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Monday, September 7, 2015

Men’s Journal Explains It All

Men’s Journal has published its fourth inspirational guide for aspirational outlaws so far this year – and it is barely September.
In January  the monthly guide to “men’s style, travel, fitness, food, drinks and adventures” ran an article titled “Riding High With Charley Hunnam” in which the Sons of Anarchy “bad boy agitator” describes the television series’ scripts as “some of the most daring, original and interesting pages I had ever read.” In February the magazine  published a breathless interview with Charles Falco, (also known as “Quickdraw, “Tijuana Charles” and Ashley Charles Wyatt) in a long feature story called “The Real Life Sons of Anarchy.” About a month ago the magazine ran a long, flattering and somewhat imaginary interview with former Hells Angel George Christie. This month it is an article titled “How to Dress Like TVs Baddest Bikers, The Sons of Anarchy.” This one is about “how good bike gear can look when done the right way.”

Leather And Denim

The magazine explains that “To create an authentic aesthetic, costume designer Kelli Jones, who recently worked on Straight Outta Compton, researched some of the most notorious biker gangs (yes, including that one you’re thinking about), and pulled the elements that she liked. Many of the items used were made for the long haul and only improved over time.”
Regardless of which “notorious biker gang” first springs to your mind this is what you are going to have to buy if you want people to give you your respect .
“The cut is the most important piece of clothing,” Jones explains and one of those, without any of those big patches on the back or little patches on the back will cost you about $280.
A leather jacket will cost $598. In order to make it look authentic, Jones suggests running back and forth over it with your car, if you own a car, “for a few days after purchasing.” If you live in Southern California, that will cost you at least $40 for gas.


Jones suggests you get yourself some Gildan 5000 Heavy Cotton T-Shirts for about five dollars each and a pair of 501 Original Shrink-To-Fit Levi’s which Men’s Journal says will cost $68. “It’s all about cuts that are classic, rugged, and comfortable for long rides,” the magazine explains.
You’re also going to need a pair of Red Wings Heritage Engineer Boots for $320 and at least one “Arch Wing Skull Ring” for $670
Who got $1,941 for a complete costume with one t-shirt but no gasoline or patches?
“Now,” Men’s Journal concludes, “all that is missing is the bike.”
You can print out your shopping list here.