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Thursday, November 19, 2015

USA - Mandatory Vaccines for Veterans


 Thanks Rick. I was reading that the other day and have had a while to think about it. If the VA starts to do it I think it will be time to change my medical provider and to raise a stink (loudly) to  make it a very public issue. But I have not been ask about weapons in the home yet, so it maybe just a load somebody put out to piss off the Vets.

Veterans are now the new guinea pigs for Pharmaceutical company's. In order to increase pharmaceutical profits, the congress has decided to make vaccinations mandatory for Veterans. Vets may be denied benefits if they refuse the mandatory vaccinations. Congress thought that it felt so good to screw the Vets over in the past, so they want to do it again
Of course, it is because the Congress is "only concerned for our Vets welfare".