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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Mass surveillance silences minority opinions, according to study


A new study shows that knowledge of government surveillance causes people to self-censor their dissenting opinions online. The research offers a sobering look at the oft-touted "democratizing" effect of social media and Internet access that bolsters minority opinion.

The study, published in Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, studied the effects of subtle reminders of mass surveillance on its subjects. The majority of participants reacted by suppressing opinions that they perceived to be in the minority. This research illustrates the silencing effect of participants’ dissenting opinions in the wake of widespread knowledge of government surveillance, as revealed by whistleblower Edward Snowden in 2013.

The “spiral of silence” is a well-researched phenomenon in which people suppress unpopular opinions to fit in and avoid social isolation. It has been looked at in the context of social media and the echo-chamber effect, in which we tailor our opinions to fit the online activity of our Facebook and Twitter friends. But this study adds a new layer by explicitly examining how government surveillance affects self-censorship.

Participants in the study were first surveyed about their political beliefs, personality traits and online activity, to create a psychological profile for each person. A random sample group was then subtly reminded of government surveillance, followed by everyone in the study being shown a neutral, fictional headline stating that U.S. airstrikes had targeted the Islamic State in Iraq. Subjects were then asked a series of questions about their attitudes toward the hypothetical news event, such as how they think most Americans would feel about it and whether they would publicly voice their opinion on the topic. The majority of those primed with surveillance information were less likely to speak out about their more nonconformist ideas, including those assessed as less likely to self-censor based on their psychological profile.

Elizabeth Stoycheff, lead researcher of the study and assistant professor at Wayne State University, is disturbed by her findings.

“So many people I've talked with say they don't care about online surveillance because they don't break any laws and don't have anything to hide. And I find these rationales deeply troubling,” she said.

She said that participants who shared the “nothing to hide” belief, those who tended to support mass surveillance as necessary for national security, were the most likely to silence their minority opinions.

“The fact that the 'nothing to hide' individuals experience a significant chilling effect speaks to how online privacy is much bigger than the mere lawfulness of one's actions. It's about a fundamental human right to have control over one's self-presentation and image, in private, and now, in search histories and metadata,” she said.

Stoycheff is also concerned about the quietly oppressive behavior of self-censorship
“It concerns me that surveillance seems to be enabling a culture of self-censorship because it further disenfranchises minority groups. And it is difficult to protect and extend the rights of these vulnerable populations when their voices aren't part of the discussion. Democracy thrives on a diversity of ideas, and self-censorship starves it,” she said. “Shifting this discussion so Americans understand that civil liberties are just as fundamental to the country's long-term well-being as thwarting very rare terrorist attacks is a necessary move.”

Stoycheff has written about the capacity of online sharing tools to inspire democratic change. But the results of this study have caused her views to change. "The adoption of surveillance techniques, by both the government and private sectors, undermines the Internet's ability to serve as a neutral platform for honest and open deliberation. It begins to strip away the
Internet's ability to serve as a venue for all voices, instead catering only to the most dominant," she said. She received no outside funding for the research or publication of this study, she said.
The Snowden files decoded
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Journalists from The Washington Post shed light on how and why they reported on Edward Snowden blowing the whistle on massive NSA surveillance programs. (The Washington Post)


Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Which one you want?

Accessibility for screenreader Home Page Politics Opinions Sports Local National World Business Tech Lifestyle Entertainment Crosswords Video Photography Washington Post Live Live Chats Real Estate Cars Jobs WP BrandConnect Classifieds Partners 1996-2016 The Washington Post Terms of Service Privacy Policy Submissions and Discussion Policy RSS Terms of Service Ad Choices Wonkblog The feds have resumed a controversial program that lets cops take stuff and keep it


The Justice Department has announced that it is resuming a controversial practice that allows local police departments to funnel a large portion of assets seized from citizens into their own coffers under federal law.
The "Equitable Sharing Program" gives police the option of prosecuting some asset forfeiture cases under federal instead of state law, particularly in instances where local law enforcement officers have a relationship with federal authorities as part of a joint task force. Federal forfeiture policies are more permissive than many state policies, allowing police to keep up to 80 percent of assets they seize.
The Justice Department had suspended payments under this program in December, due to budget cuts included in last year's spending bill.
"In the months since we made the difficult decision to defer equitable sharing payments because of the $1.2 billion rescinded from the Asset Forfeiture Fund, the financial solvency of the fund has improved to the point where it is no longer necessary to continue deferring equitable sharing payments," spokesman Peter J. Carr said in an email Monday.
While he didn't specify exactly where the new funding came from, Carr noted that the program is partly funded by the cash and other property seized under the program.
"The Asset Forfeiture Fund acts in many ways like a revolving fund," he explained in a follow-up email. "Forfeited proceeds are being deposited throughout the year to replenish the funds that are simultaneously flowing out of the Asset Forfeiture Fund to pay for approved agency expenses." He noted that when the Justice Department announced the suspension  in December, it remained "very eager to resume payments as soon as it is fiscally feasible to do so."
Asset forfeiture is a contentious practice that lets police seize and keep cash Asset forfeiture is a contentious practice that lets police seize and keep cash and property from people who are never convicted of wrongdoing — and in many cases, never charged. Studies have found that use of the practice has exploded in recent years, prompting concern that, in some cases, police are motivated more by profit and less by justice.

A wide-ranging Washington Post investigation in 2014 found that police had seized $2.5 billion in cash alone without warrants or indictments since 2001. In response, then-Attorney General Eric Holder announced new restrictions on some federal asset forfeiture practices. These restrictions were meant to limit the ability of state and local law enforcement officials to choose more lenient federal forfeiture guidelines over state law.

But critics say the reforms don't go far enough, and still leave discretion for local authorities to choose more permissive federal laws by acting as part of a joint task force with federal authorities.

Asset forfeiture is fast growing -- in 2014, for instance, federal authorities seized more than $5 billion in assets. That's more than the value of assets lost in every single burglary that year.

Reformers had hoped that the suspension of the program in December was a signal that the Justice Department was looking for ways to rein in the practice. But that no longer appears to be the case.

"This really was about funding, not a genuine concern about the abuses
rampant in the equitable sharing system," said Scott Bullock, president of the Institute for Justice, in an interview. The institute is a civil liberties law firm that researches asset forfeiture and advocates on behalf of forfeiture defendants. It has reported extensively on what it calls the "profit motive" created by the Equitable Sharing Program: Because police get to keep a share of the items they seize, they have an incentive to take more stuff.

Bullock said the suspension and return of equitable sharing demonstrate the need for Congress to act on the issue. "Changes to forfeiture policy can be swept away by the stroke of a pen," he said.

But law enforcement groups dispute that the equitable sharing program is all about filling coffers. "It's not about the money, it's about public safety and doing the job," said Terrence Cunningham, president of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, in an interview.
Cunningham said that funds from the equitable sharing program are often used to cover budgetary gaps when agents from a local police office are detailed to part of a federal task force. "Say I’ve got one officer assigned to a DEA task force," he explained. "A lot of times I have to backfill that vacancy by paying other detectives overtime. To be quite honest with you I could not afford to do that" without reimbursement from the federal agency, he said.

Cunningham said that federal-local task force operations are often necessary to go after criminals who would otherwise be difficult to pursue via either local or federal efforts alone.

Law enforcement groups appear to have had some successes in rallying members of Congress to their side. In January, New Hampshire Sens. Kelly Ayotte (R) and Jeanne Shaheen (D) called on the Justice Department to restore the payments.
"We are seeing a lot more pushback from law enforcement," the Institute for Justice's Bullock said. "Even to the point where they are ... making budgetary appeals saying, 'we need this for our bottom line.' And that's something that's been unusual to see, and it goes to our point about what this is really about -- raising the revenue," he added.

Other reform groups are also disappointed to see the program reinstated. "There was hardly time to celebrate the suspension of the Equitable Sharing Program before the government felt the need to put its hand back in the cookie jar at the expense of our civil rights," said Jordan Richardson, senior policy analyst at the criminal justice reform group Generation Opportunity, in a statement. "It's unjust for the government to seize assets from people who are not charged with a crime. It's disappointing to see a White House that claims to be a champion of criminal justice reform reinstate a program that so clearly works against it."

Battle Creek, Michigan- The Ordeal Of Matthew Starkweather

Matt Starkweather’s 50-month-long ordeal by prosecution continues to mock the ever more vague concept of “justice.”
Starkweather, 36, is a member of the Battle Creek, Michigan chapter of the Iron Coffins Motorcycle Club. In the wee small hours of New Year’s Day 2012 he fell into an argument, during a party at the clubhouse, with former chapter president Lee J. “Leeroy” Taylor – allegedly over $2,500 that Taylor owed Starkweather. The men came to blows twice.. The first time Starkweather prevailed. The second time, Taylor emerged from a bathroom with a baton and a knife. He knocked Starkweather down and stabbed him in the neck. Two other chapter members, John Lindahl III and Mario “Paco” Barroso beat Taylor with the butt of a shotgun until he rolled off Starkweather.
Taylor soon died. Starkweather called the police and was arrested for murder. In the coming weeks Lindahl and Barroso were also arrested. The case was both maudlin and banal but it was a motorcycle club case and motorcycle club cases glow. Homicide is homicide as iron is iron but motorcycle club cases glow as hot iron glows. Biker homicides and hot metal are both special cases and that seems to explain the continuing legal crusade against Starkweather.
Barroso agreed to testify against both Starkweather and Lindahl in return for leniency but his testimony was disappointing and the charges against all three men were dismissed.

David Gilbert

Four months later a new prosecutor named David Gilbert was elected. He craved the heat in the case and in December 2014 he reopened it. He charged Barroso in March 2015 and charged him with murder. Even a blind man could see that Barroso was really being punished for failing to testify cogently enough to convict Starkweather and Lindahl. Gilbert’s argument was that Barroso was a murderer because he handed Lindahl the shotgun Lindahl used to beat Taylor off Starkweather as Taylor was stabbing Starkweather in the neck. Apparently the 67-year-old Barroso had a lawyer but he still agreed to plead no contest to a charge of manslaughter and last year he was sentenced to serve between 71 and 180 months in prison.
Starkweather was charged with murder again in October 2015. He had already spent more than six months in jail after he was charged the first time. He knew in advance that he would be charged again and did not try to flee. But he was still  sent back to jail when he was rearrested, labeled a “flight risk” and denied bail again.

United States

The case against Starkweather has always been tainted as well as thin. Before he was elected Calhoun County Prosecutor Gilbert had been a close associate of the lawyer representing the third defendant, Lindahl. Lindahl’s lawyer was named Matt Glaser. And earlier this year Glaser told the current judge in the case, Circuit Judge John Hallacy, “I told Gilbert about the information from Lindahl. I gave related attorney-client privileged information to Mr. Gilbert.”
Gilbert told Glaser he wanted to participate in Lindahl’s defense for the “good press” it would lend to his campaign for District Attorney. Gilbert also promised Glaser he would never prosecute the case. But, it turned out, the future prosecutor lied.
Hallacy ordered a special prosecutor, a man named Victor Fitz, appointed to the case. By then, Starkweather had spent 349 days in jail and Hallacy order the accused man to be released to confinement at his parents’ home. At the time Judge Hallacy said that indefinite detention without bail was something that “happens in third world countries. This is the United States.”


Under the conditions of his release, Starkweather couldn’t leave his parents’ property, drink alcohol or associate with anyone in the Iron Coffins or anyone who was otherwise connected to the case.
The morning after his release, Starkweather attended a mandatory probation hearing. He was given and flunked a breathalyzer test. For decades, the legal definition of alcohol intoxication was a blood alcohol concentration of 0.10. The legal definition of intoxication was eventually reduced 0.08. Starkweather’s test indicated he had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.002 which was probably because he brushed his teeth that morning. Starkweather had used Crest. Crest contains an alcohol called sorbitol. The breathalyzer test found the sorbitol.
A deputy also claimed that Starkweather had left the confines of his parent’s home three times the previous night between two and five in the morning. He didn’t speculate why. Starkweather spent another weekend in jail before he got the chance to tell Hallacy “ I did not have anything to drink” and “I never left that house.”
Hallacy told Starkweather to remember that he was “under a microscope” and let him go home again. A couple of days after that, Special Prosecutor Fitz admitted that Starkweather’s GPS monitor had “apparently” malfunctioned.

No Trial Date

But the case, and its magic glow, remains stuck in the mud. In arguing that Starkweather should be sent back to jail, Fitz told Judge Hallacy that Starkweather had stabbed himself in the neck to give himself a defense. Then last Thursday, Hallacy removed Fitz from the case after Fitz admitted he had been briefed by former prosecutor Gilbert on the information Gilbert had learned from Lindahl’s attorney Glaser.
So Starkweather’s ordeal by prosecution continues while Hallacy searches all of Michigan for an honest prosecutor. It might take awhile. It shouldn’t be this hard.
Yesterday, Easter, Starkweather was allowed to leave his parents’ home to go to church. Afterward, Matt Starkweather’s father Tom said, “No family should be put through anything like this. If the government has a case let’s go to trial tomorrow!”
No trial date has yet been set since it turned out Special Prosecutor Fitz cheated and lied.



Tuesday, March 29, 2016

CA - Breaking News......Motorcyclists Unite

Breaking News......

Motorcyclists Unite

March 27, 2017
Motorcyclists Unite on Anti-Profiling Bill Language

Consistent with the Motorcycle Riders Foundation’s (MRF) 2016 Legislative Agenda as voted on by its Sustaining State Motorcyclists Rights Organizations, the MRF has aligned with other national motorcyclists’ rights organizations on proposed federal anti-profiling language. (The full version of the language can be read on our website at

The MRF recognizes the importance to all motorcyclists of this much-needed language, and we applaud the hard work of organizations that are addressing this issue legislatively on the state level. The time has come, however, to address profiling on a national level. There is a public misconception that profiling is strictly an issue that affects only motorcycle clubs; in reality, nothing could be further from the truth, as profiling injustices continue to happen across the country to all types of motorcyclists. This issue is a matter of civil liberties, and now is the time to roll up the sleeves and get to work.

To that end, at the most recent Anti-Profiling Action Group meeting in Las Vegas, ranking members from many motorcycling organizations all agreed to support anti-profiling language, including James “Doc” Reichenbach II, Chairman of the National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM), Frank Ernst, Chairman of the NCOM Legislative Task Force, and David “Double D” Devereaux, representing the Council of Clubs and author of this anti-profiling language. Other members of the Anti-Profiling Action Group include the Committee Lead Russell Radke, MRF President Kirk “Hardtail” Willard, Committee Secretary Shelly Holcomb, MRF PAC Treasurer Lenny Holcomb, and nationally known motorcyclists’ advocate Dick “Slider” Gilmore.

As the true “boots on the ground” of motorcycling rights, the MRF is asking each of you to reach out to your federal legislators and ask them to support anti-profiling language. Time is of the essence—we need to know who will support us and who will not by May 1, two weeks prior to our “Bikers Inside the Beltway” national biker lobby day on May 12, 2016.

Please send all responses from your legislators—both those that are in favor and those that are against—to Russell Radke at Russell will then forward all the compiled information to the MRF’s analyst to compile into a list of talking points for the MRF’s national biker lobby day known as Bikers Inside the Beltway to be held in Washington D.C. on May 12th.

Anti-Profiling Victory at the State Level

Maryland recently passed an Anti-Profiling bill through both the House and Senate. Public Safety-Motorcycle Profiling-Training passed the Senate with a 47-0 vote and the House of Delegates with a 136-0 vote. Maryland would be the second state in the union joining Washington to pass an Anti-Profiling bill after a procedural vote across both bodies and a signature by the Governor.

How Officers Get Away With False Arrest

How Officers Get Away with False Arrest

The false arrest of this man on a red motorcycle, despite an identified suspect on a black motorcycle is a prime example of this common injustice.

How Officers Get Away With False Arrest

The latitude given officers in cases of false arrest is often troubling. Take the case of Adam Miller, a motorcyclist from Richland, Washington, that was recently arrested based on an officer’s false identification of Miller. An officer was looking for a black motorcycle that he claims he had clocked at 126mph multiple times throughout the day. Miller was riding a red motorcycle and exiting a parking lot when he was detained and then arrested by a Washington State Patrol trooper. Although Miller was found not guilty based on this obvious detail in traffic court, what recourse does Miller have to recover costs related to his seemingly false arrest?

A Case Of Mistaken Identity and False Arrest

Miller, writing to the MPP, describes the incident in detail:

    “Back on Memorial day of this year, in Richland, Washington, I hopped on my RED 2010 VMAX for the first time in a week, and went to WINCO to rent a couple of movies. I was leaving the parking lot when a state trooper pulled up behind me and flipped on his lights. I didn’t think much of it, and pulled over across the street. I was not dressed for much more than a short ride, red t-shirt, blue jeans, helmet and boots.


    He accused me of doing 126mph, and that he had clocked me multiple times throughout the day doing various illegal speeds. He claimed he had the entire area looking for me, and that I was being a menace to the holiday traffic by riding the way I was. I asked how in the world he would look in a grocery store parking lot to find me even If I was running and or speeding like this? He made it very clear the reason he knew I was there was that another officer had reported me in the parking lot.


    From here I am booked and had to pay 1000 bucks to get out.


    I absolutely did not do this!  I never approached the speeds I was accused of.”

The Trooper Was Looking For A Black Bike, Not A Red Bike!

Miller was given a public defender, but decided to hire an attorney anyway. Upon discovery, it became apparent that Miller was falsely identified. Miller writes, “The discovery painted a much much different picture than the one this officer painted in his report. First, a state patrol vehicle had no audio and no video of anything. It wasn’t functioning.” Conveniently, technology  intended to provide public accountability related to police activity was inoperable depriving Miller, and the general public, a way to corroborate some elements of the story.

Miller continues, “Second, the [other] officer he claimed called in my location doesn’t exist. In fact, the video evidence even corroborates this, given that the only other officer on scene didn’t show up till after I was in the process of being pulled over and arrested.  In fact, I was damn  near in cuffs by the time the second officer even showed up.

Third, this officer called out, not once but twice, a BLACK BIKE, with black helmet. Google a 2010 VMAX, and see for yourself, my bike is bone stock, no mods visual or otherwise. IT’S RED!  The last call out before he arrests me, and I quote, “same bike, red shirt”.”

In traffic court, Miller prevailed. Clearly Miller was not riding a Black bike and was not the individual the WSP trooper thought he was. Miller writes, “The case has now been tried, and a not guilty verdict returned. The officer was proven to be “less than forth coming”, aka lied through his teeth.”

Despite Not Guilty Verdict, Legal Costs Threatening Financial Ruin

According to Miller, despite being found not guilty, he incurred almost $5k in legal costs and as a Veteran and current student he is near financial ruin.

    “I have a spotless record minus some MINOR speeding infractions, I have never been arrested,  I am a veteran of Bosnia, OEF, and OIF. I am a full time college student currently, and my  budget is quite fragile, the 4500 this has cost me, not to mention the personal leg work I have done to save costs, is set to put me into financial ruin, I have less than a month before I am no longer viable financially, and that 4500 would certainly bridge a gap. This situation has caused some serious undo stress and emotional entanglement, . . . My life is being ruined by an officer who chose to act instead of think.”

Can Miller File Suit For False Arrest?

So what recourse does Miller have? He was arrested and shouldn’t have been. But it’s not that simple. Establishing that there was not reasonable suspicion to stop Miller may be difficult because it requires demonstrating that the officer specifically targeted Miller knowing that he wasn’t the individual he was looking for. Miller says, “I have had 3 different lawyers look at this case now, and all of them are of the same conclusion. “This officer lied, and this case doesn’t hold water.” I inquired of my lawyers about a civil suit, and they said that unless I can prove the officer specifically targeted me I have no case.”

According to, false arrest is “the claim that is most often asserted against police”. These claims are based on police violating Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable seizure. “If the officer had probable cause to believe the individual had committed a crime, the arrest is reasonable and the Fourth Amendment has not been violated. Police can arrest without a warrant for a felony or misdemeanor committed in their presence.”

But what about cases like Miller’s, where the information the officer relied upon turns out to be false? Or the officer is mistaken or confused? According to, “even  if  the information the officer relied upon later turns out to be false, the officer is not liable if he believed it was accurate at the time of the arrest.”

So the question in Miller’s case is, “What did the officer believe at the time of the detention and arrest?” In other words, did the officer believe that Miller was the motorcyclist that he claims he observed doing 126mph? Was he merely confused because of the black helmet? Was Miller  just in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Was Miller Specifically Targeted?

On the other hand, the WSP trooper’s probable cause arguably relies on questionable foundations. Miller was riding a Red motorcycle and radio transmissions clearly prove that the trooper called in a Black bike. Maybe with this alone, the trooper still has plausible deniability. Maybe he made a mistake. But, according to Miller, other factors reveal that the trooper relied  on blatantly false claims to bolster probable cause.

Remember the other trooper that allegedly called in Miller’s presence in the WINCO parking lot that, upon discovery, does not appear to exist? Or what about the fact that all of the video and radio transmissions were inoperable/not functional eliminating the opportunity for accountability? Was this trooper upset with the actions of a speeding motorcyclists earlier in the day, so much  so that he targeted the first sport bike rider he saw?


The standards for establishing false arrest give so much deference to law enforcement that victims like Miller are often not given the opportunity to recover attorney fees or other damages incurred as a result of their arrests, despite being found innocent of any wrongdoing. Miller has approached 3 attorneys that all believed the trooper lied to establish probable cause. But they also believe proving the trooper targeted Miller would be difficult to establish. There ought to be an avenue for victims like Miller to recover attorney fees and expenses related to an arrest relying on the foundation of inaccurate information or an officer’s mistake, however unintentional the mistake is claimed to be. A trip to the store should not cost anyone thousands of dollars due to a mistake made by law enforcement.


Sunday, March 27, 2016

CA - Palo Alto VA hospital

This time we're going to the Palo Alto VA hospital for a parade lap around the campus to show our veterans in person we support them. They'll be expecting us! Imagine your siting there not feeling to good and you hear that low rumble coming your way.....then you see a shit load of people on bikes coming around the corner to show they care. Proceeds will be donated to the Hospitals OEF/OIF FUND. This fund makes it possible for veterans to get out on "Field Trips" in the Bay Area while going through treatment. Please share

By May 1, 2016, Congress will officially end a series of Social Security's most lucrative benefits.


If you are currently enrolled in Social Security, or are about to become eligible, please pay close attention to the following message.
By May 1, 2016, Congress will officially end a series of Social Security's most lucrative benefits.
This will cause an estimated $11.41 billion to effectively disappear.
It is a historic amount of money.
Currently, as many as 21.3 million Americans could be eligible for large payouts from these benefits.
And if you are one of them, your time is quickly running out to step forward and claim what is rightfully yours.
Here's what you need to know.
The banning of these benefits has been set in motion thanks to the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015-2016.
In Section 831 of this legislation, it clearly states this reform was intended to prevent recipients from collecting more money from the Social Security Administration (SSA) than Congress intended.
With the Federal debt quickly approaching $19 trillion, not surprisingly, these dramatic changes were passed in both the House (266-167) and Senate (64-35) with overwhelming majorities.
And this past November President Obama signed the reform into law.
Congress and the White House Have Finally Found Something They Can Agree On.
…Americans are receiving too much money from
Social Security.
This is obviously not an opinion that is shared by the American people themselves, though.
And you owe it to yourself to do whatever it takes to ensure you are not short-changed from the biggest reform to Social Security in nearly four decades.
Because, to be absolutely clear, a lot of people stand to lose a lot of money if they don't act now.
This New Law Mandates That the
Social Security Administration Ban:
  • A provision that could allow you to collect a one-time, lump-sum check from Social Security for as much as $124,174.
  • A "restricted application" that can boost your income by $63,648.
  • A massive overhaul to Medicare payments and deductibles. Take the amount you were expecting to pay for Medicare. Now slash that number in HALF. That's how much you could be saving!
  • (Continued below…)
Congress justified this aggressive reform by stating they were closing unintended loopholes.
And what will undoubtedly come as a shock to many Americans is just how big these loopholes are.
The examples listed above are just the tip of the iceberg.
Laurence Kotlikoff is a former member of President Reagan's Council of Economic Advisors, who is currently with the National Bureau of Economic Research.
He believes many Americans could be missing out on $50,000 from these little-known (and soon to be gone) Social Security benefits.
But for some, that could be a drastic underestimate.
Consider this:
  • If you are single and over the age of 60, you could miss the chance to add $84,240 to your bank account over the next five years.
  • If you are married, another of these disappearing provisions allows you to call up your Social Security clerk, make a simple six-word request, and immediately raise your income by an extra $1,329 a month.
  • If you are a parent or grandparent there is a 2-step filing method that could provide enough money to pay for your children, or grandkids, to get both a bachelor's and master's degree.

    There is $2.5 billion available, just in this program, for the taking.

    And we all know the cost of education has been going through the roof. You must find out if you are eligible!
  • (Continued below…)
These Banned Social Security Benefits Will Disappear By
May 1, 2016.
This has understandably caused some backlash.
A PBS column has reported that with this legislation:
Forbes has written that this reform:
And Time questioned the manner in which everything was put together, noting:
The media's assessment of this situation may be spot on.
But it doesn't change the fact that this is happening.
These benefits are going to disappear very soon.
Fortunately, if you are already a Social Security recipient, or soon to be one, you can do something about this.
There is Good News.
If You Are Eligible and Claim These Banned Benefits NOW, You Will Be Grandfathered In.
You have paid into Social Security your entire working life.
12.4% of every single one of your paychecks is contributing to this safety net.
You have earned these benefits.
This money is available to you.
And if you do not step forward and claim it now, Congress and the SSA will make it impossible for you to do so in the coming months.
By Taking Just a Few Actions, You Can Ensure These Banned Benefits Will Never Be Shut Off From You.
But you must move fast.
Which is why I'm going to help you get every dollar you have coming your way.
I'm going to help you use Social Security to take back your retirement.
And we're going to start right now.
My name is Keith Fitz-Gerald.

I have spent more than 34 years in the markets as an analyst, consultant, and quantitative trader.
I cut my teeth at some of Wall Street's biggest firms, including Wilshire Associates, which oversees more than $8 trillion for over 600 institutional investors.
And today I'm the Chief Investment Strategist for Money Morning.
We are a large financial publisher located in Baltimore, MD.
And we are not associated with the Social Security Administration.
Our mission is simple.
Month after month, my team and I work tirelessly to provide our 1 million readers with the guidance and information they need to protect and grow their wealth.
We have identified Social Security as the greatest chance we have to dramatically improve the financial futures of people across the country.
The numbers here are impossible to ignore.
With each day that passes, an estimated 11,536 Americans become eligible to receive Social Security benefits.
And currently, three out of every four seniors rely entirely on this safety net for their monthly income.
Unfortunately, too many fail to take full advantage of Social Security.
But it's not their fault.
The Social Security Administration has 2,728 rules governing their benefits and thousands upon thousands of additional sub-rules outlined in their Program Operations Manual.
But even the SSA admits that the way they are worded:
That may be why a Boston College study determined that retirees pass up $10 billion every year in Social Security benefits they're entitled to.
However, the SSA has looked to rectify this by streamlining their disclosures.
So if you are willing to dedicate the time, you can dig through their complimentary publication and find details on each of Social Security's benefits (banned or otherwise).
You could also speak to one of their agents or hire a financial advisor to sort through everything.
But why should you have to jump through all of these hoops?
My team and I believe that it shouldn't be so difficult to get what you deserve from this safety net.
And this situation is only going to get worse.
Americans were already missing out on $10 billion a year. And now this new reform is putting $11.4 billion on the chopping block.
So it's perfectly natural if you are feeling outrage over this. Nobody likes the idea of getting the short end of the stick.
But, in reality, there is another side to this story.
Frankly, there is an enormous opportunity here.
When we dug into these banned benefits we uncovered a Social Security filing tactic that had a value of up to $177,000 for eligible recipients.
Think About What You Could Do With an Extra $177,000.
Could you pay off your mortgage?
Could you take your entire family on a once-in-a-lifetime trip across Europe?
Could you finally retire?
All of this could be right in front of you, courtesy of Social Security.
And that's just one of the exciting opportunities we discovered while investigating these banned benefits.
We Are in a Race Against Time.
May 1, 2016, is barreling towards us like an out-of-control locomotive.
There is nothing we can do to change this inevitability.
But we are going to help YOU.
We've compiled everything you need to know in order to secure your piece of this estimated $11.4 billion.
It's detailed in the special report:
You might just discover that you have $100,000 (or more) in benefits that are rightfully yours and waiting to be claimed.
For example, Banned Social Security Benefits reveals:
  • The 6 Words You Will NOT Want to Forget
    (They Can Boost Your Monthly Social Security Checks By $1,329)

    By simply repeating this six-word phrase to a Social Security clerk, you could add an extra $1,329 to your checks each month.

    This newfound cash could be enough to cover a new car payment, plus the insurance, with enough left over for your gas.

    Or, you could just save it up for a rainy day.

    The choice is yours.

    Banned Social Security Benefits will provide you with the phone numbers to call and even a state-by-state list of office locations so you can quickly find the closest one to your home.
  • The "Restricted Application" That Could Let You Cash in on a $63,648 Windfall

    Surprisingly, 21.3 million people could be eligible to collect up to an extra $63,648 in Social Security payments.

    But tens of millions miss out.

    All because they don't know about this "restricted application."

    Which is a shame, because $63,648 can go a long way.

    It's enough to pay for a luxury RV equipped with top amenities like a master bedroom, a full kitchen with granite countertops, and a spacious living room.

    You could take it across the country to visit the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, and Key West.

    Or you could use this enormous windfall to help your kids or grandkids.

    It's up to you.

    Banned Social Security Benefits gives you all of the details on this simple "restricted application" and how to turn it into an incredible cash generator.
  • An Amazing 6-Figure Lump-Sum Loophole!
    (If You Could Use an Extra $124,174 Right Now, Take a Look)

    You have to see this to believe it.

    There is a shocking provision buried deep in Social Security's rulebook that could allow you to receive a lump-sum check for up to $124,174 from the SSA.

    Are you looking to pay off your mortgage in one shot?

    This could be your ticket.

    Have you always dreamed of owning a villa in the Bahamas where you can spend your winters?

    Or, maybe you are tired of the 9-to-5 grind and finally want to start your retirement.

    An immediate 6-figure boost to your net worth can make this a reality.

    And it's all possible thanks to one of the disappearing loopholes where Americans can obtain "larger benefits than Congress intended" (Sec. 831 of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015-2016).
  • Single and Over 60? Don't Miss an Incredible Opportunity to Realize Your Dreams!

    Are you single or widowed, and over the age of 60?

    If so, you need to consider taking a few steps to become eligible for a unique Social Security provision.

    Because it could make you $84,240 richer.

    You could use this money to buy a brand new 26-foot saltwater fishing boat or a fully loaded Mercedes E-Class Sedan.

    Or, if you're an avid golfer, this small fortune could be used to join Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and T. Boone Pickens as members of Augusta National Golf Club.

    And even if you are currently engaged (or in a long-term relationship), this is still something you won't want to miss.

    In fact, you could collect enough money to pay for a romantic cruise for two around the world.

    So let's not waste another moment!
Receive FULL Medicare Benefits…
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Are you worried about the out-of-control costs for doctor visits and prescriptions?

Worry no more!

Enjoy full Medicare coverage PLUS a 50% "discount" off what you were expecting to pay.

These incredible savings apply to your payments and even your deductible.

How is this possible?

Banned Social Security Benefits reveals everything you need to know!
  • Attn: Parents and Grandparents!
    (Here's the Secret for Making the SSA Pay For Your Kid's Bachelor's + Master's + Medical Degree!)

    Since the 1970s, college tuition rates have risen 1,728%, far outpacing inflation.

    So if you are a parent or grandparent, then most likely the skyrocketing costs of education are keeping you up at night.

    Fortunately for some eligible recipients, Social Security may have a solution for this unacceptable predicament.

    In the report, you'll discover an exciting two-step process where you combine one of the banned benefits with another that isn't disappearing.

    Together, they could trigger a windfall that's big enough to pay for your children or grandkids to get their bachelor's and master's degrees…

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    Imagine being able to cover all of their education costs free and clear.

    Imagine them not being weighed down by the burden of student loans that take decades to pay off.

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    And here's another surprise.

    Your kids or grandchildren don't even have to be newborns or toddlers for you to take advantage of this opportunity.

    If they're 10-, 15-, 21-, 35-years-old, even older, and meet certain criteria, you could be eligible to receive some serious cash.

    Banned Social Security Benefits will show you how you could put all of this to work immediately.
***PLUS, if college isn't in your children's plans, you can still claim this money. You are going to want to see if you're eligible ASAP.
Because it could be worth up to $239,220!
  • Divorced? You Could Make an Extra $15,948 a Year From Your Ex's Social Security!
    (Even BEFORE Your Former Spouse Starts Collecting)

    There is a single line on your last tax return that could reveal if you're eligible to claim as much as $15,948 a year from this tactic.

    And you don't have to feel guilty, because this won't negatively affect your ex's benefits.

    Frankly, you don't even have to let your former spouse know what you're up to.

    So you can keep a clear conscience while you use this money every year to treat yourself to a first-class trip to Las Vegas with your closest friends, a new motorcycle, or a collection of fine Italian suits.
***PLUS, Banned Social Security Benefits reveals an additional opportunity divorced Americans can utilize that could add $341 a month to each check. It may not sound like a lot, but every penny counts… and this money will keep coming for life.
  • DOUBLE-DIP Your Way to Boosting Your LIFETIME Social Security Benefits By 64%

    Rumor has it that this powerful filing method is what aggravated Congress the most.

    And it was one of the MAJOR catalysts behind their upcoming reform.

    Here's why Capitol Hill is all stirred up.

    This clever tactic allows you and your spouse to double dip into the Social Security pot.

    It works if you are retired, or even if you are still collecting full salaries.

    Just make sure you claim it at the right time (which the report will show you how to do).

    It could result in your combined payouts rising an incredible 64%.

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    You'll get the full scoop in Banned Social Security Benefits.
  • Plus Much, Much More…
    (Including a 2-Step Filing Tactic For Married Couples
    That Could Be Worth $177,000!)
Now, to be clear, you will not be eligible for each of these soon-to-be-banned Social Security benefits, strategies, and tactics.
And claiming some will require more legwork than others.
Which is why we are taking all of the guesswork out the equation.
Banned Social Security Benefits
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With each benefit, you will receive:

  • Its eligibility requirements
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  • The amount of money you stand to receive
Locking in just one of the opportunities in this report could mean tens of thousands of extra dollars in your pocket.
If you are eligible for a few of them you may be able to grow your net worth by six figures (or more).
After all, there is $11.41 billion on the table here.
And by "grandfathering" yourself in, you can secure your piece of this money every single year.
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Congress Will Have Officially Banned These Benefits In:
And this urgent report is not the only thing you will receive today.
Not by a long shot.
The opportunity here is too big. There is too much money in play.
Seventy years ago the Chairman of the Social Security Board took to the airwaves and declared that Social Security was helping preserve "a keystone of American democracy."
He proclaimed it gives each hardworking citizen the opportunity "to secure economic independence."
He was talking about the American Dream.
The promise that each of us who has worked hard and paid into the system has earned a comfortable retirement.
Do you feel like the government is keeping that promise?
Of course not.
A few years back, Time magazine reported that a married, middle-class couple now pays, on average, $598,000 in Social Security taxes during their careers.
Yet, when they retire, they can only expect to receive $556,000 in benefits.
This is outrageous.
Forget earning interest.
Forget keeping up with inflation.
Forget breaking even.
That's a $42,000 deficit.
Instead of paying for the "privilege" of Social Security, Americans might as well take their money to the closest slot machine.
They'll have better odds of coming out ahead.
And some people are doing much worse than others.
Social Security Advisors is a high-end consultancy firm in Manhattan. They report that 71% of married couples are missing out on an average of $120,000.
They were owed this money from Social Security, but for any number of reasons, they were never able to collect on it.
…That's About to Change!
It is no longer a viable option to just sit back and assume Social Security is going to give you what you've earned.
You have to take matters into your own hands.
And we're going to help you.
We have created an additional report that we want to rush you right now.
It reveals the 16 benefits that could be next on Congress's chopping block.
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  • The $156,327 "DRC Provision"
    (Could This Be the SSA's Best-Kept Secret?)

    This powerful filing method is literally available to every person eligible for Social Security.
    If you are eligible for Social Security, you are eligible to collect what could be an extra $156k.
    But only 1.4% of recipients are cashing in on this.

    Yet only 1.4% are currently claiming this money.

    This is simply unfathomable when you consider that a Harvard economist has estimated it could be worth $156,327.

    So it stands to reason that the vast majority of Americans have no idea that what we call the "DRC Provision" exists.

    But you are about to be shown how to harness it.

    ***PLUS, Use This to Avoid the #1 Filing Mistake That Could Cost You $17,688 a Year.

    Nearly 8 out of every 10 Social Security recipients are making the same costly error.

    They aren't considering their "crossover" calculation when they file.

    That means each of these Americans is leaving potentially $17,688 a year on the table.

    Can you afford to be one of them?

    I think you could probably find some good uses for that money.

    Read up on this benefit in Supercharge Your Social Security.

    In fact, the report goes a step farther and shares some helpful online tools you can use for this opportunity.
  • This Ivy League "Life Hack" Could Unlock the Secret to DOUBLING Your Monthly Social Security Checks

    Wharton is the business school at the University of Pennsylvania – a top Ivy League institution.

    And one of its premier statisticians invented a tool that can be described with a single word…


    Remarkably, while this breakthrough has nothing to do with Social Security, in the report you will be shown how to use it for this safety net.

    And you'll be happy you did.

    In fact, how does collecting $3,501 each and every month sound? (That answer is obvious: It sounds great!)

    It could all be thanks to what you'll discover with this Ivy League "Life Hack."
The "Lucky 7" Secret to Becoming a Social Security Millionaire
"It delivers $1,174,858 in lifetime benefits!"
Tap into a "Lucky 7" set of benefits and it could grow your net worth by 7 figures.

You could be eligible for this million-dollar payout, even if you've never earned a big salary in your life.

You'll get all of the details in Supercharge Your Social Security.
  • Transform Your Social Security Benefits Into a
    No-Hassle, Interest-Free Loan
    (Start a Business! Get Out From Bad Debt! Whatever You Need!)

    Even most financial planners don't know this, but you can essentially get a one-year, interest-free loan from Social Security.

    This is a great option if you are looking to start a business, or want to pay off some of your higher interest credit card bills.

    Or maybe you just need quick cash and you don't want to trigger penalties by selling retirement assets early.

    As you'll see in Supercharge Your Social Security, this money is yours to do with as you please.

    I'm Retired!
    I Would Like an Extra Eight Grand!

    The SSA has created a benefit that allows you to kick-start your retirement with a one-time $7,972 payday.

    There are three ways to qualify.

    And each is covered in this report.
  • Have You Celebrated Your 10-Year Wedding Anniversary?
    (If So, the Social Security Administration Has a Pretty Pricey Gift For You)

    The traditional 10-year wedding anniversary gift is tin.

    But the SSA has a much better present in mind… cold hard cash.

    Forget a Tin Pot!
    You'll Actually Want This
    Anniversary Gift
    If you've been married for at least 10 years, you could use this Social Security benefit to add an extra $1,300 a month to your bank account.
    Couples who have been married at least a decade are eligible for as much as a $1,300 a month raise to their Social Security payments.

    All they have to do is step forward and claim it.

    That can certainly buy a lot of tin candlesticks, tin pots, and tin picture frames.

    (Or, better yet, something you actually want.)

    Learn how easy it is to receive this money in Supercharge Your Social Security.
  • No COLA? No Problem!

    2016 marks only the third time in the last 40 years where there will be no cost-of-living-adjustment (COLA) for Social Security payments.

    This will undoubtedly leave millions of Americans feeling pinched.

    But if you filled out the specific form you'll learn about in this report, then you probably won't experience a single sleepless night.

    Because you'll have set yourself up to receive an 8% raise for four consecutive years

    That's more than double the 3.88% COLA has averaged over the last 40 years.

    And this could mean an extra $10,224 a year!

    ***PLUS, This Benefit Could Be Used to Collect $193,000!
    (Even if You Haven't "Earned It")

    Maybe you were a stay-at-home mom and never paid a single dime into Social Security.

    Or maybe you left your career many years ago and believe you didn't earn enough credits to qualify for benefits.

    That doesn't mean you are shut off from collecting Social Security. Far from it.

    An estimated 12.4 million Americans could be eligible to receive as much as $193,330 (some even more).
  • Sick of the IRS Taking Too Much From Your
    Social Security Checks?
    (Protect Yourself With This Unconventional and
    Impenetrable Tax Shelter)

    There once was a time when your Social Security checks weren't taxed.

    Keep your hard-earned Social Security income out of the hands of the IRS.
    All it takes is a few mouse clicks.
    Those days are LONG gone.

    Today, depending on your income, up to 85% of your benefits can be taxed.

    In other words, you entrusted your hard-earned money to the government during your career.

    And much of it they turned around and used to pay for things completely unrelated to Social Security.

    Things you may not have voted for if given the choice.

    Then when it's time to finally get your money back, the government has the gall to tax you on it.

    But instead of getting mad… Get Even!

    There is a remarkable way to legally shelter your income so that your Social Security is shielded from the IRS.

    You can do it with a few mouse clicks.

    Everything is revealed in Supercharge Your Social Security.
  • 1 Question… 1 Minute… $106K!

    Millions of Americans could claim an extra 6 figures in Social Security benefits with minimal effort.

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  • Plus So Much More…
    (Including a way for eligible parents to collect an extra $26,304 a year based on their child's work history)
Banned Social Security Benefits and Supercharge Your Social Security will Empower YOU.
My team and I aren't affiliated with the SSA.
And even if you don't accept these two reports from us, we still strongly encourage you to review the complimentary materials the SSA provides on each of their benefits.
In fact, we're going to help you there, too.
Both reports will show you exactly where on the SSA's website to look for every opportunity we examine.
We Want to Give YOU the Tools Necessary to Take Control of Your Social Security.
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It's no wonder so many Americans are forced to lean on Social Security.
Since the recession, salaries have plummeted to levels we saw in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
And thanks to inflation, $1 in 1990 is only worth 54 cents today.
So you can see why USA Today is reporting that:
And The New York Times is warning of:
But the state of our investing is just as perilous.
Most workers have been told that 401(k)s can help secure their retirements.
Well, here's what Wall Street wants you to know:
401(k)s have historically averaged a 4.8% return.
And here's what they don't want you to know:
Those same 401(k)s can charge up to 3% a year
in management fees.
That's highway robbery!
How is anyone supposed to get ahead?
How is anybody supposed to retire when facing such impossible odds?
When you take a step back and look at the big picture, what you'll find is startling.
The Total Retirement Deficit for Americans Has Now Reached an Estimated
$14 Trillion.
I'll Repeat That…
Just to be able to achieve the bare minimum standard of retirement, Americans have to climb out of a $14 trillion hole.
Again, that's not to live lavishly.
That's just to get by.
So many people now believe that retirement has become an impossible-to-reach goal.
But my team and I are doing our part to change that.
For Too Long the Deck Has Been Stacked Against Too Many.
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We have launched an initiative we're calling Take Back Your Retirement.
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If you are already retired, but want to make your money work even harder for you NOW than it did during your career – this is for you.

No matter your story or situation – this initiative will empower you with real solutions and real answers for staking your claim to that retirement you have rightfully earned.
Take Back Your Retirement starts with:
FREE Resource #1: Banned Social Security Benefits (a $99 value)

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These reports will allow you to maximize the money you receive from our most important safety net.
And through this initiative, you will next be sent a collection of additional resources.
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Take Back Your Retirement
FREE Bonus Resource #3:
The IRS currently receives about $3.3 trillion in tax revenue a year.
But there is a dirty, not-so-little, secret they don't want you to know about.
According to the Congressional Budget Office's (CBO) own projections, between now and 2020 the IRS is going to raise AN ADDITIONAL $3.8 trillion from taxes.
That's above and beyond what they are already collecting.
That's the equivalent of an EXTRA $32,623 per U.S. household.
However, we already have about 50% of this country not paying federal income taxes.
…to pay an extra $32,623 in taxes.
IRS-Proof Your Life will help you protect your money from Uncle Sam!
So it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out whose door Uncle Sam will come knocking on to cover way more than their fair share of this extra $3.8 trillion.
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    Chances are you have a checking and savings account.

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    Surprisingly, 15.3 million Americans can open up one of these accounts, yet few do.

    You're going to want to see if you are eligible ASAP, because it can keep as much as $100,000 out of the hands of the IRS.
  • Could You Use an Extra $5,000… $10,000… $25,000 a Year?
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    More than 1.3 million Americans are eligible for this.

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  • Legally Skirt a $1,039 Insurance Tax You Could Owe This Year

    If you are a middle-class American living in one of the 34 states revealed in this report, you could be suddenly struck by an aggressive $1,039 insurance tax.

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  • Slash Your Dividend Taxes By 60%

    You've been responsible. You've patiently built an investment portfolio that will last throughout your golden years. And now it's time for your dividend income to go to work for you.

    But politicians regularly target this cash when they're looking for ways to raise taxes.

    Fortunately, by filling out an easy form, you can cut your dividend tax bill down by 60%.
  • The "Calendar Loophole" That Can Add $6,000 to Your Retirement Account

    …this "secret" filing date could mean an extra $6,000!
    Everyone knows you have to file taxes by April 15.

    But the IRS has a second filing date buried in their tax code for certain Americans.

    I strongly suggest marking it down on your calendar.

    Because in IRS-Proof Your Life, you'll see how this date could allow you to grow your retirement account by $6,000.
  • And So Much More…
Take Back Your Retirement
FREE Bonus Resource #4:
Every day, the government hands out an average of $1.41 billion through a series of programs and, frankly, free giveaways that 99% of Americans have no idea exist.
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Through this initiative you will receive a free trial subscription to our flagship publication, The Money Map Report.
Money Map Report was started as a way to help everyday Americans capitalize on fast approaching events.
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The world is complicated. From ISIS, to fears of China's stock market collapsing, to central bank madness, it can be hard to determine where the safe havens are for your money.
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These nine small-town retirement havens offer a mix of city sophistication and country charm.

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  • Report: Six Unstoppable Trends About to Make You Rich! (a $49 value)
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