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Saturday, March 19, 2016

USA - Inside The Iron Order

Nobody should be surprised by the Iron Order Motorcycle Club. The Iron Order is what happens after Harley-Davidson spends three decades making a commodity out of something called “the outlaw lifestyle.” Whether the Iron Order is an “homage,” as Sons of Anarchy is said to be an homage, or a parody is a matter of debate.
What should be obvious to even casual observers is that all outlaw motorcycle clubs subscribe to a common code of conduct. Belonging to a three piece patch club is a way of being a man and the code to which all patch holders, prospects, hang arounds and friends are expected to adhere is as rigid as bushido or cop rules.
Most members of what is sometimes called “Saloon Society” agree: Don’t call 911; do not cooperate with police; handle your own business; don’t back down from a fight; and never testify against anyone including your enemies. There are more rules but these few describe a code that is not just peculiar to the motorcycle club world but that was shared by most American men at least as recently as the Great Depression.
Tom Joad, one of literary America’s favorite heroes, killed a man, did time for it and was no lover of cops. In 1804 when the Vice President of the United States, a man named Aaron Burr, had a problem with Alexander Hamilton, George Washington’s former Chief of Staff, the first Secretary of the Treasury and the original Republican, the two men settled it outside the law with a pair of handguns.
Clearly, men who join the Iron Order are not Tom Joad, Aaron Burr or Alexander Hamilton.

The Iron Order Code

After confrontations with alleged members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club in San Antonio and Fort Worth in the summer of 2011, this is what IOMC President Ray “Izod” Lubesky told the members of his club.
“Never step outside for any reason. Always stay where there are people around and witnesses that can dial 911 if things go bad.”
“We are dealing with criminals. The question came up, ‘I thought we had things worked out with the Bandidos?’ We do communicate and have an understanding with the International officers but criminals cannot control their own. After the last confrontation with them we called the IVP for the Bandidos and he did take action so there has been no problem with that chapter of the Bandidos since, however the fucktards in San Antonio didn’t get the memo. They are criminals and no law or law enforcement agency can stop criminals from committing crime. If they could there wouldn’t be crime.”
“The Bandidos in San Antonio will lose three of their members who will now become guests in the Gray Bar Hotel for a long time and for what? What did they really gain? Not a damn thing. We will continue wearing the Texas state rocker. We will not shut down. We will not change what we do, how we do it, where we go, what we wear or anything else. We will continue on and those three morons will spend the next 10 to 20 years playing bitch to La Eme and Texas Mafia in prison. Our brothers in the Shiprock, New Mexico chapter are all prison guards. They tell us the first thing that happens to 1%ers when they get to prison is they get their asses beat just to let them know they ain’t shit in prison. Most of the time they need to be separated from the population because they are targets. That is the life they will lead while our brothers they assaulted and this great MC continue on enjoying the liberties and freedoms we are entitled to.”
Lubesky advised his members that he expected the Bandidos MC, “will immediately notify LE and the press if this gets into the newspaper that this ‘unfortunate act’ was not sanctioned or approved by the Bandidos Motorcycle Club because they don’t do these things. It was three ex-members acting on their own”. They will say ex-members because they will most likely be thrown out or immediately retired by the Bandidos. They do this to keep from having a Title 18 charge on the club. Then they will contact us whenever they know for sure their members are going to face serious jail time to ask us not to cooperate and not show up for court or sentencing to get the penalty reduced as much as possible. This is exactly what they did the last time we had an issue like this in Houston several years ago. We don’t cooperate with 1%ers when they do shit like this. The Bandidos will avoid us for the coming future. They will not want to get a Title 18 so there won’t be any more confrontations from them, I am 90 percent sure. Of course, like I said earlier, we are dealing with criminals so you all need to be on your guard at all times.”
“We will cooperate with LE and we will prosecute. We will take all steps necessary to protect ourselves and go on down the road.”

How proud the Iron Order members’ sons and women must be of them.