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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

RETRACTION: Big Victory For Bikers – Minnesota Wins No Colors Lawsuit

The TRUTH behind this story is as follows:

We received what we thought to be credible information from a plaintiff in this case. This plaintiff was under the impression that the plaintiffs (bikers) had been awarded a judgement.  This was followed by numerous emails verifying this information solely with the plaintiff, not from others involved, such as the attorneys in the case. This individual was under the impression that the judgement was in favor of those being denied access.

We had the following exchange:


MN COC Member: First access denial we took to trial. We have 7 more bars that we documented the same way work video and the intention is to move down the line and hit them all. The lawyer is doing it for free.

Double D: Judgement amount or any copy?

MN COC Member:

Double D: Nice. Thanks! Is that $327 a piece?

MN COC Member: Yup!

After it was brought to our attention on Facebook, that the Debtors in the case are in fact the plaintiffs (bikers), which we SHOULD have noticed, it prompted communication with the Plaintiff’s Counsel Robert V. Jones. It was determined that in fact the case was dismissed based on insufficient discovery provided by plaintiffs. Legends bar and grill was awarded $327 in court fees.

Though the MPP has historically made every attempt to verify all sources regarding information before it is considered “credible” it appears we have failed in this instance.  We deeply regret any misleading information we may have put out due to trust levels with our sources. Rest assured, our efforts towards verification will double and we will always be straight-forward and humble in terms of responsibly retracting information that is discovered to be inaccurate.

Thank you all for your valuable time and consideration.

Double D- MPP Founder
Colt – MPP Co-Founder

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is the Spokesperson for the Washington State Confederation of Clubs and US Defenders, The Motorcycle Profiling Project, and also works with the Confederation of Clubs and US Defenders at the national level. Contact: Send Email,