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Friday, January 30, 2015

The truth about Reagonomics…!!!

Republicans are the masters of the "Big Lie Principle"
You make the lie big enough and repeat it often enough and everybody will believe it.
Reagonomics was created to bring about one thing; consolidation of power and wealth and the cyclical economic collapse.
Reagonomics is a golden-plated Trojan horse; shining and pretty on the outside and rotten to the core on the inside
In fact, Reagonomics was meant to devour our Democracy and our Middle-Class.
Reagan ushered a new era of grotesque income imbalances and wealth inequalities by declaring a war of attrition on the middle class!”
How did they do it? They borrowed Calvin Coolidge policies from the Roaring 20s
Because these socio-economic cycles appear every 2-3 generations.
Why? Because that’s the nature of their world of financial system.
That’s how they control the creation of our currency, our credit, our banking system, our finance and our economy.
The last one ended in the Great Depression and that is where we are heading now.
In this cycle, this is where they are:
They already took over Washington, the Federal Reserve, and the Treasury and have been using them towards this goal for the last 35 years.
They deregulated and privatized everything in the world.
They expanded Globalization and shipped most of our manufacturing jobs overseas, they cut marginal tax and effective corporate tax, they took control of our currency and credit and have embarked on a massive money printing schemes to increase their balance sheets and power,
They also debased our education to dumb us down in order to reduce our dissent.
They attacked and destroyed much of our Labor Unions which are the first line of defense of our Middle Class.
They left only low wage jobs with no benefits, poor working conditions and then asked us to be content with an ever diminishing quality of life.
This created a historical wealth and income inequality.
Meanwhile, they created a colossal government and consumer debt bubble that cannot be serviced.
They also created a multi-trillions dollar market of Collateralized Instruments that they used to collapse our financial system; and now, they control an unregulated derivatives market that is worth 1,500 Trillions of dollars that has been called the ultimate weapon of mass destruction.
We have delayed the coming depression but we cannot avoid it.
The financial crisis of 2009 was a prelude of something bigger s to come…
The last Depression ended with Fascism in Europe and WW2.
We rejected Fascism and embarked on the New deal.
The choice is before us today.
We must do something about this.
We cannot change Republicans that is for sure
But, we can change our Democratic Party and rid it of all corporate puppets which we call “Wall Street Democrats”…
Together, we must fight back, our survival as a people and as a nation is what at stake…
It is up to us now.
We are Legions, we are “Open Rebellion Democrats” and we are going to take our country back…!!
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