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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

CA - Deliver Us From The Vagos

Deliver Us From The Vagos
History students, up through college, are commonly taught that the Viking raids in medieval Europe were so ferocious that priests invented a Latin prayer: A furore Normannorum libera nos, Domine, or in English, “Deliver us from the fury of the Northmen, dear God.” Educated people, particularly school teachers, routinely instruct students that the prayer was a fact. And of course it wasn’t.
There was no common prayer for deliverance from the Vikings. The prayer was invented at least a century after the violence ended. It was a way of describing how bad the Vikings raids must have been. And, right now something like that is happening to the Vagos, who wear a Norse god on their backs, and who must be a far greater threat to America and the world than their actual numbers would suggest.
One of Fox Television’s premier infotainment franchises, television station KTTV in Los Angeles, ran another “report” about the fury of the Vagos over the holiday weekend. This one, reported by a Peabody Award winner named Chris Blatchford, was titled “The Green Nation is On a Mission to Replace the Hells Angels Biker Gang.” It sounded more like an opening argument than a report.


Blatchford’s journalism recapitulates the bare facts of, and the ATF interpretation of, several violent episodes between the Vagos and the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club in the last three years. Blatchford leads with the shootout in Sparks, Nevada last fall; follows with the brawl at Lazy Harry’s Sunshine Saloon in Bullhead City, Arizona in June 2009; and also mentions the gun battle between Vagos and Angels in Chino Valley, Arizona in August 2010. The incidents are sensational and amazing to people who worry all the time or who wish they were as dangerous as outlaw bikers whenever they are confronted by the frequent, petty humiliations of modern American life.
Fox in Los Angeles ran the two part series because those frightened and angry people are as fascinated by the violence that boils out of the outlaw world as they are by naked women. Fox went with the Vagos piece because the station might get in trouble if it encouraged its female “reporters” to actually strip. And, because the Federal Communications Commission doesn’t give a damn about lousy reporting.
Blatchford’s sources included the professional biker expert Jorge Gil Blanco. In recent years years, Gil Blanco has testified against the late Hells Angel Mark Guardado and against the combatants in Bullhead City. He was the go to source for most reporters after the Sparks shootout. Like most biker experts he is a nitwit. He tells Blatchford that all the friction between the two motorcycle clubs is the result of the Vagos recent growth and that the green motorcycle club is growing “exponentially.”
Blatchford also quotes, without attribution, Lake County, California Sheriff Frank Rivero. Rivero is also famous for being less bright than average. He started a panic last year when the Vagos had a party. Rivero imagined a great horde of Hells Angels must be coming to spoil that party and he mobilized an army of police to locate, engage and neutralize that phantom menace.

Quick Draw

Blatchford’s primary source is a former Vagos infiltrator named Charles “Quickdraw” Falco. Falco is the subject of outlaw biker authority Kerrie Droban’s next book titled Inside Out: My Life Undercover with the Vagos. Falco loathes the Vagos but not enough to remove his Vagos cut during television interviews.
He tells the world that the Vagos and the Angels are engaged in a “gang war” that resulted from the Vagos expansion into Arizona. “This is a real war that will never end,” he says.
“Quick draw says,” Blatchford reports, “it was that 2010 shootout that raised the stakes.”
“Now it’s life or death to them,” Falco explains. “All these gangs want to grow and spread and be the biggest gang in the valley…. Their goal is to be the biggest and the baddest.”
A Vegas “biker cop” named John Wooston adds that he is worried about the Vagos “war” with the Angels in California and Nevada because, “You’re talking about gang members who in some cases may be sociopaths, criminals, alpha dogs…. Any history they have whether it is in California, Arizona or anywhere else across the country will carry over here.”

Support Your Local Biker Expert

Then Falco explains why all frightened and angry Americans should support the outlaw biker experts’ holy work. “I predict within the next five years they will be the biggest biker gang in America.”
Blatchford punctuates his long piece by confiding, “An old time Vago biker tells us what’s going to feed and fuel Vago growth is even more blood.”
So forget about unemployment, the foreclosure crisis, the student loan crisis and all the other features of America’s economic recovery. Forget that. All that is nothing. What we really need to do is support the ATF and the FBI in their covert war to save us from the fury of the Vagos. Major market television has already begun to report how bad the Vagos must be.
And, there is probably a federal grand jury in Los Angeles considering the “exponentially” growing Vagos problem right now. What do you think the odds are that prosecutors already know that most of those jurors know the world mostly from what they see on Fox?
If you are someone who relies on other news sources you can see Blatchford’s report in the video below. The commercial that precedes it has nothing to do with this site.