“We do have concerns that classifying pro-law enforcement and anti-drug stickers or certain religious imagery as indicators of criminal activity risks putting drivers in a classic ‘heads I win, tails you lose’ position. But we need not decide whether these items alone, or in combination with one another, amount to reasonable suspicion because we find the more suspicious evidence to be the array of air fresheners and inconsistencies in the driver’s responses to the officer’s basic questions. We have long recognized that the presence of air fresheners, let alone four of them placed throughout an SUV, suggests a desire to mask the odor of contraband.”
War on Drugs again.
Cops desiring more ways around the 4th Amendment.
This just has to stop, but it is such a lucrative, easy scam and one that crushes minorities extra hard, law enforcement just can't give it up.
ALWAYS make cops get a warrant.
Tell them they do NOT have your permission to search anything and make them get a warrant if they are so sure there's something wrong.
If you have any significant cash, they will take it and you will have to go through hell to get it back.