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Monday, September 7, 2015


is a trademark and service mark of MCANSG PROGRAM,
a California nonprofit corporation.

We are here to carry the message and to stop the misuse of California Penal Code 186.20, aka The California STEP ACT, as in "the California Street Terrorism Enforcement and Prevention Act." This law is being misused on Motorcycle Clubs.

The California STEP Act is a series of laws designed to combat Los Angeles street gangs. This law is being used improperly against Motorcycle Clubs, WHY? Because we, like everyone else are being forced to defend ourselves, our homes, families, communities and events from street gangs, too. But, when we attempt to Protect ourselves and our events and take a Defensive stand against those criminal street gangs, we are repeatedly blamed and represented as “the problem”. Why? Frankly because we are the only ones that stay and answer to the Community when there are problematic and often violent situations.

Authorities don't like us because we won't participate in their system. And, we won't because the System of Law Enforcement and the Penal system DO NOT work.

Additionally, recent California state budget cuts are devastating police budgets. Hence, law enforcement lobbyists combined with DRAMA oriented TV documentaries, the exagerated news media and opportunistic-elected officials (and candidates) have devised a scheme to create the illusion that Motorcycle Clubs are Gangs and that these imaginary MC Gangs are creating an imaginary siege that involves drug manufacturing, prostitution, and other deplorable stuff like human trafficking, murder for hire, and any other cartoon fantasy that they can make up, to make legislators and other government agencies pony up cash.

Frankly, lots of things happened in the 1960's & 1970's, BUT, frankly, that was 50 years ago. We all did things in our youth that we would NEVER consider today.

Finally, the Law Enforcement political community has been spinning these cartoons and compiling "Fantasy OMG Binders" depicting us as criminals and they give these fairytale OMG Binders to legislators and demand money for their police "TASK FORCES" and departments.

In other words the political community in law enforcement has devised this scheme to fund their coffers and candidates on the backs of the Motorcycle Club community in this time of financial crisis for everyone. It's how they plan to extort the legislatures fortheir Police Dept clients and get them their TASK FORCE CASH.

Historically the Bike Rider Community has remained silent thru these blatant lies and police lobbyist are hoping and counting on us remaining silent, again.

Well, we Are NOT staying silent this time. This time, come one come all!!! WE ARE GOING TO FIGHT! We are going to fight them in the Courtrooms with Lawyers and Experts and we are going to meet them in the Capitols and in our Legislatures, from Sacramento to Salem -- to Mazoola -- to Washington DC. Our punches are going to be "Voters Registration and Politcal Capitol" and that means $$$ Cash, as in PAC fund Cash, to support our own Electeds and Candidates, too. We are raising money and registering Voters and Organizing our "1%'er Bike Rider Community". So let them know:

"Motorcle CLUBS Are NOT Street Gangs"

"Outlaw doesn't mean criminal"

WE are close to 1 Million Licensed Bike Riders just in California. We are Families, Union Members, home-owners, taxpayers and cornerstones in our Communities. Our neighborhoods are typically the safest in our cities.

Let's tell them "THEY CAN'T CALL US NAMES AND GET AWAY WITH IT", not without a fight! Lets fight them their way. Register to VOTE and get our patch so we can raise the money to get our Canidates and our Electeds, elected.


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is a trademark and service mark of MCANSG PROGRAM, a California nonprofit corporation.