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Thursday, July 9, 2015

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Biker gang meeting to be held Palm Springs Hilton

BY: Joe Galli

California -
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Bar owners upset after American Heat cancellation

The head of the group that canceled American Heat Biker Weekend over safety concerns after a deadly biker shoot-out in Texas will be hosting a motorcycle gang for an event in his hotel.
The City of Palm Springs canceled American Heat after PS Resorts decided to pull out of the event due to safety concerns. Now the head of PS Resorts, Aftab Dada, who is also the general manager of the Palm Springs Hilton, will be hosting a private event for the Mongol motorcycle gang.
"It seems very unfair to me, if the chairman of PS Resorts was the driving force of closing the American Heat this year, it just seems a little strange that he would be hosting that group this weekend himself," said Greg LaRiviere, owner of Palm Canyon Roadhouse. He says he's losing thousands of dollars after the cancellation of American Heat.
"He's going to make a whole lot of money by having a full hotel this weekend, that's great. In the fall I'm going to lose several thousand dollars because American Heat isn't going on, and I don't see anything fair about that," said Larry Bitonti, owner of Hair of the Dog.
Aftab Dada says these events are very different and the motorcycle gang event this weekend will only take place at his hotel.
"These are two different events happening at two different times, this is during the month of July and this is a private event," said Dada. "It is an event that takes place annually at the Hilton Palm Springs these are individuals that bring their families, they eat drink sleep right at the Hilton only."
The bar owners agree the people in the motorcycle gang aren't violent and that's why they say American Heat should be back on.
"These are not outlaw bikers these are people who have made money in their lives, these are people who ride $50,000 Harley Davidson's," said Bitonti.
"We made our recommendations and we met with the general manager of the hotel presented him our concerns this event is not a city sanctioned event this is a private event and the city has not control over private events," said Lt. Mike Kovaleff with the Palm Springs Police Department.
The Palm Trees and Tattoos Convention at the Hard Rock Hotel is also scheduled for this weekend. Police and event organizers say the arrival of the biker gang has nothing to do with this event.
"Last year we had a ton of motorcyclists across the street from us, we had nothing but a positive experience, a few of them came by and said hi and enjoyed themselves," said Sean Wood, co-owner of Palm Trees and Tattoos.
Do you think it is fair to cancel American Heat for safety concerns and at the same time host an event for a motorcycle gang? Let us know in the comments below or send a message to Joe Galli on Facebook or Twitter.