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Friday, December 12, 2014

Lane Splitting Study/Report for the California Office of Traffic Safety.


Here is the first of three analysis reports that UC Berkeley put together based on their Enhanced Motorcycle Collision Data Project (Lane Splitting Study/Report) for the California Office of Traffic Safety. It is reports like this that will be used by California legislators to determine if and how they will legislate regulations on the practice. It is interesting how the report uses helmets as a classification of what type of lane splitter one can be. Some motorcycle rights advocates suspect that this might have been the plan all the long. Either way, helmets appear to be the focus to most pre-textual stops by law enforcement to justify other investigations.
Use this info to help your state's efforts....…/0B3IHXYVmtb-DUHhkaWgwSDNDV…/view…

Presenting the full and final motorcycle collision data report (Version 12, better known as the Lane-Splitting Study) from the Enhanced Motorcycle Collision Data Project developed by the University of California Berkeley.
This is what was used as input to their analysis report on Lane-Splitting.
Use this information to support NV efforts to get a lane splitting law passed.