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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

California Fines Suzuki – Tells Motorcycle Owners Hands Off Your Engine


California Air Resources BoardCalifornia doesn't want motorcycle owners messing with their engines and if the manufacturer makes it possible to do so through the use of an aftermarket tuner, then they'll fine the manufacturer for allowing that to happen.

California Air Resources Board
The California Air Resources Board (ARB) today announced that American Suzuki Motor Corporation and Suzuki Motor Corporation of Japan have agreed to a settlement of $3,020,000 to resolve violations of the California Health and Safety Code related to off-highway motorcycles equipped with dual calibrated emissions systems.

Dual calibrations within the emission control system allow motorcycle owners to purchase low-cost aftermarket devices that provide access to alternative engine control programming. This allows greater vehicle performance but also significantly increases smog-forming emissions. Such systems are prohibited by California law if they are undisclosed to ARB prior to the vehicles' approval for sale and if they are easily accessible by the vehicle owner.

As a strong advocate of the "hands on" movement to build, modify, fix and repair as necessary, I am happy I'm not living in California. How do you California residents put up with this stuff?

Off-highway vehicles that do not meet California's emission requirements pose a real danger to California residents.

Really? Yes, those dirt bikes are a big problem in California. Here's your government approved motorcycle, you're allowed to ride it, just don't put a wrench to it. Think of the children!

Link: Power Engineering

UPDATE: After digging around on the CARB site, I found this particular case was closed last year, it just looks like it took a while for it to bubble to the surface. I have a hunch that happens a lot, government agencies take some action, levy fines and penalties and so much of this goes on no one can possibly pay attention and stay on top of it all. When it finally gets any publicity, it's over and done, too late to do anything about it, if it was possible in the first place.