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Saturday, December 25, 2010

IOWA: Motorcycle helmets should be required by law


Motorcycle helmets should be required by law
Font Size: Default font size Larger font size SPIRIT LAKE, Iowa - Motorcycles are very dangerous. Many people die each year and the number of fatalities continues to grow each year. There are numerous reasons for this such as the new and faster bikes, inexperienced motorcyclists, and reckless driving. Many of these fatalities can easily be prevented by one simple law that needs to be passed across the nation. That law is that motorcyclists should be required to wear a helmet whenever riding a motorcycle. There are many reasons on both sides on whether people should or should not. Many of the reasons why people do not want to wear them is mainly for comfort and for looks. The reasons for someone wearing a helmet greatly outweighs the reasons for someone to not wear one. These reasons are because it can save lives or serious injuries, it can save distress and other issues families deal with when they lose a member who dies from a crash, and you can customize your helmets with many graphics and accessories that can help express yourself.

Even though motorcycles are dangerous, people are going to continue to use them. The only way to lessen the risk is by people wearing a helmet. That is why wearing a helmet on a motorcycle should be a law. - Kyle Heidebrink