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Friday, December 12, 2014

FLORIDA - Cop Club Tough Guy Gets Three Years

Robert “Snap” Litzenberger, a former member of the Enforcers Motorcycle Club, which describes itself as a law enforcement and military motorcycle club, was sentenced to three years in a Florida prison last Friday for an aggravated battery on March 13, 2011. Judge Leah Case also sentenced Litzenberger to serve ten years probation after his release and to pay $16,845 in restitution to his victim after his release with a minimum payment of $100 a month.
The case didn’t go to trial for 44 months because Litzenberger asked for multiple continuances. He filed for a dismissal of the prosecution twice, citing Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law. He went on trial on November 6. A five women and one man jury found him guilty after deliberating for an hour the next day. He has been free on bail for the last month.

The Crime

Litzenberger attacked a college student named Robert Kuehl in the parking lot outside the Pirates Cove Hotel in Daytona Beach Shores. Kuehl, his friend Tyke Sealock and Kuehl’s 26-year-old sister were trying to find a desk clerk so they could check in when they were accosted by at least six Enforcers in the parking lot.
When Litzenberger grabbed Kuehl’s sister and tried to kiss her, Kuehl told the men to stop. After the sister, a local lifeguard, broke free and rushed into the hotel to seek help, the pack attacked Kuehl and Sealock. As three Enforcers threw Sealock through a window and beat him, Litzenberger pulled Kuehl to the ground from behind and place kicked him in the mouth. “I woke up, both my eyes were closed, in an ambulance,” Kuehl testified yesterday.

The Alibi

Litzenberger’s lawyer, W. Bryan Park II, argued at trial that Kuehl had threatened to “stick” Litzenberger. No knife was found at the scene. Park told the jury that a member of the Enforcers, for some reason, must have picked up Kuehl’s knife and carried it from the crime scene.
He argued that Litzenberger had acted in self-defense. “We have a drunk person who’s threatening to kill people,” Park said.
“Common sense says you don’t poke the bear,” Park told the jury. “You don’t stir the hornet’s nest. You got a guy who’s made some threats. You don’t want to give him another opportunity to come through with his threats.”

The Good Guys

The Enforcers MC now has 37 chapters in the United States and Canada. The mother chapter is in Palm Beach County, Florida.
The club was founded by an ex-cop named Richard “Rosco” Sessa, who says he has been riding motorcycles since he was eight-years-old.

According to the club, “At age 19 Rosco joined the largest club in the world, the police force. After 15 years of hard core ‘street level police work’ Rosco continued to pursue his dream and decided to form his own club, the Enforcers MC. Our colors (red and silver) are taken from the ‘Swordsmen’ from the medieval days. They were the enforcers of the law then. Hence Enforcers MC, the Enforcers Motorcycle Club consists of, but is not limited to members of current and retired Law Enforcement Officers, Armed Forces Personnel, Public Safety personnel, and some good friends who complete the ‘Family’ of our club.”