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Monday, July 20, 2015


Swanton’s lips are moving, I wonder what lying version he’s telling this time?
In my opinion, the last vestiges of freedom for the biker population are hanging by a thread. I believe that if we don’t do something immediately, our lifestyle will be history. The recent slaughter of bikers by law enforcement in Waco, Texas should be a rallying cry for all of us. Just think: twenty-eight individuals were shot in a set-up by law enforcement, nine fatally, in public. How far will the government go to destroy a political movement?
Swanton’s lips are moving, I wonder what lying version he’s telling this time?
The carnage at Waco was the culmination of everything I’ve been preaching about for the last thirty years. That atrocity should be the catalyst that moves us forward. The Waco 9 were someone’s brother, father, husband and friend. They could have been any of us.
When I hear eyewitnesses saying that people bled out while the cops did nothing to save them makes me sick and angry. Law Enforcement had no right to blindly shoot these people down, but certainly had every obligation to save them.
We know who pulled the triggers. But who was behind this massacre? The answer may surprise you. How many times have you heard a politician promise to get tough on crime if elected? Public safety is a winning platform in large cities, a guaranteed ticket to office. Most middle-class Americans find it a comforting thought. Only a few have learned firsthand how it can go wrong when that elected official abandons integrity to climb on the Power Trip train.
Swanton giving another version of the Waco Massacre by trigger-happy police.
As Waco proved, media-hungry politicians are willing to unleash trigger-happy law enforcement on the citizens of our country. They just weren’t expecting it to turn into a major cluster-fuck. Fortunately for the politicians, there were other distractions elsewhere in the news, and they happily left the carnage to the locals.
My point? The next time you see a politician promising to get tough on crime, ask yourself what that really means for you, your family and friends.
Feds guarding a biker lying dead in the parking lot. Promise we will Never forget.

Years ago, as a convicted felon, I lost the right to vote. I never realized how important it is to have that voting right until now.
Recently we’ve seen politicians lining up behind our president to kiss the asses of groups who riot and destroy their own neighborhoods. The Waco massacre, however, proves that approach won’t work for the biker community. The politicians’ lackeys would just gun us down. We have to use a different approach.
Waco has forced us to take a good look at what’s in store for the biker culture if we don’t step forward and defend our lifestyle. The good news is, we have a platform in place and the tools to protect ourselves.
Attorney Richard Lester and his group set up the National Confederation of Clubs (NCOC) almost thirty years ago. The NCOC is the parent organization for the State’s Confederation of Clubs (COC). The COC’s are made up of members from each State. The COC is a neutral entity fighting for all bikers’rights.
Voting: we must organize a voting block capable of influencing the vote for State politicians, Judges and Sheriffs. These Political figures usually win with a small majority of votes. How many bikers, family members and friends do you think are in each state? Yes, we are American Citizens and we can vote and it will make a difference.
Courts: we have a guaranteed Constitutional right to seek relief in the courts, both State and Federal. I hear too many people say the courts won’t rule in our favor. That’s wrong. Judges aspire to become appellant judges or Supreme Court justices. Those positions require confirmation. Any judge who repeatedly rules against the Constitution will not be confirmed. They are in a Catch-22 situation that requires they rule in favor of Constitutional law.
Constitutional Law: is not prosecuted by the government nor does it put anyone in prison. The citizen or his attorney assumes the duty as prosecutor. Constitutional law provides monetary damages, both compensatory and punitive. The rules of Constitutional law requires a simple preponderance of the evidence, instead of proof to the exclusion of a reasonable doubt.
Media: Judging from the sudden drop in coverage, I believe the media realized how they were duped by law enforcement’s version about the Twin Peaks’ shootout. There are a few true journalists out there who actually do investigative reporting, instead of cheap sensationalist garbage. They wanted to speak to eyewitnesses, but people were understandably afraid. Journalists concerned with accurate reporting will pay attention as more facts come out.
Again, folks, look at the Waco Massacre, on U.S. soil, carried out by U.S. law enforcement, U.S. citizens slaughtered without cause. What choice do we now have — work together and fight for our rights, or risk getting gunned down in the streets to advance a politician’s career?
I choose to fight for my rights. I hope you will join me. Let’s show everyone who the real organized criminals are and out those responsible for the violence against our families and lifestyle.

RoadBlock 1%er