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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Local DJ Charles from 94 HJY does Diary of a Psychotic Audio Blog..each day at 4pm this was yesterdays...have a read makes sense. ..

Ferguson Missouri lit the fuse.
Ferguson is a coffee stain on the map outside of St.Louis that if you blink when you drive through it, it wouldn't even nudge your awareness. Another small town in the middle of the nowhere. A detour at best. Just an exit off the "main drag" of America, the 1000 mile length of I-70.
Then there was Staten Island. Then a 12 year old kid with a cap gun. We all thought it was about race.
It wasn't. As Boston based journalist James Edwards says, “America doesn't have a race problem. America is the problem."
Inequality in income, wages, raises, and a Grand Canyon sized gap between those who have billions and the rest of America, which has an average of $200.00 in savings and survives from one paycheck to the next plus 2 trillion dollars in student debt that will never be paid off.
Young blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians and more hit the streets. The media, a sidearm of the establishment, racked it up to race relations, a convenient detour to avoid the real problem which is an oligarchy for which the so-called "system" works for and fails the rest of us.
Thomas Jefferson said there "needs to be a revolution every decade." That hasn't happened. The establishment, the Congress, the White House, the churches, law enforcement, bankers, and corporate criminals, have locked down the fallacious American Dream in chains. This can't go on and it won't. The establishment is scared to death.
What we saw in the streets wasn't about "black lives matter"; it was about "all lives matter." While the establishment blackmails America's working class by threatening to sever their economic lifelines if they don't abide by the corporate status quo, young people are getting fed up. They know they've been scammed. They know who the police really work for. Not to serve and protect America but to maintain discipline and order as paid mercenaries of the establishment.
The establishment forgets there are more of us than them. Not all the police departments, army's, NSA, or courts can keep the people corralled. Not anymore. This is Jefferson’s moment.
It's only the beginning