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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Thank you for visiting the PROJECT: Not Guilty website.
A very wise man once said,
"Invitations to the revolution are not engraved"

Dedication -
The PNG Team proudly dedicates this project to the victims of the Texas criminal justice system unfortunate enough to have been falsely arrested, wrongfully convicted, and/or subsequently denied consideration for a Full Pardon - for innocence.

Victims of the System -
You are hereby encouraged to consider sharing your personal experience(s) regarding a false arrest and/or wrongful conviction with the public at large in our BLOGABOUTIT Forum. It’s completely understandable that the fear of embarrassment, ridicule, and having to explain, and/or defend, prevents the majority from speaking out. Honestly, keeping a false arrest and wrongful conviction to yourself isn’t right or healthy.
Time to Name Names -It's time to name names, so that those guilty of these atrocities have an opportunity to: explain themselves, deny any involvement, and/or apologize to their victims, their own families, and to the public they serve(d). Patterns of Police and Prosecutorial Misconduct can be revealed when the public learns the names of the individuals responsible for false arrests and wrongful convictions.

PNG will publish the certified Case Files, the Police Incident Reports, the Mug Shots, including: the names of all parties, along with any and all correspondence submitted. The PNG Team offers you unlimited space at the PNG Forum to share your story and evidence showing a false arrest, wrongful conviction, and/or subsequent denial of a Full Pardon.

We invite those public servants named in the documents to consider taking time to publicly apologize to their victims that include letters of recommendation for Full Pardons for innocence.

History Repeating Itself or a Vicious Cycle? -
The wronged community has consisted of human beings from every class, race and political afiliation from day one. The historic and catastrophic failure to officially unite as one, simply allows the Bad Cop(s) to get away with falsely arresting at will. It leaves the rogue Assistant District Attorney(s) to continue enjoying a life of Prosecutorial Misconduct supported by immunity loopholes. The citizens of voting age will continue to: receive Jury Duty notices, avoid or accept the duty, miss work, etc... All along with the plan being to dismiss the Jury due to the Prosecution Team and Defense Team plea-bargaining with the innocent at lunch recess.
Incompetent Attorneys/Lawyers/Public Defenders will simply move on to the next case as they attempt to forget about their personal role and involvement in the game. The majority will dump Case Files after only three to five years in an attempt to clear their conscience and distance themselves. All along, none of this could possibly happen without the Judge's cooperation, for it is he/she that allows and/or denies. *Worst of all: the rogue, the bad, and the incompetent, aspire to become judges themselves, therefore, the vicious cycle never ends.

Crime Victims Have Rights Both: Legal & Moral -
We have the right to report it to the authorities in a timely fashion and hopefully ASAP. We also have a moral obligation to be truthful while in the process. (Insert relevant Biblical verse here.) The information provided to the officer becomes part of the Police Incident Report, including description(s) of suspect(s), description(s) of weapons used and lists any items taken.

Picking & Choosing –
If suspect(s) are found in the area fitting the original description(s) they’ll: be arrested, searched and taken to jail. If someone is later found to be in possession of any of the items taken, they and everyone with them will be: arrested, searched, and taken to jail.
The crime victim will be shown a photo array and allowed to pick out the suspect(s). If a suspect(s) is picked/chosen from the photo array, the victim will have another opportunity to pick the suspect(s) out of a live Show-Up. Fillers are used both times and should be comprised of five individuals with similar features such as: *race, *height, *weight, *hair type, color and length. In some cases the suspect(s) are driven to the victim’s location (crime scene) for immediate identification.
No matter which method is utilized there are only three acceptable options for the crime victim to consider:

*Opt. A - No suspect(s) fit description(s).
*Opt. B - Positive Identification one or more.
*Opt. C - Tentative Identification one or more.

When Crime Victims & Cops Conspire to Convict -
Like it or not, every single day someone becomes a victim of a criminal act. Unfortunately, many are easily convinced by the police and the ADA that the real perpurtrator(s) was arrested. Generations of holdouts in the belief that police don't lie or arrest the wrong people (on purpose) are eager to assist them in obtaining a conviction.
In Case after Case, the Team has received Police Incident Reports clearly showing crime victims providing detailed description(s) of suspect(s) moments after the crime occurred. These same victims go on to Positively Identifying suspect(s) from Photo Arrays and live Show-Ups having absolutely nothing in common with the Original Description(s).
As unbelievable and outrageous as this maybe, it's mind-boggling to turn the page and see Detectives confronting the victim(s) about the gross descrepentcies between the Original Suspect(s) Description(s) and the Suspect(s) he/she Positively Identified moments earlier. In particular, Cases out of Harris County, Texas, clearly show Dectectives ignoring the gross descrepentcies and seeking felony charges.
Despite these obvious differences ex: wrong skin color, wrong hair color, type & length, the D. A's. 'Intake' seals the deal over the phone. Something similar to - "Hey Bob, how's the wife? Good, well we gotta Positive Identification on one suspect & a Tentative Identification on one suspect. We need felony charges on both." "Ok, Bye."

WTF? -
When the Detectives bring these gross description descrepentcies to the crime victim’s attention, one would think that it’s obvious that the suspect(s) would ultimately be released. Here in Texas, we have witnessed just the opposite as Detectives are shown in Case after Case literally ignoring the fact that they themselves just confronted a crime victim about gross description descrepentcies. Despite all of this, it is very disturbing to know that the Supervisors happily sign off on the report(s) as Closed/Cleared.
*Even more alarming is when the D. A’s. ‘Intake’ is shown systematically agreeing (usually over the phone) to file felony charges. Five minutes of comparing the information prior to taking charges and/or having a citizen sit in during live Show-Up operations could possibly prevent this type of conspiracy from resulting in a wrongful conviction. Too Easy?

What Do You Get When The District Attorney Encourages His Assistant D. As. to
“Do The Right Thing”?
When two or more individuals are shown to have knowingly & willingly worked in unison to: *file false arrest charges, *disregard gross suspect description discrepancies, *perform improper Photo Array, *perform improper live Show-Up, *present bogus/false evidence to the Grand Jury, fabricate false State’s Exhibits documents, introduce faked evidence into Case Files, *present to the court and display falsified evidence to a jury, intimidate witnesses to not testify, pick a jury only to plea-bargain at lunch recess, etc...?

Give Up?

When Crime Victims
are 100% Wrong About Being 100% Positive?
When the real/actual culprits are blatantly ignored and allowed to continue in their criminal enterprises: the joke is on the Crime Victim(s), their families and the public at large. Thus, leaving the taxpayers to pick up the entire tab. Shame on the crime victim(s) that realizes that the wrong person(s) is in custody but yet conspires with the authorities to obtain a conviction.

I Know Nothing -
When Detectives, Assistant D. As. and Crime Victims are confronted about their actions recorded in Police Incident Reports & Case Files they either: stick to their story, play dumb, or ignore it.
Imagine what it must feel like to be told that the documents clearly show them conspiring to: file false charges, prosecuting the innocent, falsifying evidence, and refusing to acknowledge that they Positively Identified the wrong suspect(s). They all have and will claim ignorance, and/or harassment in hopes that it all goes away.
*If anyone ever comes across information showing any of these three entities:'doing the right thing for the right reasons' via: publically opologizing to the wronged, the citizens and offering to assist the wronged, please forward it to the Team.

Taxpayers Accountability - We all share partial blame for the causes of each and every false arrest and wrongful conviction. Therefore, we end up paying for the side effects experienced by the wronged individuals and the unnecessary burden placed on society as a whole. From day one: salaries are being collected, expenses are being paid, fees are being charged, the employed become unemployed and man hours are lost. Lives are further turned upside down in the form of: divorces, foreclosures, bankruptcies, etc…
As families of the working wronged are forced to turn to assistance from the State, County and Public Utilities the taxpayer is forced to pick up the tab. When and if the falsely arrested and wrongfully convicted collect from a settlement, it is the taxpayer that funds the account. The Tim Cole Act makes those eligible for a financial apology from the State of Texas $80,000. per year of wrongful incarceration plus-plus. The annual cost of housing the rightfully and wrongfully alike is not cheap when factoring in: education, expected and unforeseen medical/dental issues.

Voter Accountability –
Voting Just to be Voting Syndrome -

You can make a difference by simply taking time to teach yourself and others how to stop voting just to be voting. Who knew that it could be that simple?
Research and learn about a candidate’s stance on false arrests, wrongful convictions & plea-bargaining abuse. Inquire if they have any solutions and intentions to implement them once in office. Hold them to their word. Remember, it’s very easy to vote especially when it’s done just to be voting. It's takes courage to confront candidates about what they are going to do about the historically ignored issues. It’s even harder to confront them once in office.
Bless those voters that step up, speak up and take a stand. Bless those that listen, research and implement workable solutions benefiting the public at large. Shame on those that don’t.

The Supreme Court
"Plead ‘em, If You Got ‘em" -
When the Supreme Court gave the green light to Plea-Bargain and let the taxpayers of tomorrow worry about the tab, it essentially gave the policing authorities the thumbs up to arrest at will. The Courts placed the detainees either on Probation or in Jail and/or Prison. This led to a massive prison expansion program and strained the welfare system as rolls grew due to bread winners being locked-up.
Police Reports and Case Files indicate that the permission to - Pled 'em If you got 'em the the Police and Courts recieved from the Supreme Court knowingly included scores of innocents. In Texas this led to the Profiling of those having long hair, facial hair, unemployed and homeless. This resulted in a state-wide masss round up and arrest of those found being in possession of just one joint. Other state's have reported harsh sentences for having seeds or residue in the ashtray. Would you believe that this is going on right now, today? Your tax dollars are still hard at work and you have no one to blame but yourselves.

A Round-Up Campaign lasting for decades resulted in what we see today: prison and jail overcrowding, as the Courts clear their Dockets via: Plea-Bargaining in 95% - 98% of all criminal cases. Knowing this makes that little thing called Voir Dire and sitting on jury only to be dismissed a running joke. Not to mention the lost man-hours, the $6.00 per day - plus parking checks, the 20 to 30 mile one-way trips downtown, etc, puts the joke squarely on the public at large. Mean while, Criminal Defense Lawyers/Attorneys/Public Defenders continue to play plea-bargain games with Assistant D. As.
Leaving us wondering - "If everyone is tapping out 95 - 98 percent of the time, does that mean that cases are being defended only 3 - 5 percent of the time?" If so, "then why not hire a Criminal Negotiator?" Note: (a term coined by the Team and future niche to be carved out) What? What? What?

Why Texas?PROJECT: Not Guilty was launched in Texas in 2009, due to the robust criminal justice system reform movement. The universal disinterest in Closed & Cleared NON-DNA related claims of actual innocence by the multitudes of projects and groups that have come before us, has inspired us to focus primarily on these historically ignored cases. The Team prays that its endeavors combined with those across the state, contribute to greatly reducing the amount of false arrests and hopefully prevents wrongful convictions of tomorro by addressing all claims.
It's very clear that Texas' leaders (Mayors, D.As., Governors, TBPP, etc...) have no intentions to honestly address 'all' past, present & future false arrests and wrongful convictions on it's own. Texans deserve to have an honest, transparent and streamlined Clemency / Pardon application procedure that doesn't discriminate against applicants based on the type of evidence proving innocence. With this in mind, true criminal justice system reforms should encompass from the very moment of arrest all the way through the entire Clemency / Pardon application process.
The Team will also study certain aspects of the Texas Criminal Justice System and its relationship with the Clemency Section of the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles. We will learn how this department operates in relation to being charged with handling the Regular Full Pardon & Full Pardon - for innocence application packets, analyzing, researching and preparing the files for consideration by the Board.

Currently Full Pardons - for innocence applications are considered only on the unanimous recommendation of the applicant's three trial officials (sentencing or current judge, district attorney, and Sheriff). Thus, ensuring that it is virtually impossible to comply with the requirement due to there being absolutely no incentives for any of the three. Eliminating the requirement of applicants seeking a Full Pardon - for innocence should be considered.
In Phase One of PROJECT: Not Guilty, you are invited to follow the Team as we embark on a mission to implement and complete a very unique project. One that will examine all claims of innocence having absolutely nothing to do with DNA, Death Row and/or those Currently in Custody. The Team will also study the many causes of false arrests and the sustained trauma associated with being wrongfully convicted. We will conclude with a study of the Clemency application process, where the Team will research the human cost associated with State(s) that systematically denies all applicants seeking a Full Pardon based on innocence.
Phase Two will involve targeting and researching specific cases of False Arrest and wrongful convictions for patterns of Police and Prosecutorial Misconduct. Cases/Claims having sufficient evidence proving innocence and subsequently denied consideration for a Full Pardon for or based on innocence will be show-cased.
Team members will publish false arrests and wrongful conviction related case files, police reports & mug shots, including the names of 'all' parties involved. If you are a bad cop, a rogue ADA, or a lazy judge that allows the bad and enables the rouge while enjoying the many levels of immunity loopholes, now's the time to 'do the right thing for the right reasons'.

If you and/or a loved one are truly not guilty and/or have been previously denied a pardon based on innocence and believe your claim of actual innocence deserves further recognition, you are encouraged to contact the PNG Team.
PROJECT: Not Guilty is a for profit at this time but will never charge a fee for services rendered. Instead we have chosen to operate by surviving on our own merits, advertising revenue and of course the kindness of others.

*Please consider a $5.00 & under non-tax deductable donation.
**You may donate your time in lieu of a monetary contribution.
***Please alert the Team if you would prefer to remain an anonymous donor, for we fully intend on letting the world know the names of those brave enough to sponsor the project.
****By submitting a story, you are not obligated to contribute in any way. There are no written or spoken guarantees that the Team will approve your claim/story for future actions including: placing info. on the cases page and/or improve your chances for obtaining any post conviction relief.

You have the right to remain silent, as long as you know that you have a civic duty and moral obligation not to. While it truly takes a village to raise a child correctly, it'll take a nation to bring about the correct change we can truly believe in. This is a human issue and the remedy awaits for the unification of mankind, for we've remained separate and silent long enough.
*Please feel free to participate in the Discussions and Solutions about the vast topic of {Not Guilty} in the PNG BLOGABOUIT Forum.
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***You are also invited to watch the Team's interviews and participate in the Online Petitions. Surveys, Letters of Recommendation & Letters of Disgust Campaigns at the PNG BLOGABOUTIT BlogCast.
***Consider joining our Services Exchange Program and apply your skills, talents and passions to the goal of righting past wrongs. Join the project's panel of ordinary citizens consisting of both active and retired private investigators, lawyers, police, paralegals, judges, parents, educators, researchers, crime victims and victims of the criminal justice system in an effort to prevent the false arrest and subsequent wrongful convictions of tomorrow by addressing the wrongs of the past.