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Thursday, January 29, 2015

NEVEDA - I wish the legislature would change this law.

In Nevada, can you become a felon for carrying a pocket knife? Sadly, the answer is "yes, unless the blade is less than 3 inches".
Under NRS 202.350(1)(D)(3), it is a felony to carry concealed any "deadly or dangerous weapon", and "deadly or dangerous weapon" is defined by local ordinances. Las Vegas, Clark County Incorporated, Henderson, and North Las Vegas define a "knife with a blade 3 inches or larger" as a deadly or dangerous weapon (See LV Code 10.70.010, NLV Code 9.32.040, Clark County Code 12.04.180, and Hend. Code 8.98.010). Therefore, if you have a knife with a blade 3 inches or longer in your pocket, you can be charged and convicted of a felony.
Please like and share. I don't want anyone else to become a felon for carrying a pocket knife in their pocket with a 3 inches blade.