The police just lie and and when their lies don’t work they team up in hopes of intimidating law abiding citizens. This is why people don’t trust them or respect them any more. First thing out of the Arsenal police officers mouth was that I can not take pictures of the arsenal. Then he goes into how it is illegal.
Why must they do that? How about saying, “hi sir, how are you? Did you want to speak with Mr. John B. Synder, he is the Arsenal public affairs representative?” But no, they go right into ordering someone around and then intimidating them first. Then the city of Watervliet Police try their hand at lying. Oh, and they don’t forget to ask me for ID. And when that doesn’t work, they go into even more intimidation tactics by calling for more police to arrive. After I walked away from them, two more Watervliet cars drove by to meet up with the other police.
At the end of the video, I found them all around my car. I didn’t try to hide my car, because my name is on with this video. I am now well known in Troy, which is on the other side of the river from Watervliet. However, they try to intimidate me more by having three patrol cars around my car and they still are trying to get a good picture of me. And listen to Watervliet Officer Langlais say he doesn’t know if there are gangs in Watervliet or if there are any missing persons. Finally, he has nothing better to do then watch me.
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Capital District Cop Block STRIKES AGAIN!
Watch Adam CopBlock the Watervliet PD in this video. One officer asks, "Have you heard of 9/11" when asking Adam why he's taking pictures of a government building, to which Adam replies, "have you heard of the first amendment?"