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Thursday, July 9, 2015

CA - Lawmaker puts brakes on motorcycle lane-splitting bill


The article highlights states "Motorcycle groups oppose the measure". Not true. Although we don't need any more laws, since there is pending legislation, we would prefer the practice to be codified into law so that there is legal clarity and so funding can be made available for driver education and rider awareness campaigns on the practice.
One way or another, legislation is inevitable and legalizing lane splitting is far better than having other politicians trying to make it illegal. Our disagreement with this specific bill was in the interpretation of the current UC Berkeley study that basically supports a 50 mph speed limit AND a 15 mph differential equaling a max of 65 mph...NOT... a 35 mph with a 15 mph delta equaling a max of 50 mph. We are talking about executing an increase of speed, up to the speed limit while splitting until we get to a safe spot in traffic, not blowing by cars at higher speeds just to pass them. Essentially, driving in a safe and prudent manner (up to the posted speed limit) was what we always sought.
Quirk, however, knowing that unless the CHP was in agreement with the bill, the risk of Governor Brown vetoing it was high. Apparently, there are concerns with either the implementation of the law or the speed limit. This postponement give us more time to try and convince the bill author, Senate Transportation Committee members and the Governor's office that not only is Lane Splitting safe and critical in saving lives, but that speeds higher than 50 (up to the posted speed limit) present no greater risk than lower speeds.…/…/capitol-alert/article26620264.html