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Thursday, January 1, 2015

TEXAS - Motorcycle Club Keeps Wheels Spinning for Disabled Veterans

By Rhyan Henson
The owner of a Vidor motorcycle shop rebuilds "trikes" to help rebuild the lives of disabled veterans or those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Dominick Halveston said it's about giving back to those veterans who have already given so much to our country.
"We are not trying to just help one, were trying to help as many as we can, Halveston said. “So open up your hearts and your wallets. We don't care if it's a dollar or $10,000 it's all going somewhere"
Halveston came up with the idea to build trikes for disabled veterans and those who also suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, after he suffered sustained life altering injuries of his own. Three years ago, Halveston was in a motorcycle accident and sustained injuries that doctors told him he would never be able to recover from. After making a full recovery, he wanted to help others defeat their injuries and having family members in the military, it was only natural that Halveston started this charity.
“We are looking for around $20,000 for the trike, Halveston said. “Everything over and above that we don't use, goes will go to that solider and his family. We do not want that money we are going to give it to his family.
The Disabled Veteran Trike Build is looking for donations in order to finish building a trike for a disabled veteran or one with post-traumatic stress disorder. Around 50 percent of the first trike is completed but more money is needed in order to finish it and to keep the program going.
"We just want to take the disability out of the ride, Halveston said. We want to give the people the ability to ride again."
The Bike Care Unit of Southeast Texas, which is Halveston's motorcycle club, is building the trikes. Their goal is to donate two a year but if they receive enough money, they want to increase the amount of donation annually.
At the beginning of Spring the club is going on a fundraising ride spanning from California to Florida, and they are looking for sponsors to help fund portions of trip such as gas and lodging.
Veterans who own a bike but are unable to ride it due to a disability can have their bikes customized by Halveston to make them handicap accessible.

Dominick Halveston with biker care unit of Southeast Texas is in the process of building a trike, or three-wheeled motorcycle, to be donated to a disabled veteran or veteran suffering from PTSD. You can help him in efforts by donating to his campaign by searching for Disabled Veteran Trike Build on Halveston has already invested or donated half of the necessary parts for the first trike, but is looking for corporate sponsors.