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Saturday, December 27, 2014


By RoadBlock 1%er

Over the past 30+ years the U.S. government has become the very thing this country's citizens fought against and died for 200 years ago.
America is no longer a nation of "We the People" protected by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. America is now what the government and politicians so proudly refer to as “A Nation of Laws.” The Constitutional rights and protections this country was founded on are a thing of the past.

WHAT HAPPENED: The U.S.  Government has chosen to follow the path of the Soviet Union, Germany, China and many more dictatorial governments of the past.
Each country began by declaring segments of its populations to be undesirables who shouldn’t have the same rights as everyone else.  The Governments then began a media blitz to demonize, discredit and dehumanize the selected groups. Once this was done, they persuaded other citizens to spy on the targeted groups and report everything to government agencies.

HOW DID IT HAPPEN: Under the guise of protecting American citizens from harm, our government and politicians have slowly taken away our constitutional rights and individual protections.
The government claims that in order to protect us, we must allow them to spy on us and track and collect all of our private phone and internet conversations and records.  Furthermore, our neighbors, doctors, and teachers are being pressured to become government agents and report personal information about our families to these agencies.
The sickest thing they have done so far is to adopt one of Hitler’s favorite programs and recruit American children to spy on and report on their own parents.   Could this be a rebirth of the Nazi Youth Core?
What the government has done is assume total power and control over our lives. Ironically, this was done in the guise of protecting us from everything that might cause us harm.

Is our military being brainwashed to the extent we have no rights to privacy?
To demonstrate how successful the government’s plan is, I will relate a conversation I had with a military officer working for Homeland Security. This man swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic.  I asked him if he thought the government’s collection and storage of everyone’s personal phone and internet conversations about every event in their lives crossed the line.
He said: “Why should they worry about it if they are doing nothing wrong?”
 Does anyone realistically believe the government will store all of our private records and not use or abuse the information?  I believe we all know better.
Oh wait a minute, under the guise of protecting us from all harm, the government’s supercomputer programs automatically do it for them. Oh yeah, they are just trying to protect us…

Our problem is, who or what will protect us from the government and its totalitarian unconstitutional practices?

WHAT CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT?   After the signing of the “Declaration of Independence” and because no legal constraints were placed on their actions, the new U.S. Government quickly got out of control.  In response, on September 17, 1787, our Forefathers solved that problem.   In their wisdom, they gave us the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
The Constitution and Bill of Rights were designed to keep an abusive government in check.  And, has the force of law to protect citizens from governmental abuses.
But, unlike criminal law which is prosecuted by the Government, in Constitutional law, the citizen has to become the prosecutor.
I don’t advocate armed rebellion against the government. I believe Constitutional law will trump the abusive laws set out by bought- and-paid-for politicians.   Those politicians do not want you to think of the law as a two-edged sword that cuts both ways. There is no immunity when it’s prosecuted properly.
The fact that most people fear government agencies and don’t understand how constitutional law works has made it possible for it to escalate it’s abuse of power to an intolerable level.  It’s time for America to hold our government and politicians responsible for their abusive unconstitutional actions.

The government demands that the American citizens follow their law.  It is time for the citizens to demand their government also follow Constitutional law.

RoadBlock 1%er