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Thursday, January 7, 2016

How Tunnel Works: Here's a secret: high-level government agencies surround their buildings with copper shielding to hide their activity.


Health and freedom can finally fit in the palm of your hand. Tunnel gives you the confidence to plan, act, and move without worrying about who's keeping tabs on you. And since Tunnel blocks harmful EMF pollution, you can do it all while optimizing your health. 
  • Proven

    Constructed with 100% authentic copper — the same  kind of metal used by top-level government agencies to hide their activity. They’re doing it, now you can too.
  • Powerful

    Your Tunnel uses a new and innovative dual-layer compounding system with authentic copper plus an auxiliary nickel conductor to create an impenetrable shield.
  • Simple

    Charmingly easy to use, you can take Tunnel with you on-the-go and break free from the grid in a matter of seconds, leaving surveillance systems in the dust.
tun diagram 16What is EMF?
EMF stands for electromagnetic fields.
Your phone constantly uses EMF, which allows others to pry into your information and watch your activity. EMF exposure has also been linked to numerous negative health effects.
How Tunnel Works:
Here's a secret: high-level government agencies surround their buildings with copper shielding to hide their activity.
Why copper? Copper is a highly conductive metal that blocks EMF, allowing the user to escape surveillance.
It's why we built Tunnel with 100% authentic copper shielding. If governments can do it, so can we.  When you slip your phone inside, you cannot be tracked or monitored.
We also added a reinforcing nickel conductor to increase Tunnel's shielding strength even more, making Tunnel the only device on the market that provides this kind of anonymity and liberty.
Smartphones typically operate somewhere between 850-1900 MHz. Tunnel can block that entire range and then some at 100+ db attenuation, and it can fit virtually any phone size, including the new iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy.

Your Freedom Matters

Even when you put your phone on standby or switch it off, it still functions in a low-power mode (or "baseband") and uses EMF.
Malicious hackers have the ability to send commands to your "off" phone, activating your mic or camera to watch everything you're doing.
And it's not just malicious hackers that can spy on you. Corrupt agents of the State can also use a gadget called a "Stingray."
A "Stingray" mimics a cell phone tower, allowing them to gather private information from your phone, listen to your conversations, and track your location without your knowledge.
If you've done nothing wrong and you don't want snoopers sticking their noses in your business, then it's critical that you take action now. With your Tunnel you can finally act with confidence and stop worrying about who's keeping tabs on you. 
Tunnel is not intended to be used for illegal or criminal activity. But the problem is that even if you've done nothing illegal, your movements and activity can be still tracked by these nosy thugs just because you carry a smartphone on you, even if you're not talking on it.
Tunnel changes all of that, giving you the power to evade unconstitutional surveillance whenever you want.
Just slip your phone inside and let your Tunnel go to work for you. From the perspective of snoopers, you've just blinked out of existence.
Imagine their frustration when they look at their monitors and see you suddenly disappearing before their eyes, then later reappearing at a random location across the map, then suddenly disappearing again, and on and on like an invisible particle swerving unpredictably. 
Tunneling your phone lets you always be one step ahead of the systems of surveillance, sabotaging their attempts to predict your patterns and behavior. When you're not using it, Tunnel it.
Not anymore...

I keep a good supply of these on hand to cover our bases. I make sure every new employee gets one, and we never sit down at the conference table without them.
David, IT Director
I work for a firm where all it takes is one employee's phone to be hacked and our whole company is at risk. I started using this during private office meetings and everybody wants to get one now. My boss just ordered his. Awesome product.
Keith T.
Best thing to happen to protests. They have no clue what we're planning or in what direction we're heading. We also use them for our workshops. It's like living back in a time before all this mass surveillance.
Anon, activist
More benefits you can get by using your Tunnel
  • Gives you the strongest shielding for escaping unconstitutional surveillance, hiding your physical location and activity.
  • Optimizes your health by protecting you from harmful EMF pollution.
  • Protects your organization's sensitive meetings from remote monitoring.
  • Protects your banking and financial information from malicious hackers.
  • Increases your productivity and focus, so you can finally stop wasting time with useless distractions.
1. Insert phone inside and pull cover down to secure fastener.
2. Wait 8-10 seconds for any remaining EMF to be blocked.
3. You are now untraceable.

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