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Thursday, December 30, 2010

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 12-27-10

By David, on December 28th, 2010

Reports are still slow from the holidays but, anyway, here are the 7 reports we’ve tracked this Monday, December 27, 2010:
Wichita Kansas has settled a wrongful death suit for $300,000 to the family of a man who was killed when a police cruiser collided with his car while the officer was speeding without his emergency lights or siren activated. [0]
Four Portland Oregon police officers are being accused of using excessive force on a man who had to be hospitalized after he claims he was an innocent bystander when the officers took him to the ground, beat him, and tasered him three times including once in the neck on Christmas Eve when police were responding to a call about a fight at a club. The man is actually the second grandson of a local pastor involved in a questionable use of force case, the other was 15 when he was beaten and tasered between 6-12 times by police after he escaped from home even after his grandmother had informed police he was severely autistic. The man was in town from Arizona where he’s a straight A student studying sports medicine. [3]
Three South Bend Indiana police officers are accused of using excessive force on a man they dragged from a car when they suspected he was involved in a minor accident with a parked disabled truck that didn’t appear to have any damage. Police say they found the man passed out and he punched and kicked the officers when they tried to arrest him but witnesses who live in nearby homes claim the man never got up after cops drug him from his car and that they saw officers washing off large amounts of blood from their hands and boots after they beat and tasered the man several times. He suffered a facial fracture and doesn’t remember what happened. [3]
A Houston County Georgia deputy is the subject of a lawsuit filed by a man claiming the deputy used excessive force and when he tasered him for asking why his son was pulled over and then threatened to be tasered again when he complained of having chest pains. [3]
An Ohio State Patrol Lieutenant Colonel who was second in command has retired while he was under investigation into allegations that he interfered with an investigation into a trooper who was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with an underage girl. [0]
A Montgomery County Maryland police sergeant will have to repay $5,000 of the $10,000 that she wrongfully claimed for hours she didn’t work after she pled guilty to payroll fraud charges. [0]
And finally, a Coral Springs Florida police officer was suspended for one week without pay over his arrest on drunk driving charges in Nevada, charges that were later dropped when prosecutors there failed to send their files to his defense attorneys within the time limit required. [1]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!