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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

USA - Motorcyclist rights are directly tied to Constitutional Rights.

Motorcyclist rights are directly tied to Constitutional Rights. There is no such thing as motorcyclist rights. What I fight against is my American Heritage being shit upon simply because I choose to ride a motorcycle. So if you do not know your American Heritage, how can you fight for motorcyclists’ rights? I will tell you that most of those people in office do not know the US Constitution or basic laws in regards on how the legislative offices/process works...I will give you an example...but before I do; America is a REPUBLIC. We are NOT a Democracy. If you do not know the difference...go learn.
America was the first Republic form of government created in 17 CENTURIES. In the way our country was created, in the way our Constitution was written, our RIGHTS are to be greater than the power WE gave the government. When those politicians say we are a democracy...they are deliberately lying to you. And a lot of that is going on...deliberate lies.
Saul Alinsky stated you cannot change America because the middle class was too strong. Alinsky stated you would have to create a battle among themselves...and that is what we have now. Now go learn which politicians studied and taught Alinsky's courses...a radical who dedicated his book to Satan...yep it is true.
My Example: I am an Independent; I will vote Red, Blue, Libertarian, any race, gay or straight as long as that politician follows the Constitution.
During the last election I voted for Dave Jones (D) for insurance commissioner. First, the Insurance Commissioner position should never have been turned into “elected”. It was done that way due to term limits, not to serve the public. I have been in insurance since 1978…and not just as an agent. The Republican candidate was tied into some organizations that I simply did not trust; plus I have worked with Dave Jones in the past. He supported Veterans and I would volunteer to be part of his “background” crowd for propaganda films. Plus Dave is a pretty smart guy with a law degree and since insurance has a hell of a lot to do with law, he seemed like the right choice.
Dave Jones invited me to his (for lack of a better word) congratulatory party. Big crowd, children singing, poetry being read; the usual political rhetoric…piss on the Republicans! Yea the Democrats!
Dave gets up to speak and the first thing he says; “the first thing I will do is pass a law requiring all California Health Insurance Companies comply with Obamacare!” The crowd goes wild! Hurray for our side! Hurray for us! Aren’t we wonderful! And I’m sitting there with my jaw dropped to the floor going this guy doesn’t even know the position of what he was elected for. I’m sitting there absolutely amazed watching all of these hysterical people having an orgasm over Dave’s comments and they don’t even understand what he said is illegal. Do you know why?
Insurance Commissioners CANNOT MAKE LAW! Laws are made by the Legislature. The President of the United States cannot make law. After a bit and crowd calmed, still a bit giddy with Dave’s new revelation; someone whispered in Dave’s ear. Dave comes to the microphone…ha ha ha…I was just informed I can’t make law….more laughter. These buffoons don’t even know the basic job requirements to which they were elected.
If we (you and me) choose to remain ignorant of the wealth guaranteed us by our Heritage, then we will be controlled by ignorant, arrogant and corrupt politicians. Learn the Constitution. Learn your American Heritage. Be the American your forefathers wanted you to be.