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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Oppose S.510 - Do not take the chance of regulating small farms out of business.

This is a message I sent to my neighbors who have about 20 egglaying
chickens and like to drink fresh milk which they obtain, in trade, at
the local farmers market, as it is healthier. It is also one situation
in which there is no exchange of currency involved - and that is a
situation in which government cannot prosper, thus they want to reduce
barter exchanges and farmers increases everyones'
dependence on currency printed by the Federal Reserve Bank - a private
enterprise which greedily benefits by controlling the US economy. Do not
let government in on all your transactions as this leads to total control.

Oppose S.510 - a bill to expand regulatory powers of the FDA over small
farmers. It would be very dangerous to overregulate small farmers, food
banks, food coops, farmers markets in favor of big business. Monopoly
control of the food supply to only the giants of agribusiness would be
terribly dangerous. Instead of local food illness outbreaks which would
effect a limited number of local consumers, with monopolistic food
suppliers tainted food could reach millions.

If you pass it along in your state or congressional district, please
change the Senate and Congress contact info or you may look very foolish.

US Senate Bill 510 is a bill which local farmers, local food coops, and
local farmers markets need to know about, and be concerned about.

The bill would give broad and overreaching powers to the FDA, which
could put all small farms out of business. This is exactly what giants
in agribusiness, like Monsanto, the makers of genetically modified seed
which they own the patents on, would like to see.

To find out more:

To see the greedy big money pouring in to those who are supposed to
represent YOU rather than big business, here's a rundown:

To contact your voices in Congress:

Senator Burr

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