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Monday, September 7, 2015

CALM (Citizens Against Loud Motorcycles) update

We have a Freedom Fighting friend that has infiltrated the C.A.L.M. Groups on Social Media, and their various blogs and websites, and has been in place for quite some time that would like to remain anonymous for the obvious reason of continuing to monitor the small triumphs, and largely the failures of said Orgs.
Some of y'all may already be hip to this person's identity.
These Orgs seem to be mainly composed of the, "Get off of my lawn!" types, but still a pain in the ass, and easily searched for online, I wanted to share the latest update sent to me.

Study posted:
Noisy Motorcycles An Environmental Quality a roundtable sponsored by The INCE Foundation and The Noise Control Foundation.

Hosted by The National Academy of Engineering, Washington, DC

George C. Maling Jr., Cori Vanchieri, 
William W. Lang and Eric W. Wood, Editors
Institute of Noise Control Engineering of the USA
August 2013

PDF 78 pages: