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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

WACO,TEXAS - What The Video Doesn’t Show

The video leaked last week, shot from under the front porch of the Don Carlos restaurant on the opposite side of a parking lot from the Twin Peaks, is as notable for what it does not show as for what it does. It doesn’t show the first five men to die. They all died to the left of camera’s field of view. The Don Carlos camera is angled to the right.
The patio area of the Twin Peaks can be described as L-shaped. The front patio and main entrance to the Twin Peaks approximately faced Interstate 35. The side patio approximately faced the Don Carlos. The registration desk for the Confederation of Clubs and Independents meeting was at the corner where the exterior walls of the patio formed a right angle.
Five men, who have been widely reported to have been the first five to die, all fell out of the field of vision of the video camera. Photographs taken with long lenses shortly after the massacre in the parking lot, tend to make the Don Carlos and Twin Peaks restaurants seem closer together than they actually are. The distance between the Don Carlos camera and the Twin Peaks patio is at least 40 yards.

First Two To Die

According to multiple published accounts, the first two men to die were Cossacks named Richard Matthew “Richie” Jordan II and Danny “Diesel” Boyett. Both men died five feet outside the patio where a line of Cossacks motorcycles was parked and they are difficult to spot in published photographs taken of the crime scene.
Jordan of Pasadena, Texas was the stepson of an influential Cossack named Owen Reeves. Several accounts say Reeves may have instigated the confrontation after a Bandido ran over a Cossack prospect’s foot. Published accounts say that a member of a Bandidos support club shot Jordan in the chest. Published preliminary autopsy results claim Jordan died of a gunshot wound to the head. Jordan fell back onto the sidewalk outside the patio, A photograph of Jordan taken less than an hour after his death reveals no head wound.
Boyett lived in Waco and aspired to become a motorcycle outlaw. After his death, his brother said he had learned to ride a motorcycle only a year and a half before. A lurid account in the Houston Chronicle reported that Boyett was shot twice in the back of the head after he dove for the ground and tried to crawl to safety between two motorcycles. He died within feet of Jordan. Officials in Waco have made references to “Bandidos executing Cossacks” and Boyett may be the Cossack they are talking about.

Russell, Rodriguez And Campbell

The third man to die was Cossack Charles Wayne “Dog” Russell, a club regional sergeant at arms from Winona, Texas. Russell was known to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Forearms and Explosives. About two weeks before the Twin Peaks Massacre the ATF raided a location with, according to a source, “50 agents.” Among the items seized in the raid was a photograph of Russell. Russell died about 20 feet from the Twin Peaks patio next to a blue, overturned touring bike. The bike was pointed toward the Don Carlos entrance when it fell. The autopsy results released by Waco officials state that he died of a gunshot wound to the chest.
About the same time Russell was shot, Manual Issac “Candyman” Rodriguez was shot almost within view of Don Carlos camera number 2. Russell and Rodriguez died about 20 feet apart. Rodriguez worked for Harley Davidson of Dallas in Allen, Texas and he died of unspecified wounds after apparently dismounting from his motorcycle.

The fifth man to die seems to have been a Cossack named Wayne Lee “Side Track” Campbell from Arlington, Texas. Campbell died near the registration desk and multiple reports have indicated that he was the Cossack firing a gun from the patio. The announced autopsy results state that he died of gunshot wounds to the head and trunk.