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Friday, May 25, 2012

CALIFORNIA - Big Bear Choppers Update

Simon Scott purchased the company’s brand, intellectual property, tool and proprietary parts and design in December 2011, completing the entire purchase in April just before Big Bear Choppers filed for bankruptcy on May 4, 2012. In an interview with Dave McMahon of Powersports Business, Kevin Alsop made the following statements:
1- “We had about 30 bikes that were on order from customers when we closed. About 25 people didn’t get their bikes unfortunately, and there were about 40 bikes that dealers ordered but didn’t get” 2- “Nobody’s in the Chopper business except for us” 3- “People still want the bikes. There are people calling here every single day saying they really want this or that” 4- “We’re basically looking at building four bikes a month to break even” 5- “Our game plan is to start to clean up the image. There are some people that lost money and work through the bankruptcy” 6- ‘It broke our hearts, as Big Bear was our lives and the company meant so much to so many people” 7- “Now we are proud to say Big Bear Choppers will be one of the brands that will help drive the industry forward” 8- “Eventually we’ll build back the dealer confidence and the consumer confidence. There are dealers that Big Bear Choppers owed money and we’ve already made deals with some of these dealers, like ‘We owe you $10 grand. If you order another two or four bikes, we’ll give you a discount to make up for what you lost. Dealers are starting to do that.”