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Monday, April 6, 2015

Michigan State Police announce giveaway of 9,000 high-visibility vests for motorcyclists

My comments.....
As usual when the topic of motorcycle regulations come up, I see the communists and arm chair know it all's have once again risen to the occasion.
If you are a member of SMARTER just admit that you threw your very first copy of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence in the trash and have never looked back. The basis of our countries liberty is the protection of the smallest minority anywhere. The individual. No where does either document cite any restrictions based on Insurance costs. Smoke, pound Big Macs, Drink, have unprotected sex, whatever. Its your choice.
If you are convinced that European rules and regulations are what you want to live by, then by all means become a European. If not STFU and act like an American!
The day I am required to wear a florescent dayglo green clown suit in order to ride my motorcycle on the roads I pay taxes to use, will be my last day of putting up with all you commies nonsense.
As for the Helmet law modification, please call Chad Teachout at the Michigan State Police Office of Highway Safety Planning and request the statistics of the last 12 years regarding motorcycle fatalities and incapacitating injuries. Do it. Do NOT be surprised when you see that neither fatalities or incapacitating injuries have increased since the partial return of our god given right to decide whether a helmet is worth wearing or not. Furthermore, try not to lose your mind when you see that helmeted riders exceed the number of helmet less riders for both fatalities and incapacitating injuries.
I would explain that motorcycle crashes tend to involve blunt force trauma to internal organs, catastrophic bleeding, limb loss, paralysis, and multiple broken bones that a helmet would never effect, but the know it all's don't listen anyway.
There are two things that effect motorcycle crashes that we can do something about.
1. Get cagers to watch for motorcycles. 2. Educate and train motorcyclists to be responsible and capable riders.
No one in Michigan does more to support and perpetuate these methods than ABATE of Michigan. In the last year we have lobbied for and seen a law passed requiring that motorcycle education be part of drivers training classes. We lobbied for and have gotten a limitation on temporary permits which will decrease the number of un-endorsed motorcyclists on the road that make up half of all motorcycle crashes. We are also the single most active supporter and provider of motorcycle training courses in the state.
Keep in mind we are a grass roots motorcycle riders rights organization, NOT government who's members depend on rules, regulations, and bureaucracy to keep their paycheck, benefits, and retirement coming. We have nothing to gain but the ability to live as we choose without unconstitutional restrictions, and being able to ride safer by addressing the things that most effect us.


LANSING, Mich. -
State police are giving out specially designed high-visibility vests to motorcyclists who complete a rider training class this year.
The state says it's part of a pilot project to increase the number of motorcyclists using high-visibility clothing or gear. Money comes from a federal grant.

The state police's Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning says it expects about 9,000 will have the vests by summer's end.

The office says that scientific studies show a bright yellow-green color is the most noticeable to the eye. It's used in safety clothing for construction workers, police and emergency medical services personnel for many years.
It says that only 5 percent of Michigan motorcyclists were wearing high-visibility clothing or gear in 2013.