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Thursday, December 30, 2010

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 12-30-10

Here are the 13 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for Wednesday, December 29, 2010:

An Owsley County KY deputy is the subject of a lawsuit and a federal investigation which may lead to charges on allegations that he beat a man in the face with a retractable metal baton, breaking his eye socket, and sprayed him with mace after he was cuffed in front of several witnesses then arrested him on false charges. Witnesses say the beating was unprovoked. [4]

Meanwhile, a Booneville KY police officer who was also at the event listed above is the subject of a federal and state investigation into allegations that he failed to stop that deputy from beating his victim and refused to assist him when he was injured. [3]

San Juan County WA settled a lawsuit for $75,000 to a woman who was tackled, tasered, and then arrested on false charges when she refused to allow deputies to search her home after they were called for a domestic disturbance and had arrived after the man involved had left. The search they performed anyway was deemed illegal and didn’t turn up any evidence of any crime. [0]

118 people so far have filed claims to portions of a $3,000,000 settlement to a class action lawsuit involving alleged abused by the now-disbanded Minnesota Metro Gang Task Force that included illegal seizures of property, illegal searches, false arrests, and excessive force in addition to other allegations. The committee responsible for that task force comprised of officers from different agencies insists that a $3,000,000 settlement is not an admission of wrongdoing. [0]

A Franklin IN police officer has been charged with battery and official misconduct for groping a female informant’s genitals and calling another officer’s attention to her genital piercing in a disparaging manner while he was wiring her up for a sting operation. [0]

A now-former Mt San Jacinto College CA police chief has been sentenced to one year in jail on multiple charges including bribery, destruction of evidence and perjury involving a towing scam. [0]

A Danville IN assistant police chief has pled guilty to battery charges for breaking into a house and assaulting his estranged wife’s boyfriend, injuring her in the process. [0]

An Albuquerque NM police detective has been arrested on allegations that he punched his girlfriend in face during an argument over taxes. [0]

A Providence RI police officer has received a suspended sentence after his no contest plea over his role in a drug ring that resulted in three other cops being indicted as well. [0]

A Forest City IA police officer has been fired over an unspecified on duty incident but officials won’t say why because his union has filed a grievance on his behalf. [0]

A Sleepy Eye MN police officer has been fired for a drunk driving incident that happened nearly a year ago. [0]

The police chief of Grantsville UT had to pay a fine after he pled guilty to a poaching charge for killing a deer on private property. I was on the fence about adding this one but I guess it was a criminal charge so it applies. [0]

And finally, an Illinois State trooper was sentenced to probation and a fine in a plea deal to a misdemeanor charge for lying on a report she filed about a motorist she stopped who had a suspended license that she let go without arresting. Her report falsely claimed that she allowed another person to drive the car when she let him go. [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there.