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Thursday, May 31, 2012

CANADA - City tests noise noose

City tests noise noose

The Noise Snare is attached to the dash of a city vehicle and records vehicle sounds over 96 decibels. Updated: Mon May. 28 2012 15:56:43
The city set up a test track on the weekend to allow Calgarians to take a lap and find out exactly how noisy their vehicle is.
Animal and Bylaw Services will implement new noise technology on Friday, June 1 in an effort to reduce excessive noise pollution from vehicles.
The Noise Snare device will be strapped to a city vehicle and is designed to record video and audio of vehicles as they pass by.
A noise metre onboard the device takes a reading of the sounds from vehicles and if the reading exceeds 96 decibels, the driver could face a $200 fine.
"Its not arbitrary and making people go through a whole bunch of tests, this simply says you drove by in excess of 96 decibels, here's the proof and here's the ticket," said Bill Bruce, Director of Animal and Bylaw Services for the city.
The city set up a track at the Emergency Vehicle Training Track behind the Fire Department Training Academy at 5811 - 23 Ave. S.E. on Saturday and dozens of motorists took part in the tests.
The owner of Kane's Harley-Davidson Calgary says motorcycles shouldn't be the only target of the new limits.
"Big trucks and their tire noise is noisier than most motorcycles, when we did some testing we had a school bus that was a hundred and three. A school bus," said Mick Cawthorne from Kane's.
Rider, Lance Doonan says he believes louder bikes are safer.
"You are just a thin little pencil line in someone's rearview mirror and so often people don't look, But if they hear ya then they look," said Doonan.
The excessive vehicle noise provision was added to the Calgary Traffic Bylaw last year.
During the first month of deployment, the city will hand out warnings.
For more on the noise bylaw, visit the City of Calgary website.