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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Can you post that in your bikers of america it needs to viral

to whom it may concern;
About hoda's comments this morning and how hundreds of thousands of leather wearing Americans are as equally upset,
I am a Baptist minister, and a biker with the widow sons Masonic riders association which has chapters all over the United States and in more than 7 countries around the world.
I am very disappointed with your comments about bikers.
When my daughter was laying in the hospital almost died twice it was over 600 of these bikers wearing leather looking like losers as you say that came together and prayed and collected funds to help a family and prayed everyday of every week while she was in the hospital it was also the same so called losers wearing leather that prayed and collected funds for many widows and orphans around the world and raise money for the Shriners hospitals that treat many patience that can not afford Healthcare anywhere else I believe that you should put down your wine glass and wake up that you don't know anything about anybody that wears leather and you should promptly apologize.
NUFF SAID.........
Can you post that in your bikers of america it needs to viral