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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Adios Mexico

One can walk into Mexico without showing ID outside ‘business hours’ at San Ysidro, CA and at any time at Otay Mesa, CA (until the Mexicans finish building the admin center there).
A new system requiring $25 tourist cards for visits over 72 hours was recently implemented:
I don’t know for sure, but I think people driving across are not stopped by Mexican officials.

I think this ban only affects air travelers using major airports.

Adios Mexico
Mexico is now denying entry into that country by “known members” of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. Both the United States Department of Justice and Europol maintain databases of known members.
The Aging Rebel does not know if the ban includes known members of other motorcycle clubs. Last February, a member of the Grim Guardians Motorcycle Club named Patrick Jim Harris was suddenly expelled from Mexico while doing charitable work there. Harris had been arrested for Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity, after a brawl on May 17, 2015 at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas. He was held on $2 million bond. He has never been indicted but his name is obviously now on an internationally shared list.
The United States has tried to restrict the international travel of motorcycle club members since the Hells Angels held their World Run in Laconia, New Hampshire in July 2011.

Listen And Learn

At a training session for fledgling outlaw motorcycle gang experts held at the Pinehurst Resort and Convention Center in North Carolina in August 2015, Jeremy Sheetz, an Intelligence Operations Specialist with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Forearms and Explosives explained what happened.
“The Attorney General’s Office did this. The Hells Angels World Run which occurs every five years in the United States, was going on in Laconia, New Hampshire. So Customs and Border Patrol and the State Department said ‘We’re gonna come in and we’re gonna say you’re a foreign member, we’re gonna put you on a list. And when you come to the airport, you can’t enter the United States.’”
“… what they were saying is you have a propensity to come into the United States to commit a crime. But there was never a precedent set. But they did it anyway. So at the time, the Hells Angels said this is bullshit. So when we were working the World Run at Laconia, there wasn’t many members from Brazil or England. They would get to the airport and they’d say, ‘Oh! You gotta go back. Customs Enforcement and Border Patrol and the State Department won’t allow you to come in. Some guys even flew into Boston or New York. They turned them around. They turned around their families, wives, kids.”

Civil Suit

A year later, the Hells Angels Motorcycle Corporation sued Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano; Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton; and Alejandro Mayorkas, who at the time was Director of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. The soul of the Angels complaint was that the club had been designated “as a ‘criminal organization’ without providing any avenue to challenge said designation, Defendants have deprived Plaintiff’s members of their liberty without due process.”
Sheetz told his listeners that day at Pinehurst that the due process technicality was why the Department of Justice, and particularly the ATF, encouraged states to designate motorcycle clubs as “criminal organizations.” He told his audience that the designation provided states with a legal “precedent.”
And, the due process argument seems to have never come up in state cases. In fact, to cite one example, a prosecutor in Waco, Texas was able to convince Texas Department of Public Safety officials to designate the Cossacks Motorcycle Club as a “criminal organization” after more than 70 members of that club were detained, Then he used the instant designation to charge them with the same charge he used against Patrick Jim Harris – Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity.

Not In America

The Hells Angels lawsuit argued that Napolitano, Clinton and Mayorkas had denied “visas to all aliens based solely on their membership in a Hells Angels charter without further analysis into whether or not that individual seeks to enter the United States to engage solely, principally, or incidentally in unlawful activity. It is not a crime under any State or Federal law of the United States to be a member of Plaintiff’s group.”
The complaint sought injunctive and declaratory relief and the government, which was clearly in the wrong backed down. The Angels moved to dismiss their suit without prejudice on December 17, 2012.

But by then the International War on Terror had already been corrupted into an international war on motorcycle clubs. The Department of Justice, particularly the ATF, took the war to countries without a Bill of Rights – most notably Australia and Germany. And, now Mexico.


The Danger of New Independent Motorcycle Clubs

American Biker X Editorial Columns
The American Biker X Editorial I wrote an article a while back called "Why speak to the Motorcycle Clubs in your area before starting a new MC?" It was about why those wishing to start new Motorcycle Clubs should go and speak to those who have come before them. If you have not read the article look it up on my March 2009 archive page on

Since then, I've begun seeing and hearing some things that worry me. I have seen many groups popping up. Some of these groups have names like Lone Wolf or Independent Riders. While I suppose the names are meant to distance these groups from real Motorcycle Clubs, they still resemble legitimate clubs in the way they dress, and to a certain degree, the way they act.

Now I am sure some of you are saying "hey LJ these guys just want to do their own thing back off a bit, what really is the harm in what these guys are doing?" Well that's the Million dollar Question! Exactly what is the real harm? Let me see if I can explain how I see it.

If you put on a uniform, pinned on a badge and hung out at Dunkin Donuts you may look like and act like a cop but you would not be a real cop. When a real cop saw you, You would probaly be in a lot of trouble!

Now due to High Gas Prices, The Economy, and people waking up to the fact that riding a Motorcycle is one of the Greatest things in the world, the ranks of motorcycle riders have exploded. Many of these new riders see shows like Sons Of Anarchy, Gangland or movies like Hell Ride and think, "This is cool, I'm going to start a Club" even though they know nothing about Motorcycle Clubs or the Biker lifestyle.

Shows like Sons of Anarchy are a fictional dramatization of what a group of television writers think a Motorcycle Club is. Programs like Gangland claim to investigate 1%er Clubs. Their "investigation consists of looking up every little Crime members of a 30 year old Motorcycle Club have ever been accused of and then Squeeze all the Negative info about the MC into about 45 Minutes of air time.

The concern is that you have new and independent riders forming "Clubs" with no real knowledge of what it means to be a member of a Motorcycle Club. Some of these clubs are forming with only shows like SOA and Gangland as the model for what a Motorcycle Club should be.

Being a member of a Motorcycle Club is about Brotherhood, Loyalty, Respect, Freedom, and Honor. It's not about Drugs, Guns, and Biker Wars.

In the Motorcycle Club world you start off as either a prospect for an established Motorcycle Club or your new MC starts off as a Supporter of a established MC and they help to teach you what it truly means to be a Member of a Motorcycle Club.

It's like an artist taking on an apprentice and passing on what he has learned. The knowledge he passes on has been passed on down to him for Hundreds of Generations.

Now where the danger lies is the art being taught can be thousands of years old but, It only takes one generation of not passing the right information down and the art is lost forever!

With the creation of so many pseudo MC's, We risk a danger a lot worse than losing the art of what a Motorcycle Club is all about , We risk watching the Mutation of the World We all Love turned into something as ugly as the negative, hyped up TV Shows and movies we've all seen.

If your thinking about starting a Motorcycle Club or want to join one, start by talking to local Club members you see at events or contact established Clubs directly. Every MC has its own set of rules, etc, but if you're serious about becoming an MC or MC Member, you'll have no problem finding the situation that is right for you. As I said in the beginning, I have no problem with people starting their own Clubs. It's just that starting a Motorcycle Club is something that should be done the right way and not be taken lightly. Let us work together to Preserve the Heritage of the Motorcycle Club world and make it stronger, not destroy it.

I am Your Bro LJ James

Monday, July 23, 2018

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Article 4; Section 2; Clause 1 of the U.S. Constitution is clear and precise that the "citizens" of each State within the United States are guaranteed protections, but it does not provide for "illegal immigrants" or even "resident aliens". So the "We have rights" argument doesn't work. They have no "right" to anything in the United States. It is FACT. It is LAW. It can not be disputed with logic or truth.

You are a Biker - a modern-day Knight of the Road.
Never trust anyone, not even the family, UNLESS PROVEN.
Walk Tall and Stand Proud! Your Word is Your Bond! Stick to Your Guns!
Life is NOT a Drill, and the Code is NOT about a Brand;
It’s about the Brotherhood and Sisterhood.
Now go forth and Ride.
When in doubt, Ride.
That's what we do... Biker's Ride!