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Friday, August 31, 2012


911 Briefs
Sept. 30, 2012
By The Record September 30, 2012 12:00 AM
Patrols to target motorcyclists STOCKTON - The Stockton Police Department will be patrolling areas frequented by motorcyclists today as part of a safety and enforcement effort.
The officers will be looking for motorcyclists who are breaking traffic laws or driving while intoxicated.
Funding for the effort is provided to the department by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Pasadena police plan motorcycle enforcement campaign Sunday
More: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Pasadena 10 images Stephen Dunn, Getty Images

PASADENA -- Police are planning a motorcycle safety enforcement campaign Sunday, officials said. Extra officers will be on patrol in areas frequented by motorcyclists, and where motorcycles crashes are known to occur, Pasadena police say ...

CA - LAPD to Protect and Serve? Yeah, Right.

Surveillance video from a Del Taco not far from where Michelle Jordan, 34, was stopped by police has prompted an internal investigation into how LAPD handled the arrest, which the woman says was unnecessarily rough.
The security video — obtained exclusively by NBC4 – shows a patrol car pull up at about 11:15 a.m. on Aug. 21 near Foothill Boulevard at Saluda in the Tujunga area.
Police say they pulled her over for allegedly using her cell phone while driving. It looks like a routine traffic stop, until Jordan gets out of her vehicle.
“She made some unwise moves,” said her attorney Sy Nazif. “But certainly nothing that warranted a physical assault from the LAPD.”
Moments after Jordan, of Sunland, gets out of the car, officers put her in handcuffs. After some discussion, perhaps argumentative by Jordan’s own account, one of the officers throws her to the pavement, head first.
“A short time later while still handcuffed another encounter occurred between Jordan and the officers and she was taken to the ground a second time,” according to a statement released by LAPD Tuesday night.
Raymond Branch was outside the Del Taco when the arrest went down.
“The first part, I believe they had a right to arrest her for resisting, but the second part was overboard,” Branch said.
The 34-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of interfering/resisting arrest and released on her own recognizance.
Jordan and her attorney say the move caused her serious injuries to the head and upper body, which they have documented with photos, as shown below. LAPD to Protect and Serve? Yeah, Right.
“At no point was she a threat to these officers, and she was in cuffs,” Nazif said. “We give them authority and power. If somebody says the wrong thing, they can’t use that , use that authority to physically attack her.”
The LAPD says a use of force investigation has been launched in the case and both male officers — one with 22 years of service, the other a probationary officer with 10 months on the job — have been taken off the street until the probe is complete.
The case has made its way to the desk of LAPD Chief Charlie Beck.
“My initial review of the officers’ statements and the recorded video cause (sic) me to have serious concerns about this Use of Force,” Beck said in a statement. ”We will investigate this thoroughly and hold our officers accountable for their actions.”
This incident is the latest involving what suspects have described as rough arrests on the part of LAPD officers.
That officer has been “downgraded” from commanding officer, but will still retain the rank of captain, according to LAPD spokeswoman Karen Rayner.

Scoop: Sons of Anarchy Casts Hells Angel as Nomad Charter Boss


Sons of Anarchy boss Kurt Sutter has enlisted a real Angel — a Hells Angel, more specifically — to play a charter president during Season 5 of the FX hit.
“In episode 509, we meet Quinn, the nomad president we’ve mentioned since Season 1, played by the incredibly substantial @RustyCoones,” Sutter shared on Twitter. (An FX rep confirmed for TVLine the casting of the 6-foot-5, 285-lb. biker/musician.)
The Nomads — or, club members who don’t belong to a specific charter — figure into the coming season when a few from its ranks get voted into the SAMCRO. In fact, another Hells Angel, Chuck Zito (Oz), will recur as one of the new arrivals, Frankie Diamonds.
Coones is the founder of the Orange County chapter of Hells Angels, and has served as president of the motorcycle club’s San Fernando Valley chapter. His heavy-metal band, Attika7, has contributed songs for Sons over the years, and his Illusion Motorsports bike shop has custom-built at last two rides for Sutter.
Earlier this year, Coones appeared on TV with a visit to Discovery Channel’s The Devils Ride.
Season 5 of Sons premieres Tuesday, Sept. 11 at 10/9c.

NH Law Enforcement Proves That Unconstitutional “Sobriety” Checkpoints Are Not Actually About Roadway Safety

Police in Bedford, NH recently obtained a court order to conduct a “sobriety checkpoint” as required by state law:
NH RSA 265:1-a Sobriety Checkpoints
Notwithstanding any provision of law to the contrary, no law enforcement officer or agency shall establish or conduct sobriety checkpoints for the purposes of enforcing the criminal laws of this state, unless such law enforcement officer or agency petitions the superior court and the court issues an order authorizing the sobriety checkpoint after determining that the sobriety checkpoint is warranted and the proposed method of stopping vehicles satisfies constitutional guarantees.

So, essentially, these checkpoints legally need to be about catching drunk drivers.
Getting the court to approve such an order requires a legal showing that such government action is actually required to protect the public from the dangers of impaired motor vehicle operators.
The Union Leader reports that out of 268 suspicion-less detentions, 11 people were arrested, only 1 was actually driving while intoxicated.
That’s a pathetic 0.373% success rate.
So Soviet-era checkpoints are necessary to catch drunk drivers and are not intended to enforce other criminal laws?
I’ve caught more drunk drivers by simply watching a stationary curve in the roadway… and I didn’t have to mass interfere with the freedom of movement we’re supposed to have in this county.

California Alert: Tell Governor Brown to Veto Bad Camera Bill

NMA California Alert: Tell Governor Brown to Veto Bad Camera Bill
Dear California Member,

The California Legislature just passed Senate Bill 1303, which strips away fundamental rights for motorists accused of red-light camera violations. The measure will now go to Governor Brown’s desk.

Despite the claims of its backers, SB 1303 does nothing substantive to protect motorists from the abuses of photo enforcement. In fact, some of the most recent bill amendments came at the urging of Redflex Traffic Systems, a major photo enforcement vendor.

The true purpose of SB 1303 is to eliminate a major legal hurdle for camera vendors by allowing camera-based photos and video into evidence without testimony as to their validity. With no camera company representative in court to testify, ticket recipients are deprived of the basic right to challenge the evidence against them.

In addition, SB 1303 allows any jurisdiction to justify ticket cameras for “safety reasons” simply by showing that violations are occurring—even when there are virtually no accidents at the intersections in question.

Finally, the bill’s proposed changes to the “notice of non-liability” (otherwise known as a snitch ticket) will only lead to more motorist confusion and perpetuate this abusive and unfair practice. (Learn more about snitch tickets.)

SB 1303 is a cynical attempt to further erode motorists’ rights in California, and there’s still time to stop it. Contact Governor Brown now and tell him to side with California’s drivers by vetoing SB 1303. Please forward this alert on to others and ask them to respond as well.

John Bowman
National Motorists Association


Loud pipes irritate, but enhance motorcycle riders’ safety

they help riders get the attention of automobile drivers beside or around them, who tend to be in their own little bubble of oblivion, then at least the drivers know that the motorcyclist is there

  By Ted Laturnus, August 22, 2012
As we approach peak motorcycle-riding season, it’s time to ask the eternal question: do loud pipes save lives?

That depends on who you talk to, of course. Some folks consider any two-wheeled transport that’s not human-powered to be too loud, while others view sound restrictions as a direct assault on their personal freedoms.

According to the American Speech Language Hearing Association, normal conversation between people is in the 50-to-60-decibel range, as are various appliances, such as dishwashers and vacuum cleaners. A library-quiet room is in the 30-decibel neighbourhood; at the other end of the spectrum, a jet plane during takeoff is 140 decibels, and a jackhammer is 130. The loudest noise the human ear can tolerate is around 120 decibels.

Unmuffled bikes, then, at 90 to 100 decibels, are somewhere in the middle, depending on how extreme they are and how the bike is being operated. I’ll be the first to admit that the weekend warrior who revs his engine incessantly at a stoplight or blasts through downtown just to hear his exhaust note bounce off the buildings is an overgrown juvenile delinquent and should be fined immediately—not to mention required to seek professional psychiatric help.

Incidentally, these half-wits aren’t exclusively Harley-Davidson riders. There are any number of Harley imitators out there these days—from all the major manufacturers—whose exhaust note is almost indistinguishable from that of the Milwaukee manufacturer.

This is also the heart of the matter. There’s no shortage of people who hate loud motorcycles. But that’s a separate issue. Let me say it again: a separate issue. Trying to argue that loud pipes don’t save lives because they’re so annoying is ridiculous. And nine times out of 10, when someone attempts to build a case against loud pipes, they confuse dislike with logic. Loud motorcycles can be annoying—that’s understood—but they only disrupt your reverie for a second or two; we’re talking about safety here, which is more important than you being woken up from your slumber.

“Loud pipes annoy people,” agrees Brian Lowes, chief instructor at Roadcraft, a Vancouver-based advanced-riding academy that specializes in collision-avoidance techniques and upgrading riding skills. “And from a safety point of view, it doesn’t seem to be beneficial to have a loud motorcycle, because many times, the trouble is ahead of the rider—the guy turning left in front of you, for example—and loud pipes won’t help you then.”

That said, Lowes concedes that loud pipes can help “sometimes”. If, for example, they help riders get the attention of automobile drivers beside or around them, who tend to be in their own little bubble of oblivion, then at least the drivers know that the motorcyclist is there. They may not like the noise, and won’t necessarily do the right thing. But in a car-motorcycle accident, the most-often-heard excuse is “I just didn’t see him.” I can testify to this from experience, although in my case loud pipes wouldn’t have made any difference.

But anti-loud-pipe hysteria is in full swing these days. Some Canadian cities have enacted anti-loud-pipe legislation—Vancouver and Edmonton, to name two. In California, which surely has more motorcycles per capita than anywhere else in North America, any bike manufactured after 2013 won’t be allowed to use after-market pipes unless said pipes conform to EPA guidelines. Even now, any bike exceeding 80 decibels in the Golden State is breaking the law.

However, in a study conducted by the U.S.–based Office of Legislative Research, the analysts noted: “Despite the EPA requirements, an online search shows that there continue to be complaints about excessive motorcycle noise, typically caused by motorcyclists modifying or bypassing the vehicle’s original exhaust system or replacing it with a louder after-market system.”

Again, this is an environmental complaint, not a safety issue, and loud pipes, even if they only help the rider “sometimes”, are one of the few aids riders possess in the death race on Canada’s highways and byways. It’s not much, but it’s better than no help at all.

It’s interesting to note that people seem to get more excited over loud pipes than they do about some groups getting around the helmet laws by claiming that helmets restrict their ability to wear religious headgear, and damn the injury risks. You could argue that loud pipes help cut down on medical costs: if my loud exhaust makes drivers aware of me, and they behave accordingly, then that’s potentially one less accident and one less burden on the medical system, right?

I’ll tell you what. I’ll tone down my exhaust note and ride a quieter motorcycle if you get your head out of your posterior, drive your car in a responsible manner, and stop looking at motorcyclists as if they’re dispensable

AUSTRAILIA - The Governor of NSW Her Excellency Professor Marie Bashir Ac, CVO,: refuse assent - Abolish new laws!

by Alex Vella
I do humbly make this petition on the grounds that the "Crimes Amendment (Consorting & Organised Crime) Bill 2012" is socially unjust, it may well present constitutional challenge at significant taxpayer expense, it dismisses the Rule of Law as to right to challenge by any subject of such order, it denies Natural Justice to the subject under this Bill, it contravenes Common Law rights as to secret evidences used and other and I believe it not to be in the best public interests of the citizens of NSW.

Petition Letter


I just signed the following petition addressed to: The Governor of NSW Her Excellency Professor Marie Bashir AC, CVO,.

refuse assent - Abolish new laws!

I do humbly make this petition on the grounds that the "Crimes Amendment (Consorting & Organised Crime) Bill 2012" is socially unjust, it may well present constitutional challenge at significant taxpayer expense, it dismisses the Rule of Law as to right to challenge by any subject of such order, it denies Natural Justice to the subject under this Bill, it contravenes Common Law rights as to secret evidences used and other and I believe it not to be in the best public interests of the citizens of NSW.






We the Undersigned do hereby demand an immediate overturning of the decision to strip Sapper Karl Boon of his benefits.

Thanks for signing the petition.

Can you help GIVE AFGHANISTAN HERO HIS BENEFITS BACK CAMERON reach its goal of 2,000,000 signatures ?
Invite Friends
Sapper Karl Boon lost his left leg in a Taliban rocket-propelled grenade attack in Afghanistan in 2010 and has been stripped of his benefits by the Department for Work & Pensions and our good old friends at the disgraceful ATOS.

Karl fought for his country, now it is incumbent on the country to fight for Karl.

Read more:

Thursday, August 30, 2012


FBI Blames Sons Of Anarchy...WTF..

The most interesting of the hodgepodge of federal allegations filed against members and associates of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club in Gainesville, Georgia two weeks ago is the charge of “obstructing an FBI undercover investigation” made against Outlaws Regional President Larry McDaniel, Outlaw Sean King and Black Pistons State President Howard Brown.
The obstructing charge references a Black Pistons Motorcycle Club patch pulling party at the Black Pistons’ clubhouse in White County, Georgia on July 19, 2012 but seems to blame cops who watch television shows that are inappropriate for them. The criminal complaint that underlies this charge the three men was made FBI case agent Mark Sewell and all the quotes below were written by him.

Concerned Citizen

In Sewell’s version of events he “received information from a concerned citizen” on July 18 that “indicated that the Outlaws were aware that the ‘Feds’ had placed either an Undercover Employee or a Confidential Informant inside the Black Pistons Motorcycle Club’s Cleveland, Georgia chapter. Furthermore, the Outlaws mentioned the suspected UCE or CI by his real name and his BPMC ‘club name’”.
“However, the concerned citizen was not aware of how the Outlaws had come to the conclusion that the Feds had an undercover employee or Confidential Informant inside the BPMC. In reality, your affiant and the FBI had placed a UCE and two CIs into the Black Pistons, as members and associates. Furthermore, the real name mentioned by the concerned citizen matched the real name of CI-1. As a safety precaution, your affiant personally met with CI-1 on July 19, 2012 and advised CI-1 of the potential revelation of his identity as an FBI Informant.”

Black Pistons

That day one Outlaws patch holder, King, and six Black Pistons including Howard Brown “entered the BPMC Cleveland clubhouse and confronted CI-1 and the other BPMC members and probates. During this confrontation, these individuals demanded that CI-1 and the other BPMC members surrender their BPMC ‘patches’, to include full patches, probate patches and property patches.”
The two CIs and other men in the clubhouse were told that Outlaws Regional President “Larry McDaniel had sent the…individuals to close the BPMC clubhouse because McDaniel said ‘…there is a Fed in the house and I have an Office of Background Investigations letter that proves it….’”
According to Sewell, “After approximately 24 hours, all remaining individuals inside the BPMC Cleveland clubhouse eventually departed the area, primarily for safety concerns. Also, the regional BPMC party that was planned for that weekend was canceled and the BPMC Cleveland clubhouse remains presently closed.”

Yo Larry It’s Snitch One

The next day snitch one “telephonically contacted” McDaniel “…and inquired why McDaniel had ordered that the BPMC Cleveland chapter closed.” The conversation began like this:
Larry McDaniel: Hello.
Snitch One: Hey man.
LM: What’s up?
Snitch: What’s going on.
LM: Well, we had information given us, given to us that is pretty much telling us to close that down and information saying…. You know anybody named Mark Sewell?
Snitch: No! I don’t! Who….
LM: Huh?
Snitch: Who is that?
LM: I have no idea. It’s saying…that’s a name that…that you have something to do with the Feds and that’s your contact name.”

Case Agent Melts

“McDaniel is in possession,” Sewell wrote, “of your affiant’s name. Furthermore… the Outlaws Motorcycle Club is in possession of CI-1’s real name and the information that he is, in fact, a FBI Informant. It is clear to your affiant that the OMC has shared the identity of CI-1 with McDaniel…. Furthermore, it is clear that the OMC has shared with McDaniel the name of your affiant to validate their accusation to McDaniel that ‘…there is a Fed in the Black Pistons house ….’ Your affiant’s 15 years of FBI investigative experience, which includes having achieved successful prosecutions in 2 public corruption investigations, leads your affiant to affirm that this investigation has a public corruption leak that is relaying sensitive information to the OMC. Furthermore, this leak is obstructing the FBI’s formal investigation into the OMC by hindering the ability of CI-1 to safely assist the FBI in the investigation of the Outlaws and the criminal activities of their members. Your affiant’s experience indicates that the name of your affiant, who is also one of two Contact Agents for the CI and the name of the CI are closely held secrets within the FBI. Only via direct contact with FBI agents or FBI documents can a public corruption leak gain the names of the Contact Agent and/or the CI. While the name of the Contact Agent may occasionally be used in non-sensitive FBI documents, the real name of the CI is closely guarded and can only be accessed by people with direct FBI computer access or direct access/overhear to FBI employees. All of the facts listed in this paragraph serve to strengthen your affiant’s allegation that there is a public corruption leak that is effectively obstructing this investigation.”

Sons of Anarchy

Other statements in the complaint allege that Outlaws in Florida had “inside sources” that revealed information about the two-year-long undercover investigation to McDaniel.
And, like so many other thoughtful people, Special Agent Sewell is eager to blame television shows like Sons of Anarchy and The Devils Ride for this disintegration of an orderly police state into…well…anarchy.
“My 15 years of FBI investigative experience has proven that individuals, whether sworn officers or law enforcement employees, are often referred to as inside sources,” Sewell writes. “…traditionally sworn and uniformed officers, often maintain close and unprofessional relationships with members of outlaw motorcycle gangs. This is an unexplained phenomenon and continually comprises (sic) OMG investigations across America. With the popularity of current television programs that glamorize the OMG culture, the desire for some law enforcement officials to maintain close, unprofessional and sometimes criminal relationships with OMG members will not easily disappear.“  (Italics added by The Aging Rebel.) “As an example, this investigation has previously uncovered three law enforcement officials that are maintaining close, unprofessional relationships with subjects of this referenced North Georgia OMG investigation. It is through these close and unprofessional relationships that OMG members often gain information that is obstructive to FBI investigations and dangerous to the safety of FBI Informants.”

They’re Baa-Ack

They’re Baa-Ack
Sons of Anarchy returns Tuesday, September 11 – in case it is somehow possible that you care and you did not yet know. If you don’t care, The Aging Rebel’s annual review of Sons of Anarchy returns Wednesday, September 12. Most people find the review offensive, lame and ill-informed but some people enjoy it, too.
Sons of Anarchy, for those of you who have internet access but not basic cable, is an homage to the motorcycle outlaw ethos. That philosophy of life can probably be best summarized by the Hollywood logline: “Fuck you. I do what I want. Try to stop me.” Of course, because this is the basic cable television program that saved FX, it is much, much more than an attitude like that. Like, for one thing the show modestly compares itself to Hamlet. In this version Peg Bundy plays Gertrude, Hellboy plays Claudius and Nathan Maloney from the groundbreaking Queer As Folk portrays the ambivalent and conflicted Prince.
The show is a ratings beast. Last seasons’ premiere episode was the highest rated hour in the history of FX which is impressive when you consider the network has been around since 1994 and only slightly less impressive if you know the network has only been airing original programming since 2002. Beast or not, last year’s ratings weren’t good enough so everybody connected in any way to this phenomena has been beating the old jungle drums for weeks.
Last Sunday two members of the cast named Theo Rossi and Kim Coates (think Rosencrantz and Ophelia) led a pack of real bikers from suburban Los Angeles to less suburban Los Angeles in the Boot Campaign’s Boot Ride and Rally. The ride was intended to benefit returning veterans. It was followed by a pep rally for the television show.
Hellboy, who rode to the rally in his car, explained that the Boot Campaign, “builds awareness for our boys who go out and sacrifice everything for us. This is a phenomenal opportunity for us to show our gratitude.” In this reimagining of Hamlet, Hellboy interprets Claudius as a Vietnam Vet so everyone knows his words were heartfelt.
Ophelia said, “It was good, other than hanging out with (Hellboy). (The ride) was fantastic. Any time we ride it’s a good day at work. It’s all about the ride, and we don’t ride enough on this show.”
Then in Scene 2 Polonius asked, “What do you read, my lord?” And Hamlet answered,
Words, Words, Words
Aware that FX’s target demographic is less moved by mere words than by newer, hotter, more happening media like video teaser clips the network has been releasing clips like that by the handful. So those few who came here looking for words will have to wait until September 12. If you just came here for the clips this is your lucky day. Here. Enjoy.

First they came for the journalists

Supporters of Finkelstein’s recommendations purport to be banner wavers for freedom of expression but in reality they are pitchfork wielding folk keen to square up against elements of the media for the thought crime of not reporting events in a manner that they agree with.
No one should be surprised that we are having this debate in 21st Century Australia and that extreme arguments like those extended by Steve Gibbons yesterday are finding their way into an eerie state of quasi-legitimacy. 
Our freedoms in this country are constantly under attack from governments – state and federal who live by the mantra of “if we don’t like it, we’ll criminalise it.”
Police now have “move along” laws in most states in the nation. An individual does not have to commit a crime, nor have created a reasonable suspicion of having done so. Yet, if police tell that person to move on and he or she does not that person can be arrested, charged and brought before the courts.
In one fell swoop, freedom of movement was overwhelmed.
There is legislation due before the NSW parliament seeking to amend the Evidence Act that fundamentally alters an individual’s right to silence when being interviewed by police.
The rights of freedom of association are already under siege with the NSW government revisiting the old consorting laws. 
The inevitable argument is that these amendments are necessary tools to fight increasingly sophisticated criminal enterprises. In the wake of 9/11 it was terrorists, now outlaw motorcycle gangs are the new threat, the melodrama villains essential to provide the justification for impinging on the civil liberties of all Australians.
Read the whole article
h/t Freedomwatch

As Burma ends media censorship, Australia considers media censorship

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