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Thursday, November 26, 2015



Darla Jackson hit Zach, after "..driving in the fast lane,
in the right section of the lane, Jackson sped past Zach
on his left side (same lane), getting really close to him.
Then a witness stated he shook his head & took after
the car. Got next to the car & shook his pointer finger
at her, shaking his head. That was when she swerved
her car to the right toward him. Then Zach kicked her
car to avoid getting hit. She then swerved to the left &
back to the right. Zach took off. He headed off toward
Highway 54 East. That was when she started chasing
him till she killed him."

"This woman has no basis to be in society anymore. I
will a lot of faith in humanity if she isn't convicted for a
very, very long time in jail. Further, I do believe she
should get the death sentence. She has become an
absolute waste of a human, and a waste to society."
RIP Zack Buob