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Friday, December 31, 2010

Fiber Optic Mohawk Helmets. Not For Me. For You?

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I know some of you will have a field day with this.
I can’t imagine myself with a Mohawk haircut, nor you… Much less wearing a Mohawk helmet shining like a Christmas tree! These fiber optic may be fun to use or show, but I doubt that a mature baby boomer (baby boomers are all supposed to be mature…) will buy one, even not for July the 4th.
But the main argument of Helmet Ic. is safety: no Mohwawk without a protective helmet and the fiber optic will help you being seen by all the other boneheads on the road. Choose your color to match your mood: white, blue, red, black, green, orange, pink ands multi-color. At Helmet Inc.....

Dave responds,
If loud pipes, bad tatoos, weird clothes, odd piercings, tacky paint, and wheelies just aren’t enough, perhaps a day-glo mohawk will do it.
Not for us old farts, but the emerging cafe riders and retro-punk stylies will likely go for it. Now if I could only find my old Mad Max VHS tapes to find myself some “current” inspiration!