to boost their book of business.

AG Coakley Proposes New Consumer Protections for Auto Insurance Marketplace
New Changes Will Ensure Greater Transparency, Enhance Policy Holders’ Ability To Shop Effectively, And Prevent Deceptive Practices By Insurance Companies Against Consumers
BOSTON – Working to ensure that consumers receive greater protections within the new managed competition auto insurance marketplace, Attorney General Martha Coakley has proposed comprehensive new regulations.
The new consumer protection regulations, filed by her office with the Secretary of State’s Office, would increase the level of transparency, enhance policy holders’ ability to shop effectively for policies, and better prevent deceptive practices by insurances companies against consumers. The office will hold a series of public hearings on these proposals in June. The proposed regulations are available on the Attorney General’s website.
“We have seen some positive changes since the auto insurance marketplace was de-regulated two years ago,” AG Coakley said. “However, there are still many improvements that should be made within this system to better protect consumers. The consumer protections we are proposing today will enhance competition in the auto insurance market, improve consumers’ ability to shop effectively for premiums, better prevent deceptive practices by insurers, and ensure greater transparency and fairness for all.”
The proposed new regulations are promulgated under the Consumer Protection Act (Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 93A) and address certain unfair and deceptive practices that have been observed in the auto insurance industry by the AG’s Office and other consumer advocates. In December, the Attorney General’s Office released a detailed report which described several concerns about practices in the current marketplace and identified potential remedies. The major problems outlined by the report were barriers in the marketplace that hindered consumers from shopping effectively, increased ratings based on non-driving factors, and decreased transparency in rating and insurer practices.
The proposed protections prohibit certain unfair and deceptive conduct in the sale of auto insurance. Specifically, the regulations:
Protect consumers from insurance companies that use discriminatory factors or proxies for illegal factors in rating or underwriting auto insurance
There's been a lot of hullaballoo about this line item. Some carriers were using people's credit score to determine whether or not to accept a risk, rather than using the driver information. Another carrier was allegedly giving everybody over 25 an over 65 age discount (25%) in order to get business on the books. So I believe this is what this line item refers to.

Require insurance rating practices to be fair and transparent
This is obvious... and possible California could take notice of this!! They certainly would benefit from a measure like this, as I'm sure would other states!

Prevent insurers from issuing misleading advertisements
This appears to be directed towards those national carriers who advertise like crazy on TV and radio, making it sound like a consumer can "name their price", several carriers actually come out and claim they can save more money that a specific carrier, etc. (In one instance a lawsuit was actually brought by Arbella against Progressive for using the company as a comparison. The carrier found that the figures Progressive was using in their commercial were not correct, and they had no idea how they even arrived at the rate! Progressive changed its advertising immediately, and used other carriers rates. There seems to be questions as to whether or not the figures used represent actual rates or are just made up figures.
Ensure that consumers are made aware of discounts they may be entitled to in their auto insurance
It appears there were abuses of this. Apparently agents were not forthcoming to consumers about all the discounts that were available.
Protect consumers from policy cancellation or non-renewing policies without proper notice and justification

Carriers now have the "option" to non-renew a policy for "no apparent reason; and they also were not sending out notices to consumers of the non-renewal. This addresses that. I've seen carriers non renew somebody that's made no changes on their policy in the past year, had no new claims, is a good driver, and what we are told is.... the computer uses "factors" to determine whether or not a risk is one we want to stay on! I've had 3 people who were good drivers be non-renewed; and when I called in inquire, I was given the excuse about the factors "the computer uses". I'm hoping this line item will change that practice.
Protect consumers from unfair interest rates on installment plans

We've seen all kinds of things on this line item, from carriers charging $7.00 for someone calling in a payment, to outrageous finance charges assessed to bad drivers. It appears this line item addresses that.
Require companies to properly report at-fault accident reversals

There's now accident forgiveness being offered by a lot of carriers; however, it appears there's a problem with communications with the MassDOT when a carrier reverses the charge on a policy. Now all reversals need to be made known to the that's being addressed now.
Protect consumers by preventing insurance agents from steering consumers to certain insurers based on commissions
There recently was a case here where an Life agent was charged with steering life policies to one particular carrier, because they offered him the best commission. The rates, however, were not the best for the consumer. This is what prompted this line item I bet!
Protect consumers by requiring insurers to promptly reply after a claim is filed
With the transition to competitive rating an insurance "POOL" was established for bad drivers; with the pool assigning customers to a company. What's been happening is... those carriers, because it's an assigned risk policy, seem to drag their feet on claims and put consumers off! At least that's my experience, so this line item addresses that.
"The Attorney General is stepping in and providing much needed consumer protections to Massachusetts drivers. These protections require insurers to focus on how we drive, instead of on who we are, and lift the existing veil of secrecy that prevents consumers from identifying unfair pricing and underwriting practices by insurers," said Deirdre Cummings, Legislative Director for MASSPIRG.
The Attorney General’s Office will hold two public hearings on the proposed regulations in June:
Wednesday, June 23, 2010, 2:00 p.m.
100 Cambridge Street, 2nd Floor, Conference Room A
Boston, MA
Thursday, June 24, 2010, 2:00 p.m.
Office of the Attorney General
1350 Main Street, 4th Floor Conference Room
Springfield, MA
Interested parties may submit testimony either in person at one of the hearings or in writing. Written testimony may be submitted via mail, email, or fax:
By Mail or Hand Delivery
Office of the Attorney General
Cassandra Roeder
Insurance and Financial Services Division
One Ashburton Place
Boston, MA 02108
By e-mail:
By Facsimile: (617) 727-0184
The Attorney General will be accepting written comments until August 6, 2010. After this date, the Attorney General’s Office will have the opportunity to make any appropriate revisions to the proposed regulations before determinations regarding promulgation.
The Attorney General represents the public interest in administrative rate reviews of insurance company rate filings, brings actions in Superior Court against insurers that commit unfair or deceptive acts or practices, and is authorized under the state Consumer Protection Act to write regulations governing the conduct of insurance companies in the auto insurance marketplace. In addition, the Attorney General has been working to explore ways to improve consumer choice in auto insurance by a variety of initiatives and an increased public awareness campaign regarding auto insurance choices. Finally, the Attorney General’s Office provides mediation services to assist consumers in disputes with auto insurers, and has assisted more than 250 Massachusetts drivers with such disputes in the last year.

Two Quick & Easy Cross-Examination Tips

Pretty interesting video. Its got some links to more also. The successful cross examination of the cop seems to be the most important part of our helmet cases I think? I would like to know what everyone thinks are the best leading questions to use in a helmet case. I think this was my biggest downfall in my helmet case last fall.

Advice for everyone..


...not just Australians...

business meeting



The ABATE Local 6 Business Meeting happens before The Local 6 Monthly Meeting..
This month's business meeting will be on FRIDAY , JUNE 4th 2010
at 6:30 PM at :


At the meeting, we discuss the matters that will be covered at Sunday's
officers meeting.....any member is welcome to attend. Questions
??? call John at ( 619 ) 223-0421 ).


ABATE of Washington


To Whom it may concern,

I was the lucky recipiant of a AIM mailing today. it was sent I believe By ABATE of Washington. On the envelope is the promise that my ABATE membership card is enclosed. It was not. The fact that AIM did not send me my ABATE membership card does not upset me, what does however is that i ws lied to. I am also saddend by the fact that I joined an organization that feels they have to resort to deceptive practices to further their cause.

I did not join AIM, nor would I. AIM is an Attorney based organixzation, who has found bikers to be vulnerable, and easily shafted, let me explain.

AIM sells bikers on the Idea that they are different and picked on, and in need of someone sticking up for your rights. The problem with this notion is, the only way to ensure your rights is to stick up for them yourself. example, Rosa Parks didn't need a coalition or a organization. She needed to decide what her tolorance level is, and act accordingly.

When AIM or any other Organization tells you that they are sticking up for your "RIGHTS" they are lying. They may be trying to get laws passed that are favorable to your rights, or help (like the constitution) acknowledge your rights, however YOU are the only person that can stick up for your rights.

AIM takes on traffic citations for free under the pretense of being biker friendly, yet in reality they are helping you depend on there services , keeping you "DUMBED DOWN" and preventing you from learning how the court system works. As well as keeping the problem rolling, let me explain. My last helmet ticket was dismissed 3 times in arrainment before I finaly found a City Attorney that would take it on. If my ticket gets dismissed that means I was pulled over, Profiled in my case, put in harms way on the side of the road, without accountibility, and my accuser got to push his/ her way on me and when they saw I was willing to fight they got a get out of jail free card. AIM would consider this a victory and a valuable service to the biker community, I call Bullshit. this Keeps the man on your back. the only way to get him off your back is to stick up for yourself.

Have you seen AIM, MRF, AMA in the headlines, Pushing Rights that have nothing to do with laws? do you see AIM campaigning to get rid of the Motorcycle endorsement? Mandatory training? Absolutely not, this would involve less citations being written and therefore less opportunitys for the Attorney. People Wake up, educate yourself, make your own decisions these

Sin City Crew need`s our help and support

Sin City Crew need`s our help and support

Sin City Crew need our help and support in
the form of donations. VIA Paypal a 20 gift to
and select "gift" so that they get the entire amount. The
HAMC Sin City
Charter needs us RIGHT NOW. Kitty up 20 bucks for their
defence funSend PAYPAL donations to

Action Alert: SB 435 - Motorcycle Smog Bill - Scheduled for June 14th!

Subject: Action Alert: SB 435 - Motorcycle Smog Bill - Scheduled for June 14th!
Last year SB 435 passed out of the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee only after the author, Fran Pavley, agreed to remove the provision that would have required motorcycles to be included in the smog check program, same as cars. It then went to the Assembly Transportation Committee to be heard but was stalled there until this year. We now have a date for the hearing and are trying to get the revised language so we know what exactly what we're up against. The original bll only targeted model year 2000 and later but rumor has it that the revision will target exhaust system modifications to any make and model year.

We'll send out another Action Alert as information becomes available, most likely asking for phone calls and letters to the members of the Assembly Transportation Committee. Also, if it's possible for you to attend the hearing, plan to do so on June 14th at 1:30 p.m. in room 4202, 4th floor at the Capitol.

If you've got signed petitions protesting the bill it's time to send them to the State Office to be bundled up and sent to Sacramento. There's still time to collect more if you plan on going to any events this weekend but then don't delay sending them in.

Please pass this on to everyone you know who rides.

View the history and most current public posting of the bill language here.

Speculation about Charleston crash

Speculation about Charleston crash
Did the news reporter in that first article make a mistake, or has SC become AIM'ed? I hope SC is still A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments. Be careful before asking government for protection as this often causes a ripple effect and more regulations against motorcyclists.

Would the police have handled the investigation differently if it was the DA and a police officer killed? Would the driver have been charged if, instead of being named McDonald and working for Brit, Peters, and associates, and wearing executive attire, his name was Peter Brit and he worked at McDonalds and was wearing associates attire? Would this have been handled differently if it were pedestrians, bicyclists, or passenger vehicle motorists - and, if the answer is a suspicious yes, can anyone prove it?

There is a mountain of speculation, and we might never know the answers, or the truth. I think the victims families are entitled to hear testimony and hear of evidence and facts as presented under oath. They can do this in a civil lawsuit, although the defense attorney might not even put the defendant on the witness stand.

In case a motorcycle safety group goes into knee jerk problem solving mode and rushes into asking for more government, I philosophically disagree with legislative solutions for everything, and also disagree with litigation for all matters. We already have over 800,000 laws. Knee jerk laws result in brain jerk cops turning more people into criminals, seizing property to benefit the police, and grabbing money for the state.

It would be horrible if there was willful negligence, gross negligence, or reckless endangerment resulting in loss of life, and the guy gets to walk simply because of his station in life in comparison to the victims of his negligence. There is evidence he was using his cell phone moments before rather than paying full attention to the road. Is that proof of willful gross negligence sufficient for prosecution to proceed? Personally, I think that evidence of recent cell phone use is sufficient proof of willful negligence resulting in loss of life, but that's an opinion based on hearsay reported by the news rather than my personal review of the facts and evidence.

In terms of prevention, lane splitting in some states (a reduction in legislative mandates rather than more unnecessary regulation and creation of more criminals), has reduced the number of motorcycles rear-ended.

I always feel vulnerable when sitting at traffic lights, but it is not just traffic lights. I was rear-ended at a stop sign by a cop who was watching a high school girl in a miniskirt. I saw him in my rear view mirror, knew he was going to run into me, and couldn't do anything. My husband was rear-ended while taking a left and waiting for an opening, despite being in a big, bright yellow 1975 Dodge Charger, by someone bombing around in a little car gabbing on a cell phone. Look at what happened two months ago in Phoenix, with the truck running into 8 motorcycles - I believe uppers were involved although there was no obvious visible signs of driving while under the influence.

Sorry I do not have anything more to contribute other than condolences for the families of the victims.

Motorcycle rally coming to Simpsonville

Off the Wire
When Beth Brown rides her Harley Davidson motorcycle through Simpsonville or Greenville or the nearby mountains, she envisions the Upstate as a destination for motorcycle riders from across the Southeast.

Now she wants to bring those riders here.

She expects more than 3,000 bikers to cruise into Simpsonville June 4-5 for a new two-day rally at Heritage Park. Others have told her to expect 5,000-10,000 bikers, she said.

The Southern Throttle Motorcycle Rally is being organized by Greenville event-management company Epic Events. Brown, the event's organizer, hopes the rally will become an annual draw.

“I … was kind of disappointed with what's going on in Myrtle Beach with them running the bikers out of Myrtle Beach, and I pretty much just wanted to keep the riders in our state,” Brown said.

Brown considered several locations before she settled on Heritage Park and said the city was “all for it.”

Events will be held at the park and at Harley Davidson of Greenville, Brown said. Live music, bike games, best-in-show contests and dozens of vendors will set up on the park grounds.

A separate concert with the Zac Brown Band will play at the Heritage Park Amphitheater June 4, coinciding with the rally.

Simpsonville City Council recently expanded its alcohol ordinance to allow alcohol to be sold at events in public places. Brown said her event was part of the reason for the changes.

Simpsonville Police Chief Charles Reece said the city would deploy extra patrols at the park and in the city during the rally.

Reece, a biker himself, didn't expect extra traffic hassles.

“The most dangerous thing for bikers is that people just don't pay attention,” Reece said. “Slow down, take one more minute and look twice.”

Brown expects the rally to bring a revenue boost to both Simpsonville and Greenville County as bikers travel from out of state.

Bikers will don leather jackets and pants, rev engines and cruise around the area, but Brown said today's bikers are a different breed from the rough crowd of decades past.

You're more likely to see a doctor or lawyer on a bike than a Hell's Angel.

“You're definitely talking a different class of people today owning a bike,” she said. “We just want to get together, have a good time, socialize, look at bikes and ride.”

original article

Highwaymen lawyers, prosecutors clash in closing arguments

Off the Wire
MCs in the News
Paul Egan / The Detroit News

Detroit -- Prosecutors and defense attorneys in the Highwaymen Motorcycle Club racketeering trial disagree on the most fundamental point -- which side of the room has the worst criminals in the case.

In her closing arguments after a trial that spanned close to two months, Assistant U.S. Attorney Diane Marion said six alleged Highwaymen leaders oversaw an organization that supported drug dealing and interstate theft and used violence and intimidation to maintain control both inside and outside the organization.

"They take action against rival clubs who invade their turf or their territory," Marion said.

"Belonging to the Highwaymen gave them a sense of power," she said. "It gave them a sense of authority on the street."

But defense attorneys said the worst criminals associated with the Highwaymen are the ones who testified as government witnesses. Their testimony was colored by cash payments and promises of reduced sentences or other deals related to their own crimes, lawyers argued.

"I wish I could pay a witness, but I would be in jail for obstruction of justice," said John Brusstar, the attorney for alleged club godfather Leonard "Dad" Moore.

Though some Highwaymen members may have sold drugs, "Leonard Moore never got any money out of this," he told a jury of eight men and six women, which includes alternates.

Closing arguments are expected to last the rest of the day and could continue into Wednesday. Six alleged leaders of the homegrown Detroit motorcycle club are accused of crimes that include conspiracy to commit murder, assault, drug dealing and interstate transport of stolen goods.

The trial in front of a jury and U.S. District Judge Nancy G. Edmunds is the first phase in the government's prosecution of more than 80 alleged Highwaymen members and associates in one of the largest indictments ever brought in the eastern district of Michigan.

The case is the result of a lengthy FBI investigation.

Charged are Aref "Steve" Nagi, 46, of Sterling Heights; Leonard "Dad" Moore, 61, of Lincoln Park; Joseph "Little Joe" Whiting, 56, of Westland; Anthony "Mad Anthony" Clark, 52, of Allen Park; Gary "Junior" Ball Jr., 44, of Dearborn; and Michael "Cocoa" Cicchetti, 55, of Dearborn Heights.

Cicchetti was tried in absentia after he suffered a heart attack a short way into the trial. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (313) 222-2069

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hell on wheels?

Off the Wire
MCs in the News

by Stephanie DeBalko
Weekender Correspondent.
The signs of summer are quickly unfolding all around Northeastern Pennsylvania (erratic weather conditions and all). There’s no denying that when the flurries get few and far between and the sun starts setting past 4 p.m., it’s about that time again.

But it’s not really summer until you’ve seen your first few motorcycles flying down the highway. Fittingly enough, May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and with that distinction comes the opportunity to get to know the people who would probably describe their bike as their first love — whether they openly admit it or not.

It’s no secret that motorcyclists tend to get a bad rap, depending on how you look at it, calling to mind images of tough guys decked out in leather jackets and chaps, standing next to souped-up bikes straddled by scantily clad women. And while that image could sometimes be accurate, the persona behind that image is often not what one would expect. Riding a bike is quintessentially badass, but bikers are also members of a unique community dedicated to sharing respect for one another and, very often, helping out local charities at every opportunity.

For many bikers, part of being a motorcycle enthusiast means belonging to a motorcycle club. This sounds simple enough, but the reality is that there are a variety of different kinds of motorcycle clubs prevalent in the area. From local clubs to chapters of national and international groups, it would probably take some time to find the right fit for a budding motorcycle fiend. There are groups simply in it for the love of riding, some dedicated to the cause of honoring our soldiers and yet others whose admission requires involvement in a specific fraternal organization. Some follow semi-strict rules and guidelines, with set meeting dates and dues to pay, while others are loosely organized.

One such club is the Wyoming Valley Motorcycle Club, which has been active since 1999 when it was formed by a group of motorcycle enthusiasts looking to socialize with others of the same mindset. According to Guy Izzo, the club’s public relations officer, to belong to the WVMC you don’t even need to own a bike, you just have to love them. The club’s 300 members or so pay dues (the amount depends on a few different factors, like whether you’re single or part of a couple) and attend meetings, participating in the planning and execution of not only social excursions and rides but also charitable events for institutions like the SPCA and Bikes for Tykes.

On the other side of the spectrum, there is the organization known as the Warriors’ Watch Riders. Formed about two years ago, WWR is an organization whose dedication begins and ends with treating our nation’s heroes like rock stars. Pennsylvania State Coordinator for the Northeast Region Al Philo described the group as a loose affiliation whose members come together on missions to welcome home the troops and honor fallen soldiers. They don’t accept donations, and there are no meetings, no dues and no officers in the group — it’s simply a bunch of people who want to get together and volunteer for a cause, using their bikes as a means for accomplishing that. An example of its work is a recent trip to Walter Reed Memorial Hospital, where members helped show amputee soldiers how bikes can be customized to their particular needs.

Yet another example of the wide variety of motorcycle clubs in our area is the Blue Knights, PA 6, a chapter of the international motorcycle club by the same name. Encompassing Lackawanna, Luzerne, Wayne, Monroe, Pike and Susquehanna counties, the Blue Knights were organized in 1974 as a law-enforcement club.

Club President Tony Gieda said, “(The club) is a nonprofit fraternal organization consisting of active and retired law-enforcement men and women who enjoy riding.”

This particular local chapter has been around for about 16 years, with its home office in Bangor, Maine. Like the WVMC, The Blue Knights hold monthly meetings and require payment of dues from its members and participate in charity events. The only two requirements? You have to be a cop, and you have to love bikes.

The one thing most of these clubs have in common is that new members are recruited through word of mouth, which doesn’t seem to be a problem considering how easy it is to network at local bike nights and other events.

Regardless of the club or affiliation, though, one resounding fact that everyone in the biker community seems to agree on is this: Most motorcyclists have some pretty big hearts. Of course, not every club holds charitable runs and events, but many do. And many of our area’s clubs and groups try to make it to each other’s events and mingle as much as possible to show support and solidarity for one another.

“Camaraderie is always there. You’ll never see another biker pass a stranded motorcyclist, or anyone for that matter. (Most bikers) would stop to help anybody,” Izzo said.

That said, make no mistake about it, bikers are as tough and cool as they look. Walk into Pocono Mountain Leather in Ashley and, in addition to being greeted by a suspiciously adorable dog deemed “The Protector of the Leather,” you’ll also find yourself face-to-face with walls and walls of seriously tough riding gear. The store carries everything riders might need, whether they’re a seasoned rider or a green newbie, and Carmen Cesari and Christine Sauers, along with the rest of the shop’s crew, are more than eager to offer assistance.

Area bikers can rely on the store’s leathersmith to not only create new custom leather pieces like saddlebags, wallets and knife cases, but also to repair old standbys. And they are more than willing to accommodate the customer’s request, whether it’s a personalized belt or something a little less PG.

One thing most people probably don’t realize is that leather is more about safety than fashion. For those who are looking for a more animal cruelty-free option, though, Cesari and Sauers noted that the new trend in motorcycle gear is cordura, a lighter-weight, waterproof material that is just as useful and practical as its counterpart.

Cesari’s admiration for the world of motorcycles and riding is not only apparent in the way he runs his shop but also in the way he speaks about all the individuals he has met along the way. The walls of Pocono Mountain Leather are lined with photos of everything from raucous bike nights to motorcycle-themed weddings, and this is simply a testament to the tight-knit world of bikers.

If you need more proof that you can’t always judge a book by its cover when it comes to bikers, Cesari also relayed a story about a woman who passed away from cancer and was unable to provide for her own funeral. The biker community came together at a charity event for her and raised exactly enough money to honor her after her passing.

Passion is a good word to describe motorcycle enthusiasts, as Cesari even knows people who keep their bikes in their homes during the winter to avoid any unfavorable conditions affecting the bike’s beauty. It’s that dedication that has helped most businesses involved in the bike world stay afloat.

“I don’t want to say we’re recession-proof, but bikers are passionate (about what they love),” Cesari said.

This theme seems to hold true not only with accessories but with the bikes themselves. Both Mark Scappatura of Rider’s World in Wilkes-Barre and Joe Fringuellotti of Electric Harley Davidson in Scranton agree that, although the economy has certainly affected business to some degree, the interest is still there amongst those most passionate about motorcycles.

“When a person buys a bike, they’re not just buying a motorcycle. They find a way to (buy it) because they know it’s going to make their life better — it’s enjoyment,” Fringuellotti said.

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We Care Ride 2010

Lisa Petrocelli
Lisa's Editorial
The second annual We Care Ride was held this past Sunday, May 23, at Birch Hill Catering in Schodack, New York. This ride was conceived last year as a result of four friends who had an unusual bond and a special compassion for one of the four (Belinda Shumway), who suffered the debilitating effects of Ulcerative Colitis disease. Dino Petrocelli, Belinda Shumway, Darlene Roberts, and Patrick Brisson set about organizing a ride to bring awareness to Crohn’s & Colitis. Last year’s event was a huge accomplishment, having begun the planning only four months prior to the event, but this year’s was even more successful (this time planning almost a year ahead of time), with over 400 bikes and almost 1,000 people attending. Half of the total amount raised will be shared with Hannah Cimo, a young woman who is currently in treatment for Crohn’s disease, and has already endured several surgeries. Before the bikes left to begin the ride, Hannah was introduced and thanked everyone for making her feel like a Queen for the day.

The weather was beautiful which made the two-hour round trip ride from Birch Hill to Jiminy Peak really nice, scenic, and a perfect prelude to the celebration that followed. Upon the bikers’ return, they were treated to a full buffet of hamburgers, chicken, pulled pork, hot dogs, pasta salads, and some drinks and desserts. The requested donation was $25 per person or $40 for driver & passenger together. Participants definitely got their money’s worth since in addition to all the wonderful food being served, the hard-rockin’ Steppin’ Out Band entertained the crowd all day. There were a few other surprises too, such as a strolling card shark, Jason Ladanye, members of the Albany Allstars Roller Derby team rolling around and selling raffle tickets, notorious local drummer, Rocky Petrocelli , jamming with the band for a few songs, and nationally-famous motorcycle builder, Dave Perewitz, who made the trip from Bridgewater, Massachusetts, to support this ride for Dino. There was also a bike show which was judged by Lee Sikes of Broadway Choppers, who also made some really cool trophies to award the winners.

There was a 50/50 raffle held and several auction items donated by various local businesses and individuals. The organizers of this event wish to thank each and everyone who attended for their support and a special thank you to the many, many volunteers who made this event such a major success. The entire day was just another testimony of the generous hearts of bikers and their friends and families. This event, so aptly named, has defined the true meaning of “We Care.”

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Thoughts from Fran

It’s Only A Matter Of Time

We ride a lot of miles, get in the wind and sun. Commuting with the bike each day, and on the weekend run. Then comes that intersection. Busy with rush-hour traffic, a bad move by a four-wheeler, morning dew laying on old oil. Hit the brakes, the back wheel is out, and the bike is down! A short but terrifying slide. Wow!
So long as we choose to ride on a machine that has only two wheels, there is a chance that at some point, we will go down. We try not to, but the chance is always there.
Sometimes we get lucky and don’t get too badly hurt. My recent tumble left me with only bumps and bruises and aches and pains and a bunch of road rash (remember when we healed quicker?) and more than $3000. damage to my ride.
So the insurance company and my mechanic had my bike back in shape pretty quick, my physical damages are coming along and healing fairly well ( you don’t mind my arm being the same color purple as my bike) but the mental repairs are taking the longest to complete.
The natural thought process is at work: did I do the right thing? Did I do it in time? Was my attention where it should have been? Will I do any better at the next busy intersection? My confidence is not what it was!
On a hundred-mile ride though the twisties this past weekend, I questioned myself before entering each curve, talked out loud to myself in the curve ( relax! Gas it! ) And critiqued my performance after I finished each curve. I plan on doing some repairs to my mental state by reading “Back in the Saddle” by Brenda Bates, and will do some fine-tuning to my technical riding knowledge by reading “Twist of the Wrist” again. I’m going down to the big parking lot and work on some curves and, especially, to do some good hard panic stops. That‘s how I dumped it before.
Life is a challenge. I have friends who were hurt a thousand times worse and made it through. So it is a question of what did I do? What did I learn? What do I do now? And, how long will it take to get my confidence and skills back to where they were before? I ride more than fifteen thousand miles each year, so I’ll have plenty of time to work on it. Knowledge is power!
Fran Del Santo

Readin', writin' and ridin'

Off the Wire
News -
When a 500-strong motorcycle gang thunders into town, Montvale Elementary School's teachers and pupils open the doors, pull out the kiddie chairs and invite the riders to lunch.
By Neil Harvey
MONTVALE -- The first sign the gang was coming was the long cluster of lights visible half a mile down the road -- heat rising off U.S. 460 blurred the distant, twinkling headlamps. Then the noise of the engines filled the air.

They rumbled onto the quiet campus of Montvale Elementary School on Thursday, hundreds of bikers on the backs of Harleys and Hondas, BMWs, Yamahas and Suzukis. Scores arrived; scores more followed.

They were the Rolling Thunder riders, making their annual "Run for the Wall," about 500 in all, and they were just in time for lunch.

Most are veterans of the United States Armed Forces and, each year since 1989, they've made a cross-country trek from California to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall in Washington, D.C., to honor and promote awareness of veterans.

In recent years, they've stopped at Montvale. There's a friendship between pupils and riders that grows a little with each visit.

"In 2001, we just stood on the road and watched them drive by," said school librarian Meredith Dooley.

The next year, she said, they cruised around the parking lot. Gradually, the visits became an annual afternoon of fellowship between the young students and the more-or-less grizzled vets.

"It's mainly a history lesson about veterans and some of the accomplishments of the armed forces," said Steve Hill, a retired Marine from Arizona who's part of the leadership team.

The school's 300 students get credit for the event and for projects they prepare. An assembly is held in honor of the event and, on Thursday, the school was visited by Brig. Gen. Robert Tucker of the Virginia National Guard, who arrived in a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter.

Tucker, who viewed the procession from the air, told coordinator Ray "Too Tall" McDonnell, "I've never seen a line of motorcycles that long."

Before they ate, the riders -- predominantly large, bearded bikers in black leather, denim and bandannas -- were asked to form a single file in the cafeteria and were led in groups by student council members to classrooms, where they ate their box lunches at tables that offered a pretty tight fit.

"Did you pass this grade or flunk it?" teased Richard "Preacher" Moore, assistant route coordinator, as he watched hungry cohorts being led into the library to eat.

"The folks that have been here before know how it works," said Dooley, who helped coordinate. "The new ones, we really try to get them out to the classrooms. Then we put them everywhere else we can. We were bursting at the seams today."

Hill said the convoy left California eight days ago with about 400 bikers.

"On average, we'll pick up a few hundred along the way," he explained. "Our numbers have increased, even with the economy. A lot of people make this their vacation."

Some bring along family, friends or pets. One bike, a three-wheeled Martin Conquest, was even custom-fitted to be wheelchair accessible.

"We run this in platoon formation because most of us are military," Moore said. There are about seven platoons with at least 50 riders per group. Every year he's ridden, Moore said, the bikers have been joined in their pilgrimage by Vietnam vets who have never seen their war's memorial.

"It gets rough sometimes," he said. "Sometimes, they just have to stand there and cry."

"Run for the Wall" riders visited Salem on Thursday night and are scheduled to assemble at the American Legion on Apperson Drive and leave for Arlington today at 7:30 a.m.

View the riders' itinerary online at

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OF THE WIRE And Then This Happened

The weird, the wonderful Blastolene Hemi-powered Trike -- with video. Posted by Joshua Condon on Tuesday, May 18, 2010 11:10 AM An "Exhaust Notes" follower just sent us this picture of -- well, it's hard to describe. At first, this machine looks like a cross between a drag racer and a chopper after a visit to Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory. Then, we saw this cool (albeit very strange) video of the thing in action, and we just had to post something on it. I mean, just listen to that thing roar. That's what happens when you have two double pumpers just dumping fuel into an engine that puts out an insane 1,000 horsepower.

Did we mention the whole thing, called the Frogman Rocket II, was created by the same team that executed Jay Leno's Tank Car? You can sort of see the resemblance.

Just a quick note on the video: It's, uh, sort of weird. A lot of lingering shots of owner Tim Cotterill burning up pavement and shattering eardrums in Southern California (or an area that looks just like it). There's a whole subplot -- if one could say the short has anything resembling a "plot" -- with a hitchhiker, who then disappears ... ahh, forget it. Just watch and listen to a truly unique machine doing what it does best: going fast and turning heads. Enjoy after the jump.

The Fight Like A Girl Poker Run and Games Weekend

The Fight Like A Girl Poker Run and Games Weekend Type: Causes - Fundraiser Start Time: Saturday, July 10, 2010 at 9:00am End Time: Sunday, July 11, 2010 at 11:00pm Location: The Barrelhouse Bar at The Spur Campground, Piedmont, South Dakota 57769

DescriptionSat July 10th at 9:00 a.m. sign in for the poker run and buy your hand. $15.00 for the first hand and $10.00 for each additional. Everyone is welcome cars, trucks, bikes. Stops will be added shortly 7 stop run with 2 bonus cards.

Here's the best part

100% OF NET PROCEEDS GO DIRECTLY to The American Cancer society

Squish a Boob Save a Life come on out on July 11th and squish a boob with us and learn what a cancerous lump feels like in our self breast exam workshop. All you guys out there that have said you'd never leave the house if you had a pair, now's your chance I'll be raffling off a pair of DD's for you to take home that day. 100% of net proceeds to go to the American Cancer Society.

We'll have "Heads or Tails" in the bar on Saturday night and the "Beer Drinkers Spelling B"

You can't have a party without Beer Pong Tournaments so I'll be running two tables one with a bracket and one without.

But that's not all, we have a "show your skin to win" tattoo contest, a tattoo artist on site for tattoos and body paint. We'll have bouncy houses, carnival games, a sand volleyball tournament with cash prizes, same with horseshoes, if you buy a poker run hand you get to see the band for free, tug of war, bbq, and to top it off, the main event on Sunday is the Fight Like a Girl contest where our calendar search Ladies, and co-sponsors of the event will square off in the ring against each other.

Free admission with poker hand ticket otherwise $5.00 per person over 12 yrs old. You're not gonna want to miss this weekend. Any one that stays at the campground will get a discount on Sat night but you must have purchased a poker hand. Lets make it a fun and safe weekend. I hope to see you all there.

Contact me on the Kr page for more details or questions.