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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

US Defenders and the C.O.I.R - California and MCANSG

It has been a while since I posted anything about motorcycle rider profiling.
The following video is from fellow freedom fighter, Arizona COC Designated Lobbyist and ABATE of AZ Phoenix PAC Officer, Johnny D.
Arizona nearly passed their version of the WA State Bill (WITHOUT COMPRISE, I might add) back in 2013. During the process, they really scared the pants out of their Senate during a hearing. Although the bill was narrowly defeated, it left such an impression that this Motorcycle Rider Profiling training video was made for Law Enforcement agencies and included in their required AZ Peace Officer Standards and training (POST) curriculum. A victory in and of itself.
I don't like the fact that this video still refers to some clubs as gangs, calling them criminals in a general way... but I do like their bottom line. Would love to see CA adopt this attitude...
"It is the task of law enforcement to enforce the a constitutional and lawful manner, stops supported by reasonable suspicion, searches based on valid consent or probable cause and detentions that are reasonably based on articulated facts and circumstances in existence at the time."