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Thursday, March 3, 2016

For you folks in Ca, take a look at this attachment.


For you folks in Ca, take a look at this attachment. My kid owns (owned) a Honda Ruckus; we did some trading and I took over ownership. Now he hasn't really ridden this for well over a year, sitting in his shop. He chose not to register as he was not riding on public roads. Not being used on public roads he broke no laws except for the fact he failed to tell the Gestapo that he wasn't registering the bike. Look at the fines. A lot of these costs/charges are hidden in YOUR registration. In CA it is estimated that there are over 4.8 MILLION drivers who lost their drivers licenses because they could not pay their fines...including court costs. And the court costs (not the legitimate legal fines) as directed by the California Judicial Council (the SS division); are so freakn high, most cannot afford them. AND many courts were making folks pay their fines even if they plead NOT GUILTY. California is truly a socialist state with the highest paid and probable the most corrupt politicians in the country. To pay for all of this socialism and for the extremely high salaries and benefits, not just the politicians but also the hierarchy of the state employees and union leaders; CA has to bleed its residents dry. I know a lot of you are state employees and union members, some of you have approached me from other states; but CA is truly corrupt. This is just one very small example. I will be writing my Assembly representative. You can not fix the problem unless you know what the problem is. For all of their rhetoric; they really do not care about the little guy.