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Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Black News Hole

A black hole is a star so dense that nothing, not even light, can escape its mass. So you can’t actually see a black hole. Like you can’t actually see the Iron Order Motorcycle Club in Los Angeles. You have to infer that they exist. Like by reading the stupid and rude remarks their anonymous trolls leave behind them – which always begin, I’m not a member of the Iron Order but….

Apparently the Iron Order is invisible in Denver and Oklahoma City, too. Apparently investigations into deadly assaults committed by Iron Order members are invisible. The murders and assaults have a kind of opposite invisibility from the invisibility of the Iron Order itself. When you can’t actually see, hear or read about the investigations into these murders and attempted murders you have to infer they do not exist.

There is a postmodern, hallucinogenic surreality to all this.

And here’s the newz.

Colorado prison guard and Iron Order gunman Derrick “Kong” Duran remains free today, 39 days after he shot and killed a Mongol named Victor “Nubs” Mendoza at the Colorado Motorcycle Expo in Denver on January 30. As Fox News put it on February 5, “No arrests have been made yet on this developing story.”

Duran remains on paid leave.

Witnesses have said that a fight erupted after members of the Iron Order attempted to intimidate Mongols members working at a tee shirt stand at the Expo, As has happened numerous times before, Iron Order members used the altercation as an excuse to draw and use guns. Before the story disappeared into the black news hole, Las Vegas attorney Stephen Stubbs, speaking on behalf of the Mongols told PEOPLE magazine, “It was a fight started by the Iron Order, They were the only ones who had guns there.”

John “Shark” Whitfield, who is Director of the Division of Legal Affairs for the Iron Order told PEOPLE, “Our guys were afraid for their lives. You have almost 60 Mongols that are jumping these guys and they are known to be a one percent club and they don’t care about violence. They were just trying to get out of there. They were convinced they were going to die.” The Iron Order is the only motorcycle club in the history of motorcycle clubs to have a club officer called, “Director of the Division of Legal Affairs.” And, this arouses absolutely no suspicion about anything in anyone.
Oklahoma City

Jimmy Frank Williams, a member of the Rednecks Motorcycle Club, remains the only person arrested in connection to a gunfight involving Iron Order members who followed three Rednecks to a gas station adjoining the Kickapoo casino east of Harrah, Oklahoma on February 19.

The incident has been ignored by most news outlets in Oklahoma.

In its most recent update on February 22, television station KWTV reported that members of the two clubs had “exchanged gunfire” and that “more arrests are likely to come.”

And since then there has been only interstellar blackness, silence and forces invisible as gravity.

It seems, the Iron Order will be appearing at the Four Corners Motorcycle Rally next September.

In a news release on February 23, Rally owner Johnny Valdez explained the relationship between the controversial club and his event.

“Iron Order is not a sponsor of the event and we do not receive any money of any kind from them. They are referred to on our website as Friends of the Rally due to their volunteer time provided for poker runs, fundraising for the Battered Women’s Sheller of Farmington. NM and the assistance with the Field Games at the Rally. They receive the same treatment as any volunteer and do not receive any special treatment or recognition for their time.

“We are addressing the safety concerns for our patrons. We already prohibit and enforce a no firearms and weapons policy at the Rally for the safety of all Rally attendees.”