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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Australia - To attach a bill of rights to our constitution by referendum.

Please sign and share everywhere guys,Australia needs a Bill of Rights urgently save our rights before the government takes every last one of them!

We the Australian people call on the Australian government at all levels to support a national referendum for a “Bill of Rights” for every Australian, to be attached to our constitution, and become retrospective on all legislation.
When our forefathers debated and introduced our Constitution, they expected our common law system of adjudication would fill in the gaps in respect of our civil and human rights, never expecting they would have to protect the Australian people from their own government undermining our liberty through socially engineered legislative reforms that overstep our most basic freedoms and liberties.
The construction of the Bill, must be by way of genuine community consultation, and be put to the people by way of referendum, so that it can become protected by our constitution and become an important part of our national curriculum.
The base wording will be the use of the United nations declaration of human rights V The Australian Bill or Rights collation by Mark Aldridge, link attached.
A bill of rights will empower the liberty of our people, the rights of future generations and will act to define the actions of our legislators and our judiciary, to restore our basic freedoms, natural justice and informed democratic process.
We the undersigned expect our elected members to do our will, that being the addition of a bill of rights to the Australian Consitution of 1901.
Letter to
Leader Of The Opposition Bill Shorten
Tony Abbott the Prime Minister The Australian Federal Government
To attach a bill of rights to our constitution by referendum.