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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

MARYLAND - Motorcycle Rider Profiling.

VICTORY!!!!! Maryland is now the second state in this Republic that has enacted a law condemning and preventing Motorcycle Rider Profiling. Thanks to COLT, his team and EVERYONE involved. Now, let's keep the momentum going in terms of building national legislation and continue with individual state legislation.

136-0 passage by the House of Delegates.
I cannot begin to express the feeling I have for our community right now. Some may view the apparent, imminent passage of this bill into law as a victory for Maryland Motorcyclists, I see something bigger.
We now have affirmation of the trail blazing that Washington state provided 5 years ago.
On two sides of the country, in states with varying differences in political ideology and demographics.
This is PROOF that we do NOT need to live with discrimination ANYWHERE.
That when we raise our issues to the Legislature they WILL respond. No longer must we live with the myth that "you can't fight City Hall".
We have stood at the precipice and took the leap. We are nearing a world where all receive equal protection of the law. A world where we are free to ride without discrimination or targeted enforcement.
This is not JUST a Victory for Maryland, this is a victory for the 10 Million+ motorcyclists in our Country and for each and every person that we support and who in turn supports us.
I'm proud of our community here in Maryland. Thank you for your faith in us to represent you to the Government, and thank you for standing BESIDE me.
Thank you to the 183 Elected Officials who have acknowledged our community and voted YES to end and prevent discrimination.
Thank you to the 68 Elected Officials who Sponsored this legislation and the numerous who Championed the support we ultimately received.
Thank you to All of those across the country that have provided guidance and support when needed.
Colt Legion MC