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Friday, January 2, 2015

AUSTRALIA - Motorcyclist challenges helmet laws after being fined for having GoPro cameras attached to his helmet


As, I said before what HAPPENS globally, will happen LOCALLY....
  • The test case could open up a can of worms for other riders who have been hit with infringement notices on similar offences in the past and the future.
    Max Lichtenbaum was fined $289 and lost three demerit points for failing to wear an approved helmet after he was stopped by police in Plowman Place, Frankston, about 4.30pm on March 22.
    Police said the 55-year-old had breached compliance standards set under the Australian Standard by modifying his helmet with external projections greater than half a centimetre.
    A GoPro camera was allegedly attached to the top of his helmet by a rigid plastic mount with adhesive and protruded about 20cm from the helmet’s surface, court documents show. 
  • Another video recording device on the left side of the helmet stuck out about 10cm.
    Mr Lichtenbaum’s helmet did display the required Australian Standard’s sticker, but he admitted to police he had modified the helmet by adding the cameras without getting it retested for compliance.
    When asked by the officer on the roadside if there was any reason for the cameras, Mr Lichtenbaum responded, “Safety.”
    He also said he was not aware it was a breach of the law.
    The Herald Sun understands the roadside detection was filmed by a television crew for a Highway Patrol or Territory Cops-style series.
    In Frankston Magistrates’ Court today, magistrate Fiona Stewart said the charge was “very straightforward”.
    She told Mr Lichtenbaum’s legal team, who argued the standards aren’t publicly available, to “do your research on that matter” and return in the new year.
    The case was adjourned to February 23.